Raffarin nu way "Jankovich Cossack cavalry are pigs? How long has it been since they arrived at Longzhishan and it has only passed less than a day! "
Yangovic nu way "what can I do? The Chinese tiger army attacked the racecourse while the cavalry was digging trenches, and ran our horses all over the mountains. There were no horses, sabres and carbines. How could they be an armed and weapon-oriented main group opponent for more than two hours? I was killed by a thousand’ elite’! If you are going to attack, you must bring the Dragon Finger Mountain in front! "
Seymour was surprised and asked, "What? They have occupied Longzhi Mountain? "
Jangovich said, "Nonsense, they have defeated our Cossack cavalry. Will they leave the Dragon Finger Mountain to us?"
Seymour frowned, and Jankovich couldn’t say much-
Raffarin disdained, "Even if they go to Longzhishan, what can we do? We will call them with our cannons!"
Jangovich shouted, "Let’s attack together! I don’t believe that more than 10,000 people in their area can withstand the crazy attack of our four-nation allied forces! "
Seymour listened to the two men clamoring and came firmly. "So order all our artillery departments to put into the attack. Tantaro Chida ordered your Japanese army to be ready to attack at any time!"
Lang quit as soon as he heard it. It’s the Chinese revolutionary army. He knows how fierce the other side’s firepower is. Even the British and French Coalition forces are not too rich to let themselves charge. Isn’t that a death wish?
Chida Taro shouted, "General Seymour, you are too bullying. Why do you let our emperors charge?"
Raffarin disdained, "Chida Taro, the artillery carried by your five thousand troops is not as good as that carried by our two thousand people in France. You can’t play too much in the artillery battle, so you can charge! What’s more, the British Empire and the French Empire are not strong, and your Russian forces are strong. Now General Jankovich has lost a thousand Cossack cavalry. Do you want General Jankovich to continue to charge? "
Raffarin’s words had just finished, and Jangovich was angry and stared at Chida Taro’s three-country pressure. Chida Taro’s double’ legs’ were weak and had to take this extremely bitter order. There was no way for them to be the most disadvantaged in the Great Japanese Empire.
Seymour ordered the allied forces of the four countries to take action, and launched a fierce artillery attack on the opposite Longzhi Mountain. More than 10,000 people carried heavy artillery guns, and nearly 200 shells roared and flew to Longzhi Mountain, which was filled with smoke and war, and the whole mountain was enveloped.
Cai E sneered coldly, "Tell the artillery to fight back. Don’t spare the shells to meet the foreigners’ arrogance and call me!"
Seymour, they miscalculated. They thought that the artillery of a main division in China and the Republic of China was limited.
There won’t be too many heavy artillery, but don’t forget that it’s time to go to Mukden to better protect yourself. However, President Xu Huaijin personally ordered an artillery regiment with the best artillery division in Duan Qirui to join the battle sequence, which means that now they have two artillery regiments, and all the guns together have exceeded 300!
Moreover, after several years of training, the military technology of the artillery regiment has surpassed that of the Japanese, and it is not inferior to the French!
Seymour’s first "wave" attack has just passed, and the casualties in Longzhishan have not yet been clarified. The artillery on the opposite side has also begun to show its strength. The powerful shells flew from the mountain and poured down the positions of Seymour Coalition forces.
Seymour and others gaped at their positions. Allied soldiers were constantly bombed by artillery shells. They forgot that the Chinese Revolutionary Army built its own fortifications. People hid in trench fortifications to minimize the threat of artillery shells, but they just came here and didn’t have any fortifications. Just before the mountain fortifications were built, they were cut off. What a loss!
Seymour roared, "Withdraw your troops and clear your positions immediately!"
Destroyed by the artillery fire of the Chinese revolutionary army, the Coalition forces had to retreat quickly and start building fortifications on the spot?
There is a sneer at the corner of Cai E’s mouth. This general of the whole army is a pig who just retreated two kilometers and began to build fortifications. This can be built.
Cai E shouted "Liu Huagang!"
Liu Huagang, head of the second regiment, came running and said, "What’s the teacher’s order?"
Cai E said, "Immediately order your first battalion to gather all our mortar mountains. See that group of king eggs are building fortifications and mortars to kill their Ministry of Engineering for me! Remember to be flexible or you will become the target of the other side! "
Seymour raffarin was directing the engineers to dig trenches when Liu Huagang led the first battalion to attack. Dozens of mortars were arranged in a row and adjusted to "shoot" and hit the yuan to start a new round of shelling.
Mortar’ shooting’ arc angle is very large, which is the most suitable weapon to attack fortifications. Mortar shells have fallen into the allied trenches, and the construction is under intense pressure. Allied engineers have been sent to the trenches one by one, and the rocks have been blown everywhere. Less than a third of the fortifications have just been built, and it is already unsightly to be blown up.
Seymour was furious and ordered the heavy artillery to fight back. The heavy artillery was quickly pushed out and began to fight back, but as soon as the Chinese revolutionary army came very close, they had already found a shelter and hid behind the rocks, and the shells threatened them too little.
Constantly suffering from the’ Sao’ disturbance, the Coalition forces retreated again and left a team of Japanese troops to patrol in front. If the revolutionary army comes out, it will be annihilated immediately!
Cai E, look at the allied forces and went out for two kilometers. Now Krupp’s heavy artillery has been "shot" outside the journey, and his heart is also relieved. It is not the time for a decisive battle.
There is no need to hurt troops at all times. If they want to be here, they will spend up to two days, and the Coalition forces will be in big trouble! Cai E laughed. "Tell Liu Huagang to withdraw after the first battalion and strengthen his alert. Don’t be attacked by the other side!"
Chapter six hundred and seventy-seven Gurkhaki
Coalition positions Now Seymour has retreated five kilometers, and there is no way to build a position. It is not so easy. The successive sneak attacks by the Chinese revolutionary army are a headache for them, so it is better to stay away from the Chinese revolutionary army and build fortifications.
Temporary headquarters Seymour, raffarin Jangovich, and Chida Taro huddled together in silence. A charge or a shelling could defeat the Chinese revolutionary army. I didn’t expect that it would be a shame to be "great" to drink.
Raffarin gritted his teeth and said, "General Seymour, it’s time for you to send Gurkha mountain soldiers out. The Chinese revolutionary army is now commanding and the firepower is fierce. If we attack from the back, the casualties will be too heavy. Only when you send Gurkha mountain soldiers out!"
Gurkha mountain soldiers are a strange one. They are good at mountain fighting, crossing mountains and mountains, like’ exposing’ the flat land. They are the first-class and’ fine’ sharp fighting power of the British Army and the German Army.
This time, the British Empire was tired of coping with the Boer War, and a large number of troops were transferred to the Warring States Period in South Africa. It was really difficult to’ draw’ more troops. It was necessary to transfer troops from Australia to participate in the war, but the Australian army’s fighting capacity was really fierce. Salisbury ordered a battalion of Gurkha mountain soldiers to come to China. Now more than 100 strikers have gone to the surplus army department of Beijing to stay in the Tianjin Sea.
Seymour frowned. To tell the truth, he really didn’t want to make Gurkha mountain soldiers. This is the treasure of the British Empire.
The British empire has only formed a few battalions, and the number of people is limited.
Aside from Jangovich, he said, "General Seymour is not hesitating now. Only your Gurkha mountain soldiers can kill the Chinese tiger artillery in Longzhishan, otherwise we can’t attack Longzhishan!"
Seymour sighed and said, "Well, they’re allowed to play now, Ryan!"
A deputy armed officer came to Seymour and said, "immediately mobilize a company Gurkha soldier to sneak into Longzhishan for me to find a chance to kill the other artillery heavy guns!"
Ryan replied, "It’s the General’s Pavilion!"
Jangovich gritted his teeth and said, "General Seymour’s important thing is not their heavy artillery, but the Chinese tiger. If we can destroy the Chinese tiger through Gurkha mountain soldiers, then we will be truly famous! One Gurkha soldier attacked the artillery as bait, and the other Gurkha hid and waited for an opportunity to kill the Chinese tiger. Without the Chinese tiger, the Chinese revolutionary army would be defeated! "
Seymour’s eyes lit up and shouted, "Ryan, did you hear that? If you have an organic conversation, don’t hesitate to get rid of the Chinese tiger. I promise that the imperial’ female’ king will personally bring you a knighthood!"
A group of 100 Gurkha soldiers quickly disappeared into the jungle.
The whole fourth division of Longzhishan position is still in a state of intense preparation. No one knows when the Coalition forces will attack. Cai E is at the forefront of the patrol. Zhang Yi Shi Yun is the last artillery position. John Zhang and others gather together.
Yi patrolled around the square.
When they were discussing military intelligence, Zhang Shengqi suddenly stood up with a hint of doubt on his face.
Zhang Yi asked, "What happened to Shengqi?"
Zhang Shengqi sink a way, "President, I just seemed to see a figure in the distant mountains and then disappeared."
Zhang Yi was surprised that he had been sitting and watching the military map again and was not so sensitive to the surrounding situation.
Zhang Yi grew up and he still believed in Zhang Shengqi’s observation. Since he felt someone, it was true that there was a * * *.
Zhang Yishen said, "Order the artillery position to be alert and lead the brothers into the jungle to check and be careful!"
Zhang Shengqi asked, "President, we have all left. What about you?"
Zhang yi criticise "me? Do you think there are people who can hurt me at the end of the day? Go here quickly. It’s the key to the artillery position. Don’t make a mistake! "
Zhang Shengqi hurriedly bloody’ color’ Cang Lang At this time, a gunshot in the jungle caused an artillery to fall, followed by several gunshots and several artillery to fall into a pool of blood.
John Zhang roared "enemy attack! Everyone is on alert to protect the President’s brothers! "
More than 30 blood’ color’ Cang Lang instantly got up and jumped into the jungle!
There are more than a dozen blood’ color’ Cang Lang, but they didn’t dare to touch the place. Zhang Yi’s safety is more important than anything in their hearts. Did they defeat the battle? If the president had an accident, the Chinese Republic of China would have collapsed.
Zhang yi nu way "why don’t you go? We don’t know the enemy has.
How much! Get out! "
Talking, Zhang Yi kicked the blood’ color’ Cang Lang around him and went out. Zhang Yi also quickly pulled out a pistol from his waist and was alert.
Shi Yun was also alert and pulled out a pistol and drank "Ruolan immediately married sisters!"
Suddenly there are more than a dozen’ female’ soldiers around Zhang Yi. This is Shi Yun’s single-handedly set-up, and each skill is extraordinary.
By this time, the gunshot in the jungle had already sounded into a piece.