He walked a few steps to her side "what? Not angry? "
"Hum …" Without looking at him, she ignored him. She turned to look very proud.
"Come with me, little girl," he said, taking the lead.
After a few steps, the little girl still stood there motionless and didn’t intend to pay attention to him. It seems that she is still fighting with him.
He came back. "Come with me, little girl."
She ignored him, but he was very patient to wait for her. Who let him be fierce today? She broke her heart. She ignored him, which was the lightest punishment for him.
"Who is the little girl?" Hum, she would never go with him without calling her name … but her steps are getting out of control and her body honestly wants to go with him.
"What is a young girl?" He looked at her clothes and dirty face, which made her big watery eyes particularly clear and bright. He couldn’t help but grab her hand and "come with me."
All right, go with him.
He didn’t drag her, and she couldn’t help but go with him. Now he stretched out his hand and dragged her, just giving her a step.
His palm is big enough to hold her wrist easily, and at the same time, he made her feel warm for the first time in this rainy weather.
In spite of herself, she went closer to him and wanted to get into his arms and give him a hug. She asked him to give her a hug. Can the pain and pain disappear immediately this day?
But just a little closer to him, she stopped again. At this time, he is not her fierce brother. His arms do not belong to her.
Perhaps she noticed that her mood suddenly fell again. Nan Zhai slightly increased her strength in her hand and pulled her tighter. "What’s the matter?"
She shook her head and hung her little head and didn’t speak. She was afraid that she would cry when she came out.
"naturally?" He asked
She still kept silent, and Nan Zhai didn’t ask if it was all the way, no matter how many pairs of eyes came over, he didn’t let her go.
Neither of them spoke all the way until he came to his exclusive tent. He said, "I’ve got some hot water and a clean suit for you. You go in and wash a suit and I’ll stay outside."
She is the daughter of Sheng Tianqin’s family. She grew up with her family in her hands. Where has she suffered so much and been so tired in these years?
Seeing that she is as dirty as a little cat, he has no time and conditions to let her wash, and he is also very distressed.
"Mr. President, did you specially prepare hot water for me?" See, she knows that her fierce brother is thinking about her.
Such a move by him made her energetic again.
He nodded. "Well, go wash and sleep for a while. I’ll call you at dawn."
She doesn’t understand, "Aren’t you coming in?"
"It’s not convenient for me to be a girl." This girl needs to know how to protect herself. What if he is not her strong brother but a bad person?
"Mr. President, please come in with me." She pulled the tent door. "Come on, I have something to ask you for help."
He didn’t ask what it was because he refused her clear eyes.
As soon as he stepped up, he followed her in. As soon as she entered the door, she turned around and jumped into his arms, put her hand around his waist and hugged him tightly.
"However …" Nan Zhai tried to take her hand, but he tried hard to push her. He also wanted to hold her in his arms, but now he is the president of country A. He asked, "Do you know who you are holding, little girl?"
This person is not her fierce brother. She is a complete stranger to her as a man. If someone else is around her at this moment, this person is a bad person …
"Mr. President, don’t move, don’t talk. Please let me borrow your arms and lean on it for a while … because I miss my fierce brother." She hugged his little head and rubbed it on his chest and murmured, "If my fierce brother is by my side, he will hug me tightly and give me some warmth … He will."
"However …" My brother is by your side. My brother is holding you now. My brother will give you warmth.
I can’t say anything to her, but he can hold her tightly and give her a little security and warmth.
He reached out and hugged her and patted her on the back. "It’s okay, it’s okay. Everything will be fine."
Slowly, he felt her breathing slowly. Looking down, she was asleep in his arms.
This girl forced a day * * just in front of the injured, she also said that she was not tired, not tired, and she fell asleep in his arms when it was only this little.
Chapter 729 Send this girl back
"But however …" Nan Zhai gently called her two. She didn’t respond to him. He just picked her up and put her in the tent. That Zhang Deyi was a single person.
Put away Qin Leran. He let go and wanted to take a towel to help her wash her face, but he just moved. The little girl grabbed him. "Brother Lie, don’t be scared."
At ordinary times, she always behaves very well and is not afraid of anything. It seems that no matter how difficult things are, she can grit her teeth and get through them, but her heart is not what it seems.
Her heart is extremely insecure. This anxiety is not that she is afraid of the earthquake, but that she is afraid that she will find her fierce brother and disappear as she did when she was a child. She has never seen him again.
"However, I’m not afraid that my brother will be with you, and my brother will protect you." He grabbed her and raised his hand to his face and gently rubbed it. "However, I …"
He wanted to say thank you to her for coming to him at such a time. When he finally took the presidency despite all difficulties, she came to him and witnessed his success in life and career.
When he was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 76 not long ago … it was her presence that made him feel that he had done so many things with all his heart.
She must not know how important she is to him, so that she can support him to go through a road that others will never see.
Once, when that happened, everyone thought he would fail, but he actually won.
However, no one knows that he can win because he thinks about this little girl because he still owes her a promise.
"My brother, you promised to let Ran Ran come to you …" In the dream, she frowned and was so sad that she almost cried.
"I’m sorry!" he said
When she was very young, he chose to come back to shoulder the responsibility and abandoned her and broke his promise to her.
Pei Xuanzhi often said that she saved your life. She died once, and she had already paid off.
But in Nan Zhai’s view, his feelings with her are not as simple as being saved.
At the very beginning, he wanted to stay with Xiao Ran and protect her for two purposes.
First, he wanted to use her identity to find himself a safe place to hide, and second, he wanted to repay her for saving his life.
But before he knew it, he forgot his original purpose early. He stayed with her again and again simply to protect her.
"Fierce brother …" In the dream, she slept very restlessly and murmured from time to time about her fierce brother, the big boy who protected her.
Nan Zhai held her hand in one hand and caressed her forehead in the other and said softly, "Brother Ran Ran Lie will tell you a story you like, okay?"
When she was very young, she especially loved to listen to the stories of Snow Princess, but he didn’t know those stories, so he made up some for her.
Who knows that instead of abandoning her, she listened with relish and told his fierce brother that the story was the best.
Section 414
Since childhood, she has been a lovely and naughty but very considerate girl, which is inseparable from her good family education.
"Don’t send it with my brother." She likes fairy tales again, but she doesn’t like my brother.
"My brother is going nowhere with Ran Ran." He patted her back and put her to sleep like a child.
He didn’t think of washing her face until she fell asleep.
But the touch of water has already cooled, and he has to wash her face with cold water.