Yanxian also made a good start, and the atmosphere finally returned to normal, so that the class cadre campaign could go smoothly.
The next few agendas are also going well, which makes both Wang Wenzan and Wang Wenxue breathe a sigh of relief. Zhu Ying also breathed a sigh of relief. If we delay going to 12 noon, we may not finish it, so our impression of Shang Tang Lotus is not much better.
Shang Tang lotus is the so-called university, after all. The class leader’s profit is limited, but it is not as tight as junior high school and high school. There is nothing to worry about. If you have a bad impression, you will not be able to find trouble in yourself.
Of course, even if it is so profitable, she is never afraid of trouble.
After the last agenda, everyone went back to the dormitory with their own things. Everyone moved in a small pile. After all, several girls were weak, and some boys took the initiative to help. Shang Tang Lian held her own pile and easily went back to the dormitory, disappointing several boys who wanted to court, but then they all remembered that this was actually a female Chinese paper:
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
Chapter 47 Course Selection
In this way, Shang Tanglian was in Huadu University class day.
On this day, they have a class in the afternoon. People say that your day will be better when you get to college. No one will care about you. In fact, if you think about two classes a day, don’t even think about it.
A curriculum schedule is full of class hours, and there are classes almost every day, and each class is two hours. The number of classes per day may not necessarily be full. Sometimes, there are six classes from morning till noon, and sometimes it is better to have one class during the day, such as Friday, which is still in the afternoon, which means that you can go home after this class.
In addition to this fixed curriculum, you have to take two courses, and there is nothing to choose. Both of them have been chosen, leaving two fixed elective credits, which are 12 points. You can graduate only after you have completed these 12 points and added fixed course credits in your four years of college.
And the elective course is not something you want to choose. You have studied in a university. It is known that an elective course is two points high and one point low. This credit is not easy to get. It takes a full semester and you have to pass the final exam. Of course, each elective course ends in a different way. Some write a paper, while others need an exam.
Shang Tang Lian, they all belong to freshmen. If they get their own student ID card, they can also choose those senior brothers and sisters if they want to take elective courses later. If you can’t be quick, then there are no elective courses left for you.
Shang Tanglian came to bring her own brain, which is a trivial matter for Shang Tanglian, but the class director said that freshmen are not allowed to make brains only sophomores, but even if you bring them, you can’t get online. If so, what are you doing with your brain?
Shang Tang Lotus can honestly go to the reading room in the library with everyone to grab brains with others.
It’s a little late to go to Shang Tang Lotus, and the whole reading room will be full of students. It can be seen that except for a few brothers and sisters, almost all of them are freshmen. There is a very obvious feature here, because freshmen are almost surrounded by a computer in groups, while the old students are relatively calm, sitting in their seats, watching videos or studying, etc., that is, no one enters the student system of the campus network.
Shang Tanglian couldn’t get in by herself after watching it, and she didn’t steal brains from others. Instead, she watched a few old students, one was watching a video or a series, the other was in a forum, and the other was far away from Shang Tanglian.
Shang Tang Lian went directly to the person who was watching the video. Of course, Shang Tang Lian didn’t look for him because the other person was watching a TV video, but Shang Tanglian thought that this person would look more accommodating.
As soon as I entered Shang Tanglian, I smiled at each other. "Brother, can you lend me one of your brains?"
The other person is upset when he is watching a TV play and watching his heart. He is just about to speak when he takes off his headphones. He is full of impatience and his voice is soft. "Well, you are a freshman, don’t you want to enter the campus network to choose elective courses?"
"Brother" Shang Tanglian smiled.
Do you want to say that a beautiful girl is popular? If she is ugly, the other party doesn’t know how to be impatient. Of course, if she is a boy, she will be more impatient. The girl is estimated to be better.
This is also the reason why Shang Tang Lian chose him. Same-sex repulsion and opposite-sex attraction are very simple.
The boy was very considerate before he got up, and helped Shang Tanglian enter the website. Shang Tang Lian was also welcome to log in to his student system directly on the campus network, and then he chose two elective courses, no matter what time it was, he took it first.
Shang Tang Lotus’s decision was really decisive. The two elective courses were not full yet, and Shang Lian was selected at one click.
Shang Tang Lian smiled at the boy and nodded "Thank you, Senior Brother".
Boys are even more amazing when they look at it. Their eyes are staring straight and their mouths are not neat. "Nothing, nothing."
Shang Tanglian came out when she was touching Li Yue and Liu Ruyu came in. Liu Ruyu saw Shang Tang Lotus’s eyes bright. "Shang Tang Lotus, why are you leaving? Is it finished?"
"Yes," said Shang Tang Lotus lightly, and left without stopping.
Liu Ruyu was unpreparedness, but Li Yue took a dark look at Shang Tang Lotus’s back and said, "Shang Tang Lotus is too rude."
Instead, Liu Ruyu warned Li Yuedao, "What do you want to do? I told you that if you do it again, don’t blame me for being unkind." Liu Ruyu took the lead in entering the reading room.
Li Yue smell speech face dark hard to distinguish in situ staring at Liu Ruyu figure don’t know what’s going on until Liu Ruyu found that Li Yue didn’t follow up and shouted, "What is Li Yue still doing? Why don’t you come and choose courses quickly?"
Li Yue’s face was smiling when Liu Ruyu turned around, and it was crisp and should be a "hey".
Liu Ruyu saw that Li Yuecai was relieved. Now she actually doesn’t have to follow the class, but Li Yue came to apologize to her and said that she knew she was wrong and had been with her for so long. The relationship is not to say that Li Yue said that her family has no money and can’t go to her university. Liu Ruyu, who took the exam at Huadu University, thinks that it is really a pity if there is no money, so it is also a default that Li Yue will continue to be his follower.
The reading room is on the second floor. Shang Tang Lian just walked through the exit on the first floor and met an acquaintance head-on. It was when Shang Tang Lian owed each other human feelings and silly little Xu Xiaonian children’s shoes.
Xu Xiaonian finally returned to the original level of counseling in Shang Tang Lian in one year, and successfully passed the examination in Huadu University. At this moment, she was very happy and surprised to see her goddess Xu Xiaonian, and shouted, "Shang Tang Lian, how did you come here?" After saying this, she couldn’t wait to bite her tongue. This is not a pendulum. People must have come to choose courses.
At that time, Xu Xiaonian’s cheeks were red and he felt that Shang Tanglian had become more beautiful after a summer. At the time of military training, Xu Xiaonian had also heard Yu Tanglian’s words, but he also worshipped Shang Tanglian with a sense of inexplicable pride:
Chapter 479 Dining in the canteen
Shang Tanglian smiled when he saw Xu Xiaonian. "I’m here to take courses, so are you." I didn’t laugh at Xu Xiaonian’s stupidity, but simply met an acquaintance.
Xu Xiaonian’s lack of Shang Tanglian is laughing at himself, but listening to Shang Tanglian doesn’t care about his irritable face, but he is busy. "Yes, yes, are you finished? If you haven’t chosen yet, why don’t you?" Xu Xiaonian really wants to say, let’s go together.
Shang Tanglian didn’t wait for Xu Xiaonian to come out, but said, "No, I’ve already chosen. Go quickly. Don’t look back and miss the class."
Xu Xiaonian was silly. Well, I felt so warm in my heart that I couldn’t help giggling when I thought about it myself.
Shang Tanglian didn’t want to have this meaningful dialogue with Xu Xiaonian here, and regarded Xu Xiaonian as a silly giggle and said, "I’ll go first."
Xu Xiaonian opened his mouth to shout Shang Tang Lotus, only to find that he didn’t know what to say to Shang Tanglian. He was lost and watched Shang Tang Lotus go away.
In fact, Shang Tang Lian doesn’t know Xu Xiaonian’s mind, but she is really not interested in Xu Xiaonian and thinks that she has paid off her debt to Xu Xiaonian.
Since Shang Tang Lotus responded to Xu Xiaonian’s feelings, it is natural to be flat and agile.
When I got back to the dormitory, the other three roommates had not come back yet. Shang Tanglian watched it for a while and could give her half an hour to rest before going to class.
Shang Tang Lian took off her clothes and climbed into bed to rest. Set the bell before going to bed, and there will be a class soon.
There will be two classes in the afternoon. After Shang Tang Lian gets up, he goes straight to the classroom with it. At noon, several people have not come back. Shang Tang Lian doesn’t care. She thinks it’s actually quite good.