Shen Xinyu smiled. "Don’t you know?"
"No, it’s impossible." This is ridiculous. No, she would rather believe that Shen Xinyu is deliberately trying to scare her.
"You don’t want to divorce? I do have a way to help you. "Shen Xinyu threw a bait with a smile from her four-wheel drive.
"What way?"
Gu Xinjiao naturally doesn’t believe that she will help her, but at the moment, she seems to have no other choice, and this person’s eyes are too scary, but there is no temperature at the bottom.
It’s not like Gu Xinzi has eyes.
"I can’t tell you anything yet unless you answer me a few questions first."
Shen Xinyu’s hook fell on her cheek, and her hair was an understatement.
"What’s the problem?" Without saying a word, Gu Xin Jiao couldn’t help but move back half a minute to see that she had been tortured out of the shadow by this face.
Hate and fear
"Liao Jingjing and Gu Xinzi have any grievances? How did Gu Xinzi die in the end? "
These two problems are that Shen Xinyu can’t figure it out now, and her memory stopped before the accident, remembering that she ran out of the corridor, but then what happened? She couldn’t remember it at all, and she also looked up a lot of news and couldn’t find a word.
Two more at half past ten.
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Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Can you say that ginger is still great?
Gu Xin jiao reacted strangely to Shen Xinyu’s expectation, staring at her for a few seconds and then burst into a burst of ha ha ha laugh.
Shen Xinyu frowned lightly.
Gu Xin jiao is still smiling and piling up a few slender lines of laughter in the corner of her eyes. She stares at Shen Xinyu crazily and plays abusively. "Do you really think of yourself as Gu Xinzi? Are you addicted? "
"Do you know what you are talking about? Haha "
"Do you want to hear the evidence?" Shen Xinyu doesn’t mind if she pretends to be crazy.
"I heard what you said when you were talking to Liao Jingjing and hiding in the toilet. No matter who I am, I know that you and Liao Jingjing conspired to send Gu Xinzi to a mental hospital, and you didn’t want her to come out, so you bribed the doctors in the mental hospital to make her suffer and make her completely crazy."
"Do you think I am right?" Shen Xinyu pushed the chair up and put his hand on Gu Xinjiao’s shoulder. "I’m giving you a chance, or once the evidence is handed over to your second uncle, you can."
"Wait!" Gu Xin jiao asthma suddenly interrupted her words and asked, "where did you get the evidence? What on earth are you talking about! "
At this time, I still don’t give up, but I laughed with that woman. Shen Xinyu gave her a sarcastic look and took out the mobile phone from his pocket and found the recording point to play.
"I told you that I had an accident. You must help me this time." When I heard this conversation that belonged to me and was familiar with Gu Xin Jiao Yuan, her sallow face completely lost her color. She stared at Shen Xinyu’s face and her pupils gradually contracted. "You unexpectedly."
Recorded the sound
First thought, she’s finished.
The second idea is that she is completely finished. If her second uncle knows this, she will definitely die.
At the beginning, she was jealous that Gu Xinzi got juwan in just a few days, and she was also jealous that she didn’t have the strength to get Xiao Sheng’s engagement before she moved her mind to Liao Jingjing’s tools.
"Who the hell are you?"
"Isn’t this your heart can answer my question now?" Shen Xinyu patiently exhausted the recording and got stuck in Gu Xin’s charming neck.
Gu Xin jiao has struggled for so much. God, the strength of a good meal is nothing compared with Shen Xinyu’s repeated coughing. He simply gave up the struggle. "You are right."
Shen Xinyu’s efforts to let her talk were a little loose. Gu Xinjiao looked at her and laughed and looked a little crazy. "But when she died, Gu Xinzi’s mother was a mental institution. Liao Jingjing told me that I was tempted when she said that there was a medicine that could stimulate people to hide patients. I didn’t hesitate to have a big lady at home. That’s me. I am the justified Miss Gu! What is she? What qualifications does a poor country girl have to be my sister and marry Xiao Sheng! "
"You she is willing to! Do you want to have a sister like you and marry Xiao Sheng? I told you she wouldn’t! She doesn’t want to! She doesn’t want all this! " Raise my hand and press Gu Xinjiao on the bed or in front of Shen Xinyu, but the girl’s fundus expression has turned into another person!
Full of hate and resentment!
"Want you to say that she can give everything to you! But you chose the cruelest way to ruin her generation! "
"But I am also being benefited!" This moment Gu Xin jiao is really afraid of the letter, struggling to spit out a word from the squeezed throat and his face turned purple.
"The medicine was identified by Liao Jingjing, and it was also Liao Jingjing who found someone, including those doctors in mental hospitals who were difficult to Gu Xinzi. She handled me and she was helping me, but I didn’t know until later." Said that Gu Xinjiao’s breath suddenly weakened at the most critical place, and Shen Xinyu pinched her hand and shook her several times. "Say what do you know?"
Gu Xin jiao opened his eyes and gasped for two breaths and pulled the corners of his mouth. "Come here and I’ll tell you."
Section 355
Shen Xinyu frowned and stared at her, hesitated for a long time and leaned over a little.
Gu Xin jiao saw her coming and suddenly smiled and said, "I won’t tell you."
Words fall before Shen Xinyu not to look up and bite on her shoulder.
Shen Xinyu ate pain, but soon she lifted it and put it in her pocket. The other hand slapped Gu Xinzi in the face, and then put a pill in her hand according to her mouth.
Well, well, Gu Xinjiao struggled with all her strength. She seemed white. What is this? Her eyes are wide open and her veins are stretched out.