Li er, I often say that living under the cover of lies is undergoing real changes. This is our own special situation, and it is our own way to easily solve the pain. How can others solve it?

Liang Hong, perhaps the afternoon poems are not about writing knowledge, but there are also profound pan-political themes hidden behind them, including the fact that you write about the national highway. They are all major themes, but when you set up multiple ways of focus in detail and multiple ways of discourse, you just woke […]

Roaring in the mountains is one of the best martial arts skills, which can only be effective when it is unexpected in the battle, that is to say, it can roar in the mountains once, but this time it is enough for Fu Chen to defeat Taiyuan flowering period.

Gao Fei’s flowering age is not much different. His cultivation qualification is not lower than that of flowering, and he is also a Taiyuan. Goofy plus nine-order qi Wu Bo joined hands and was killed by his own move. Is the flowering period stronger than the two of them combined? Fu Chengen does not believe […]