Jane never thought that Qin’s mother accepted Qin Yue’s marriage so easily, and she was surprised and touched.
Looking at Jane stupefied, Qin Yue gently rubbed her head and said, "Call someone quickly."
Jane came to her senses and blushed and said, "Hello, Mom!"
"Good boy, good boy …" Qin mother nodded with joy.
Section 2
Chapter 137 See parents formally 2
Qin mother’s first impression of Jane is good, and now Jane has become her daughter-in-law. She loves her own son, so naturally she will like this daughter-in-law
"Jane just now I also want to say sorry to you" Qin mother said again.
I just recognized my daughter-in-law as the new domestic helper, and Qin’s mother was a little embarrassed, even though she was an elder, she still had to apologize.
Jane shook her head "nothing"
"What is it?" Qin Yue wanted to know what happened to them, but they shook their heads at the same time, and no one planned to ignore him.
Qin Yue’s original work plan was to be completed in days, but it was said this afternoon that the elders of Qin family came to Jiangbei.
He didn’t tell his family about the marriage with Jane, and the family naturally didn’t know Jane was there.
If we let them meet before, I don’t know how embarrassing it is, so he came back before.
Qin Yue also knows his mother’s personality. If he marries, her mother will have no problem.
But knowing in my heart is knowing that I saw my mother’s approval with my own eyes. However, his heart is still a little excited and I can’t help but slightly increase my hug and strength.
"Your father should arrange some things in his room. You should ask someone to go upstairs and tell him this happy event," Qin’s mother said happily.
Qin Yue immediately asked people to go to his father’s building. After his father was seated, Qin Yue took it and introduced it to him in a simple and serious way.
He said, "Dad, this is Jane’s wife."
It’s not surprising that Qin’s father didn’t show much surprise when he suddenly heard the news of his son’s marriage, or that he knew his son’s personality too well.
What kind of woman can get into his eyes by accident?
So his first reaction was the same as that of Qin’s mother. After hearing Qin Yue’s introduction, he had to look at Jane at first sight.
It is an established fact that a son marries a wife. It is meaningless for them to entangle whether he has a marriage root or not. Whether their heart can live with him for a lifetime.
His eyes rested on Jane’s body, which seemed calm but sharp, and he looked at it with some inquiry.
Girls’ family background is not their consideration, because the Qin family has no means of marriage to enhance family power.
He is concerned about whether the girl is sincere to her son and whether her married life is happy after her son.
He followed his father in the business world since childhood, and later handed over his career to his son and accompanied his wife to travel around the world. He has seen countless people and things, and he has a good eye for people.
In front of me, my mind is simply written in my eyes and on my face, just to get the approval of Qin Yue’s parents and to live a good life with Qin Yue.
Finally, he looked back and nodded. "Well, this marriage is your choice, so you should manage your parents well. We want to see you happy."
Qin’s father and Qin’s mother fell in love at first sight, and their love was once a beautiful story praised by many people.
Now that decades have passed, they are certainly happy to find a partner who can accompany him through the storm.
When Qin’s father looked at Jane briefly, Jane was already nervous and her heart was sweating.
To tell the truth, the word "father" is not very good for her. Because of simplicity, she always has some prejudice against her father.
She was worried that Qin’s father would not admit the marriage and that he would force Qin Yue to leave her …
It was not until Qin’s father spoke that she realized that in fact, most parents in the world think of their own children, and few people will regard their children as tools for profit.
Jane’s deep sexy voice rang in her ear again, pulling back her thoughts and listening to him say "it’s time to call someone"
"Hello, Dad!" I haven’t called this word for several years, but it’s a bit awkward to call it simply, but it’s happiness.
She has been worried that Qin parents will not accept her, but they all accepted her so easily, which surprised her greatly.
"Uh-huh" Qin dad nodded.
Qin’s mother took Jane’s hand and picked a bracelet. "This was given to Qin’s wife by Grandma Mu, and now I should give it to you."
Listen to Qin’s mother to give such a valuable bracelet to herself. She glanced at it simply consciously. Qin Yue saw him order a little before she accepted "Thank you, Mom!"
Qin’s mother personally put it on her and praised her, "Well, it’s really beautiful."
"Mom, you gave your sister-in-law such an expensive gift as soon as you saw her. Why didn’t you bring me something nice?"
Qin Xiaobao has been skipping in everyone’s sight when the crisp and pleasant sound comes.
Qin Xiaobao jumped over and hugged Qin’s mother and kissed her hard on the face. "Mom hasn’t seen Xiaobao for so long. Do you miss Xiaobao?"
"Mom dreams about our little treasure." Qin’s mother rubbed Qin Xiaobao’s head and smiled more gently.
"I miss my mother, too." Qin Xiaobao rubbed in Qin’s mother’s arms and jumped into Qin’s father’s arms. "Dad, why don’t you talk? Don’t you miss Xiaobao?"
"Xiaobao doesn’t go home for months as soon as she grows up. I don’t want her." In front of Qin Xiaobao, Qin Dad returned strict father’s coat, which is a father who loves his daughter.
"Does Dad really miss me?" Qin Xiaobao blinks, and if you dare to say that I don’t miss you, I won’t miss you.
"Miss Xiaobao, of course, miss our family." Qin’s father rubbed Qin Xiaobao’s head and laughed heartily.
"That’s more like it." Qin Xiaobao also laughed a few laughs and then looked at his wife Qin Yue sitting there without saying a word.
She said, "Brother, do you miss me?"
"You should have a younger generation in front of your elders. What do you think of your day?" Qin Yue is serious to her.
Look at their family and listen to their family.
Jane envies their family, father, loving mother, loving family, harmony and warmth
Jane is really envious of Qin Xiaobao. I envy her for being spoiled in the arms of her parents and brother when she is ten years old.
Look at her again. Her childhood experience was domestic violence. Her mother was often scolded and beaten, and she often hid in her room to help cry, but she could do nothing.
Chapter 13 Happiness to dying