According to the rules of the game, Dojo trainers are not allowed to change elves, that is to say, elves can’t go back to the elf ball unless they are defeated or halfway through the game. Chaklow has violated the rules of the game and gave up before the referee could speak.

"Congratulations, Longye. This is the badge on the rock wall of Yaoxiang Daoguan, and it’s also your challenge certificate." Chaklow handed a badge to Longye. "I hope we will have another chance to fight. I will wait for you at the battle castle." "If I have the chance to fight against the castle again, I […]

"The wonderful end is so wonderful. It’s quite interesting to come to this Shanghai Metropolitan Guild. I didn’t expect all the bosses to get together here. It’s really not for nothing that I played such a big drama!"

Suddenly, the door was opened from the outside, and everyone was surprised. Even the middle-aged man on the sofa who had nothing to do with everything looked at the door involuntarily. Hearing this, his shoulders trembled and seemed to move! Volume 4 or YueYuan Chapter 226 Palm flower The Lancet! The bearer is naturally Jianghan! […]

Hidden repair nodded and shook his head. "The power of the spirit mirror can really hurt Yin Zhong, but the problem is that it hasn’t appeared for five years. Who knows where it is now?"

Gnome male-"that you see what is this? !” With his positive words, everyone looked at his right hand and saw a simple stone mirror in his hand. "This is this spirit mirror? But how can it be here, childlike innocence? " Children’s war pleasantly surprised asked "Because I have achieved the aura of the gods, […]

Bretz laughed. "Now it’s just food and clothing. What is good? After that, it is a good day to have meat to eat and wine to drink every day! "

For bretz, everyone laughed. Many people have never dared to think about eating meat and drinking wine before. Can people like us enjoy it? Let Wei Yan also put forward some requirements according to his own experience, and everyone will discuss it until noon to finally determine the three styles of light armor. Because it […]

While their vanity was satisfied, they also chose a woman with the highest value and their favorite type. They looked more pleasing to the eye, so they took their respective women away.

What else can I do when I’m hooking up? Naturally, I’m going to have a spring breeze. The two of them took a woman to the back of their room. If they are experienced, they naturally know how to mobilize the atmosphere. If they spent a long time in foreplay, the atmosphere was really beyond […]

It took him a long time to adjust his state, sit squarely at the top of the camera and say kindly and gently, "However, I am a father, and I am sorry that my father was not with you when you were born. Later, when you grew up, my father was still not with you, and when my father was ready to pick you up and your mother, there was another accident."

Speaking of this, Xiao Yuanfeng sighed again and again, "Dad was lucky to live, but he was badly injured and almost died several times. It was you and my child who made me bite my teeth and survive. Now I have found Qinghe." "However, dad can’t go to see you for the time being. When […]


Two old uh-1 helicopters flew over the roof, the rocket nest whizzed, and the rockets flew like a meteor shower to the retreating 15 heavy artillery pieces. They easily broke their weak armor and smashed them into balls of fire. This was the helicopter that Annan seized from Citigroup. When Citigroup retreated, Annan abandoned equipment […]