Motivate the stars on Sunday to urge people to use the power of heaven to move the star array, and Meng Fei’s growling hand roared into the condensed array before him.

For a moment, the sky suddenly became dark and faded, and the stars slowly emerged from it. The twinkling star awn fell on the summoning force, and the sky collapsed into the interstellar shifting array. This star-shaped light beam is connected with the ancient myth that the road to heaven is generally cultivated and set […]

The fire is still flashing, but I can’t see it clearly in the distance. Yi Yucai came to marvel at this fire, which is gorgeous and beautiful. The red flame is beating with a very comfortable rhythm, and there is a bright blue light inside, like a demon dancer dancing with a fascinating soul.

Yi Yu squeezed a thigh of tender meat and the pain forced him out of the seductive dance "what a demon flame!" " Wiped her head cold sweat couldn’t help thinking to herself, "Is it true that there is a good dancer imprisoned inside? !” For this strange place everywhere, Yi Yu had to add […]

Roaring in the mountains is one of the best martial arts skills, which can only be effective when it is unexpected in the battle, that is to say, it can roar in the mountains once, but this time it is enough for Fu Chen to defeat Taiyuan flowering period.

Gao Fei’s flowering age is not much different. His cultivation qualification is not lower than that of flowering, and he is also a Taiyuan. Goofy plus nine-order qi Wu Bo joined hands and was killed by his own move. Is the flowering period stronger than the two of them combined? Fu Chengen does not believe […]

Roar at this time, Li also turned into a demon. When Tang Xiaoqian attacked the black dress to cultivate immortality, he fought back and killed No.7. After the transformation, Li attacked harder and forced No.7 to retreat repeatedly, and the blood flowed smoothly from the corners of his mouth.

Then his claws were sharp and pointed at No.7, and he kept tearing and scratching. In the tragic cry of No.7, he grabbed his face and flew, and then he fell to the ground and died Withdraw suddenly from the thatched cottage. This reprimanded angrily to No.2 and No.9, and quickly evacuated, leaving no.7 body […]

After a long time, Fengling once again brought a box of dishes and stepped into the Yao Fengge excitedly. This time, his hair was still luxurious and his face looked dirty, but he smiled with satisfaction.

There is a table full of food on the table, but Feng Ling still hasn’t touched it. She puts a few plates of weird food in her hand on another table, and turns her face slightly. Princess, since these foods are not to your taste, you might as well try cooking too much. To be […]