"Hey hey, I haven’t asked you. You earned forty thousand dollars at school last year, and this time you grandly took five hundred thousand dollars from the Cheng family. What do you want? I’m telling you, if I hadn’t blown the pillow for you, your mother would have taken it away. "

"Nothing" Qi Yufeng looked up at the distant mountains outside and had a meal "I want to rebuild Huashan School" "Well, that’s also a reason. I can barely do the work on your mother’s side, but you’re not interesting enough. You can see that your parents are still eating chaff and pharynx here?" "Don’t say […]

The three Feng Qi Qi frightened them not to ask the evil emperor whether they were coming or not, but rushed to the black bear at the fastest speed at the same time. As soon as they moved, there was a flash of silver in front of them, and a clear face appeared in the vision. That was the evil emperor’s sneer.

thump A wide ice wall suddenly stood in front of the three people, and the three big bodies hit the ice wall at the same time. However, their strength seemed ordinary, but the ice wall was not damaged at all, but the three people were hit by a heavy hammer and fell to the ground […]

Roar at this time, Li also turned into a demon. When Tang Xiaoqian attacked the black dress to cultivate immortality, he fought back and killed No.7. After the transformation, Li attacked harder and forced No.7 to retreat repeatedly, and the blood flowed smoothly from the corners of his mouth.

Then his claws were sharp and pointed at No.7, and he kept tearing and scratching. In the tragic cry of No.7, he grabbed his face and flew, and then he fell to the ground and died Withdraw suddenly from the thatched cottage. This reprimanded angrily to No.2 and No.9, and quickly evacuated, leaving no.7 body […]