A voice came out from the darkness in the distance. "Liu has humbled himself. You have a great reputation. I don’t know if you are dead. I’m afraid you have more than one palm. We dare not say it carelessly. If we let you leave the imperial city like this, we can’t sleep well. And you, the brothers of life and death, are also unstable factors. Since you are in danger, you might as well send it away. I hope your brothers will have a companion together."
As soon as his words were finished, the four spirits of kill array East suddenly lit up, and a dragon composed of mysterious light rose into the sky. Although it was a virtual shadow, it contained great pressure, as if the four spirits of kill array really had the spirit of communication. This dragon seemed to really have a dragon soul.
Seeing that the dragon beast was shaped, Liu Xuan sacrificed the Sun Murray Ding, which was already the strongest defense means in Liu Xuan’s hand. At this time, Liu Xuan discovered how fragile his defense means were, and he always attacked and the speed was the main way. Liu Xuan probably never thought that he would be trapped by the enemy for one day.
The Sun Murray Ding rose in the wind, and the tripod mouth was aimed at the dragon sacred beast, and it kept spinning and instantly rose to about ten feet. It looked a little bigger than the dragon.
The dragon holy beast is not hesitate to hit the Sun Murray Ding with one head, and everyone heard a loud bang. The Sun Murray Ding kept rolling and finally the fist size was directly swept out.
Look at Liu Xuan as if he had been shot in the chest with a sledgehammer. People who gushed out one mouthful blood also rolled back. Finally, he hit the four spirits and killed bursts of lines before slowly falling, but it was somewhat difficult for him to make a decision.
A blow to Liu Xuan can’t stop it.
There is something Liu Xuan can do in front of such a powerful force outside kill array.
Liu Xuan stretched out his hand and touched the blood on his mouth. "You are sent by the new emperor, aren’t you?"
"Ha ha" shadow to a strange smile.
"A little conation order xuan younger brother is so arrogant. Do you really think of yourself as a piece of material? Ok, it’s time to send you the way. Although I have a kind heart, there are some words that I shouldn’t say. "
With his words, a pattern in the west also lit up, and slowly formed in a huge array.
"I’ll fight with you." Liu Xuan jumped at the west fiercely. His sample seems crazy but not rash. At this time, the white tiger has not yet formed, and its power is also the weakest. At this time, he has a chance to fight. If you really have to wait for a while, I’m afraid it’s hard to say whether you have a life or not.
Although the western white tiger belongs to the gold Lord, it ranks behind Qinglong, but if the attack power is single, I’m afraid the white tiger is a little stronger than Qinglong, and Qinglong can’t even pick itself up, let alone attack the white tiger.
Liu Xuanren was half a knife when it came out, and the huge white tiger was beheaded in the past. It was a slight flash when he saw the blue Flametail white tiger crossing the white tiger, but it seemed to be transparent, but it was a ripple on the heaven of science. The white tiger sacred beast actually grasped the focus.
At this time, the white tiger seems to have formed a giant mouth, and a number of fangs are shining with cold light and Liuxuan’s head is biting.
At this time, Liu Xuan was in the midst of a new force, and the old force would try its best to see and dodge, but he put his left hand into the jaws of death, and a cloud of mysterious light shone, which was exactly why he had not broken the spirit of the five elements for a long time.
He clearly remembers that Silla Wang’s Fuofuda was broken by the five-line spirit-breaking tactic. At that time, Liu Xuan was not even spiritual. The five-line spirit-breaking tactic had great restraint on the five-line attribute, and he was not sure whether this trick had any effect. He was able to do it now, and he just waved his hand in times of crisis.
That mysterious light is a white tiger’s mouth. The white tiger’s body was slightly shocked, and it was unexpectedly smashed by the five elements of broken spirit. Although the white tiger was quickly condensed for the first time, it showed that the body was much slimmer than before.
However, Liuxuan has retreated two steps by just being idle, and it is effective to see the five elements of broken spirit tactic. As soon as Liuxuan’s wrist is turned over, he has put away the Heaven Knife, and his hands are in one hand, and his hands are two times less powerful than before. At this time, the white tiger’s eyes are open and he has descended on Liuxuan.
Liuxuan’s left foot retreated and his feet plunged into a lunge, and his hands joined forces to push the five elements to break the spirit. It was just like printing the forehead of the white tiger holy beast. One person and one beast seemed to freeze this moment, and they were deadlocked for about two times, and then boom. Liuxuan was rolled back again and fell into the dust again. This time, it was a struggle, but it didn’t get up. To be continued.
27, the body to send thunder
However, it is equally shocking that the huge white tiger holy beast was hit by Liu Xuan, and the remaining spiritual force quickly dispersed around, waiting for a calm. Where is the shadow of the white tiger holy beast?
Although Liuxuan can’t afford to be seriously injured, he actually blocked a blow from the White Tiger Holy Beast, which is called a blow that can kill the pulse order.
Liuxuan still can’t afford to struggle. At this time, the south is lit up with latosolic red again. This is a sign that the Suzaku sacred beast is going to be condensed and blurred. If another blow is made, even Liuxuan has five lines of broken spirits. I’m afraid I can also resist it. At this time, Liuxuan took out a flying thunder and threw it at the Suzaku sacred beast in the south. I didn’t want the four spirits kill array to flash a piece of mysterious light. I actually bounced the flying thunder back directly and almost injured Liuxuan himself.
Liuxuan Youzi struggled when suddenly someone hugged Liuxuan’s arm. Liuxuan turned to look at it. It turned out to be so weak. When Liuxuan was trapped, there were also three people who were trapped together because they were too close to Liuxuan. kill array and others were not trapped, but now the situation may be more dangerous than the two people trapped in the array. You know, those men in black are not vegetarian. Zhu Qifeng and others may be able to resist a thing or two if they have a ware gunman, but now everyone is unarmed. After the scene is over, they believe that they have to wait for Liuxuan to be killed and then take their hands out.
Hu San held Liu Xuan’s arm and his mouth was still bleeding. He turned his palm and kept repeating the word "flying thunder" in his mouth.
What’s the matter with Liu Xuan’s white words? Hu San wants to send Lei Yin’s four spirits to kill array to fly the Reagan method to get close to the Suzaku sacred beast, but if the flying thunder can be attached to the Suzaku sacred beast …
Liuxuan bit his teeth and then slowly shook his head. He can’t be so. There is nothing to support the four spirits of kill array. If you want to fly thunder and cling to the walls of the four spirits, there is a way, that is, people go to the top.
Hu San was holding Liuxuan’s arm, and his eyes were full of perseverance. Then he glanced at the corner of his eye slightly outside the array. The meaning was very obvious. If you can’t break through the array, Zhu Jifeng and others will have to break through this four spirits sooner or later before kill array Liuxuan has a chance to save everyone.
Liu Xuan clenched his fist and his fingernails were already in the meat. Eventually, Nai took out a flying thunder and handed it to Hu San, but Hu San still didn’t let go and stared at him intensely. Liu Xuan knew clearly that Hu San meant a flying thunder root, which was not so powerful. How could kill array be broken if it was a word? But Liu Xuan meant a flying thunder and Hu San might still have a chance to live, but if he gave him a few more words, I’m afraid he couldn’t even find the corpse.
Finally, Liu Xuan can take out a few flying thunder again, together with the previous five flying thunder, Hu San Shan smiled and held the five flying thunder fuses together, and turned to Liu Xuan to say thank you, then jumped at the position of Suzaku Holy Beast.
To everyone outside the array, it was unexpected that kill array, the original four spirits, was held by Hu San with five flying birds, and the position of Suzaku Holy Beast was extremely high. Although kill array, the four spirits, also had resilience, Hu San did not hit the past but slowly pushed it to the top, and the resilience was not very obvious.
As soon as Liu Xuan shouted, Hu San’s mouth slightly raised a happy smile, and then a huge flame rose and rolled constantly, producing a dazzling light.
Everything was as they expected. The five flying thunder exploded at the same time. This spectacular four-spirit kill array shook violently, and many lines disappeared in an instant. It was about to converge and form the Suzaku sacred beast, as if it were like an inflated balloon.
Kill array, who presided over the four spirits, practiced spiritually at the same time, and his body was violently shocked. He almost injured five flying thunder. At the same time, the explosion power was not worse than the combined force of the pulse order. If it was not for four people, I am afraid that this moment law has been broken.
But how could Liu Xuan miss such a great opportunity? He threw a magic hand into his mouth, and the five elements of the spirit-gathering tactic lit up again, and then slammed into his body.
He used to be on the edge of kill array, the four spirits, and now kill array, the three spirits of Hu, is in jeopardy. Although the four spiritual practices suppressed the law, there was no time to repair the five elements of the law. When the law was pressed, it gave birth to a sleepy defense array, and it was found to tear a mouth.
Liu Xuan took a step forward from the kill array of the Four Spirits, and at this time, there happened to be a spiritual practitioner in front of him. He knelt on the ground with one hand and kept injecting aura into the ground, and in front of him was a stone killed by the Four Spirits.
He was surprised that Liu Xuan rushed out of the four spiritual kill array as if it were too sudden. After seeing Liu Xuan, the spiritual spirit was still injected into the ground, but he freed up one hand to offer a net to Liu Xuan as a pledge.
According to LiuXuan reaction is much faster than him, the body forward to find out the wrist has been heaven knife shake hands in front of your face with a wave of his hand gently the headgear net is like a paper paste is blue tail flame a light cut two pieces.
Spiritual shock in the eyes of Liu Xuan has come to him with a flick of his hand and a move. Time has been cut for two consecutive knives, and time has produced great self-repulsion. Liu Xuan wields a knife and his chest has been dyed red with blood.
When two people make a mistake, they are still kneeling on their knees, and then their heads are already separated from their bodies.
Look at Liu Xuan, holding a bottle in his hand and throwing a crimson elixir into his mouth. This is no ordinary elixir, but it is still effective to return to the elixir entrance after gas coagulation. Instantly, the huge spiritual force fills all meridians of Liu Xuan’s body as if to crack his meridians, but the sense of pain and tearing also strongly stimulates Liu Xuan’s knowledge so that he will not faint due to physical pain.
At this time, Liu Xuan is like a killer with bloodshot eyes and skin meridians exploding like active ones. The imposing manner seems to be stronger than that of several gas condensation orders. To be continued.