Who’s that? Strong breath.

That monster is familiar. That’s Lin Dong’s pet. I saw it in Xuanyin Mountain. Ah, it’s no wonder that just now, the fluctuation was caused by Lin Dong, and several eyes were shocked. Soon after, the figure suddenly flashed into the depths of the waste stream, perhaps because of the war. At this time, the […]

Motivate the stars on Sunday to urge people to use the power of heaven to move the star array, and Meng Fei’s growling hand roared into the condensed array before him.

For a moment, the sky suddenly became dark and faded, and the stars slowly emerged from it. The twinkling star awn fell on the summoning force, and the sky collapsed into the interstellar shifting array. This star-shaped light beam is connected with the ancient myth that the road to heaven is generally cultivated and set […]