"Get up, everyone."
Li Xuandao, with a wave of his hand, immediately sent out a soft force to hold off those who want to kneel. He said lightly, "Now it’s a natural punishment. You don’t have to be polite when the city is born and dies. Everyone has worked hard. You all have to go to rest quickly while the tide recedes."
With that, Li Xuandao took out a lot of magic pills from Gankun Ring and handed them to Zhang Jingtian. "You also go to rest. We’ll talk about these magic pills afterwards. Let’s share them with everyone and cultivate them while we can."
The heart crazy shock face qi qi show surprise expression.
None of them thought that Li Xuandao was so generous that he was willing to come up with so many miracles. Suddenly, those who had a slight resentment against Li Xuandao and the practitioners’ instantaneous affection increased greatly, and those sword brothers were even more enthusiastic.
Wait until everyone retreats. Li Xuandao’s wall looks at the far horizon with his hands behind his back.
I don’t know if he always feels that there is something that he is very familiar with.
"Li Xuandao, what do you think?" Liu Hange asked as he lowered his hand from Li Xuandao’s side.
Li Xuandao turned and looked at the thrilling and charming mood, and smiled and said, "I wonder when you owe me that kiss."
"When the time comes, I will naturally honor my promise."
Lu Han’s song spat lightly, and her face turned red. Soon, she looked at the monsters who were attacking wildly in the distance and looked at the foot wall. Those monsters who trembled and dared not step over the pool looked strange. "What momentum do you exude that would make those monsters scared and afraid to attack the city?"
Li Xuandao left Liu Hange one eye and said nothing.
It was not until Lu Hange Li Xuandao could not answer that he spat out a sigh and said faintly, "Rowen!"
Liu Han’s song turns pale and shocked his consciousness. He blurted out, "Li Xuandao, are you really a dragon …"
Li Xuandao shook his head and looked very dignified. "I am the purest human being. Although I can become a dragon, I don’t like people to say that I am a dragon."
Liu Hange opened his mouth and instantly went silent.
She looked thoughtfully at Li Xuandao and asked in a low voice, "What are you and the ancient gods?"
Li Xuandao raised his eyebrows and said faintly, "If there is anything to say, we will never die. What’s the matter? Do you think I’m an ancient Shenzong spy?"
"Of course not!"
Liu Hange quickly denied that "you are my fiance and rescued my father. How can you be an ancient spy of Shenzong?" It’s because your identity is too sensitive that I don’t mean to offend you by asking casually. "
Li Xuandao nodded and didn’t care about Liu Han’s song. He turned and looked at the distance and was madly attacking the beast tide. He sighed slightly, "It’s a pity that my strength is limited and I can temporarily shelter this section of the city wall from being disturbed. I have been far behind."
"I know"
Lu Han’s song rarely shows a gentle color. "I understand you, and you don’t have to blame yourself. Seriously speaking, it is a great merit for you and the punishment city to help the punishment city resist the tide of beasts and make this section of the wall undisturbed."
Li Xuandao shook his head and felt guilty.
He is bent on punishing the city. How can he say no? Besides, he was once a Terran Emperor. How could he bear to see human beings slaughtered by monster beasts?
I hate myself, my strength is too low, and my practice is too limited!
Li Xuandao meditation heart desire for strength more intense soon he suddenly opened his eyes and shot three zhangs Jin Guangdao "Liu Han song before I come to the city of punishment to find you this time, but I have some questions to ask you."
Li Xuandao said in a low voice, "The Heavenly Devil Sect in the vast state suppressed an ancient demon. I want to ask you about the Heavenly Devil Sect and this old demon."
Chapter 792 Black Dragon Saint Phoenix Saint!
Chapter 792 Black Dragon Saint Phoenix Saint!
"Qing Tian Mo Zong Qian Jue Gu Huang?"
Lu Hange was slightly surprised and said, "The Thousand-bone Emperor was a murderer in ancient times. How could you provoke him?"
"I didn’t provoke him, but he provoked me!" Li Xuandao can’t help but squint at the sound of ice cold!
Liu Hange bowed his head and pondered for a long time and didn’t ask what had happened. "The giant devil clan is the first magic brother in the boundless state, and tens of thousands of crouching tigers, hidden dragons are second only to the punishment city. If it weren’t for thousands of bones, the emperor would be sealed and suppressed. I’m afraid that the comprehensive strength of the giant devil clan will exceed our punishment city."
Li Xuandao’s eyes shrank sharply. I didn’t expect the giant devil to be so strong.
Fortunately, he first came to the punishment city to find Liu Hange to find out the truth or else his strength may not be able to cure the old demon.
"Li Xuandao, please listen to me."
Liu Han’s song lightly holds the cloud temples with a dignified expression. "The giant magic clan is powerful and powerful, and the bone emperor is even more fierce. No matter what grievances you have with the skull demon, don’t make a move if you are not sure enough."
"If so, what if the old demon runs away?" Li Xuandao frowned deeply.
This sentence is not that he bragged, because he had a fight with Qian Jue Gu Huang, and he was afraid that Qian Jue Gu Huang would not dare to escape because he knew his identity.
Li Xuandao is really hard to find if he really wants to hide.
"Ha ha Li Xuandao this you can rest assured"