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Yun Xi said, "I can’t swallow my food. I have to stutter. Do you want to do things step by step? Otherwise, if you have any idea, you might as well say it. Let’s refer to Ye. What do you say?"

Ma Yunxuan smell speech also stared at Wang Ye for showing that Wang Ye has not spoken since just now, which seems to be a mutiny. Wang Ye didn’t mean to defect, but he felt that things were a little worse because Ma Yunxuan was obviously angry now, so there was no room for easing […]

Moreel Han quickly made a decision! Withdraw your palm!

Moreel rare withdraw palm hurry back! However, Ling Feiyang’s two fingers are still chasing Moreel Han through hail and fireballs! "Poop!" Moreel Abraham obviously underestimated the power of Six-pulse Excalibur. Although he evaded the key, his left and right shoulders were still middle fingers at the same time! The body rushed out four or five […]

And in a strange way.

The t of mastering that stick is the fight spirit of the monks. Fight against heaven and fight against the spirit. Only when the fighting spirit and fighting consciousness of the monks reach a certain level can they gain the recognition of the bucket stick and gradually give full play to some of its strength. […]

Last night, Ling Feiyu’s last sentence before she fell into a coma was to tell him not to tell Jane about it. She was worried that Jane would hurt her and the baby in her stomach.

But in the present situation, Cheng Xuyang has no second choice. If he doesn’t tell Jane the truth, Lingfei will be in danger. Cheng Xuyang was forced by Naide to tell the truth. "Yesterday afternoon, when the express shift was over, the workshop suddenly caught fire and flew to her …" "How’s Feiyu?" Jane jumped […]

"God, he swallowed a man!"

"How dare you hide a living person in your stomach!" "Who is this girl? When this key suddenly appears, isn’t this a life? " "It’s too cruel and poisonous. It’s doubtful that this little boy will die at this time, but this little boy deserves it. Who let him bury the gods and kill so […]