Wesley is very serious about communicating the details with Miao, and every step of the way should be taken carefully, otherwise it will be a disastrous game, and none of them are easy to offend.
"Have you ever urged the doctor to sleep? Didn’t he tell you that the chip won’t affect your health? I think it is safest to have the opportunity to leave here with fashion! " I really want to go home. I miss my children and my parents don’t know what the mother’s condition is.
At that time, I was too nervous. I learned that the chip usually affects people’s way of thinking to achieve the goal of influencing people’s final decisions, but at special times, it can also directly control all people’s brain activities and directly control all people’s thinking and decisions. If that is the case, in fact, Lu Shao is not Lu Shao. "
It’s hard to imagine what to do if that happens in front of her eyes when that man is no longer that man.
"I don’t know whether there is a distance requirement for the control and whether the carrier will be activated in any dangerous mode when trying to get rid of the control. I learned this when I negotiated with Bout!" Wesley told what he knew and thought.
Section 455
"Can Bout tell us the truth?" I have no idea about that man.
"I think it will be because he will still have important needs for you!" Wesley looks confident.
"Is there?" I don’t think so at all
"Have you seen those photocopies?" Wesley looks particularly like a primary school teacher at the moment.
Miao shook his head like a pupil who didn’t finish school. "I’m really not interested in those without me!" "
"You don’t know some conditions for opening the treasure door!" Wesley sold the boat and pulled it from the beach. "It’s almost time today. Go to bed early. God may have to deal with those royal nobles!" "
"What is it?" Miao is still thinking about Wesley’s answer.
"Bout will tell you that you have a good sleep now!" Wesley wheeled the woman into the villa.
Some things are revealed too early, which will make people worry blindly. When things develop in front of them, they will naturally find it hard to accept. Wesley doesn’t want young women to have too many thoughts. Sleeping and being in good condition are actually very important to her now.
Although I want to figure out the answer, Nai’s mental state is so weak that she fell asleep in bed not long after. Baby is really a treasure. These good sleeps are brought to her by children. Otherwise, I really don’t know how often I will suffer from insomnia.
Lu Fengxing, an island, has finished the last inspection on the island. When the doctor confirmed that there was no problem and the situation was sent to the helicopter, Lu Fengxing always had a strange feeling. It seemed that there were two people who didn’t control themselves and couldn’t understand what they had done. However, some physical reactions said that they didn’t sleep for a night, and they were really confused.
Looking at the rough feet and the sea prevailing, I feel as if I was entangled with the sea again in my dream last night. It seems that I have been entangled for a long time, but I can’t remember the details.
Rubbed his temples, Lu Fengxing leaned back in the chair, so it was the most practical to have a good rest after a long flight. The doctor told him to arrange a meeting with Mr. Bout for him, and it is estimated that he should be able to go back to China to see Miao and his children after meeting him. Lu Fengxing was excited.
"The doctor has been tossing him like this for several days. Can he eat it?" Looking at the flying helicopter, Dr. Assistant seems to be worried.
"Otherwise, how can we be sure that we can control him? Fortunately, everything is perfect. His body has completely accepted the chip! " The doctor’s face showed pride and his little face was particularly excited about his research results.
For Lu Fengxing, he certainly doesn’t like this so-called doctor, who looks like a doctor in a white coat, but he always feels that he has the illusion of being a mouse in front of him and always asks a bunch of inexplicable questions. If he didn’t know that his life was saved by them, he really couldn’t give a face like this. Maybe he would have been looking for teeth all over the place!
Kyoto has been a bit rainy since the morning. It’s really a sense of beginning of autumn. Today is Master Lu’s funeral day. Old comrades, old colleagues, old families and many relatives and friends from Lujia have come to see Master Lu off.
Lu Da’s expression is particularly dignified, and his daughter-in-law are in a bad situation now. He is responsible for Tai Ji Hu’s failure to bring Tai back. Everything there is worrying, and his father suffered a heart attack after hearing his discussion with his wife, which has always made him particularly sorry.
"Dad is still alive!" Lu Da gently lifted the portrait of Lu Yuntian. "Don’t worry, your grandson’s wife will definitely bring you back. I believe her!"
"Dad, if you have a spirit in heaven, please take good care of one or two children who have your great-grandchildren in their bellies!" Yuan Jiu’s heart is also sad.
"Don’t be sad, sister-in-law. It’s a funeral for your master!" Yuan Mei handed Yuan Jiu a paper towel. "Yuan Qing and Wu Lai will also come to see the master off, but I’m worried that they won’t let them come if they don’t see how much Miao will think. Yuan Qing’s body still needs to be well raised."
"You did the right thing for her now. The situation really can’t make her worry any more. I hope that when she leaves the hospital, she will come back!" Yuan Jiu wiped the corner of his eye and looked at Lu Da. "It’s almost time to go to the funeral home. It’s not good if it’s later than the guests!"
Lu Da nodded silently. I always feel that it is a great pity that my son can’t come back to see Grandpa off. You know, the most painful thing for my master in this life is Lu Fengxing, the grandson. I hope he won’t let Grandpa down.
Feifei, it’s drizzling with black cars and white satin flowers, and it’s driving slowly with a deep sadness.
When he was a teenager, he took part in the revolutionary battlefield, but he didn’t relax his demands on himself. He consciously devoted himself to social construction and continued to create achievements that benefit the country and the people. Education for children has always been strict, and all integrity and integrity are reflected in his work and life. After his wife died, he has been alone.
Lu Yuntian is loyal to the party and the country, and loyal to his wife. The only object to give up the principle is Liu Fenghang. When he meets such a distant grandfather, he admits that he is * *, but Sun is also a success. After having his wife, he can’t pick out anything wrong.
Black situation Liu Yuntian’s lip angle is still hooked with a kind radian as if he is still looking forward to his grandson’s early and safe return
"I’m sorry for your loss!" In the funeral home, Li Jianguo came over with his wife, daughter and son-in-law, holding Lu Da’s hand meaningfully. "We always have to rest when we should rest. We all need to follow the trend. What do you say?"
"Thank you!"
Lu Da didn’t say much about Li Jianguo’s words. He didn’t want to argue more. Today is his father’s farewell day. He didn’t want to entangle selfish thoughts. This is the last time he contacted his father. He wanted to spend time with this old man who is still waiting.
The people who came to see the master off walked over and shook hands to express their comfort, sadness and joy. Many people had rosy eyes. The old man had helped many people and guided many people in his life. Many people also had earth-shaking changes in their lives because of his help. Everyone’s feelings for the old man were real and their feelings for life could not help but increase.
"I’m sorry for your loss. Many things are still very promising!" Xie Yuliang held Lu Da’s hand with profound meaning.
Xie Yuliang has been thinking a lot about Xie Zhengdong these days, and he has given advice. Perhaps Lu Da is too popular, and even his son is inclined to look at today’s scene. Xie Yuliang suddenly feels that it is time to choose his own team.
"Thank you!"
At the moment, Lu Da has no fighting spirit. It seems that his life is empty as soon as his father leaves. In fact, there is no need to be too entangled in many things, but it is good to be ashamed. I hope that I can lie down at this time and have so many people sincerely cherish the memory of that life.