"My brother wants to hug!" Xiao Ran ran in my arms, waiting for my brother to pick her up.
Section 3
"Well, hug!" Holding Xiao Ran in my arms, I couldn’t help kissing her pink face. "Do you want to be my brother?"
Xiao Ran’s little face rubbed against my brother’s face and said softly, "However, I think about my brother every day!"
Fiercely asked, "How much do you miss it?"
"think so!" Xiao Ran ran to hold my brother’s head and smacked a saliva print on his face "Ran Ran thinks so, my brother".
Xiao Ran, however, has soft lips and a faint milk fragrance. Everything can soften her hard heart.
He smiled and lifted her around. "Brother Lieran wanted to come and see if I have grown taller?"
"My brother, mother and father will marry Ran Ran after they get married?" The world of children is that they can get married simply because they are better than her.
This question let fierce zheng slightly really can’t answer.
He likes Xiao Ran, but he likes Xiao Ran, but he wants to protect Xiao Ran, because she is cute and likable.
He loves her like a little sister, and she has never thought of anything else at an early age.
He is twelve years older than the little guy, and now he is almost seventeen, and she is still a little baby with milk smell.
What the child said was just a joke. How could he take it seriously? But he didn’t want to make Xiao Ran sad.
I rubbed her head with a smile. "When I grow up and find my brother, if he hasn’t married yet, why don’t you marry us?"
Fierce this sentence is to coax Xiao Ran ran heart but young Xiao Ran ran but firmly remember.
When she grows up, she will find her brother to be her little bride.
"However, I will grow up quickly." Xiao Ran is rubbing up in my brother’s arms. It is good for everyone to forget that she is there. She still has a strong brother.
"Three little Qin family to" Pei Xuanzhi wake up.
"Brother Lie, he is a bad guy!" She won’t be afraid of bad guys with her brother around.
"However, my brother is leaving." This time he ran out quietly regardless of the opposition of people around him. After this escape record, it is even more difficult for him to go abroad.
"Brother Lie doesn’t want you to go!" Xiao Ran, however, held on to it.
Although my brother once explained to her why she couldn’t stay with her all the time, she had forgotten that she wanted my brother to stay with her all the time
"But it’s lovely!" I coaxed Xiao Ran patiently, but I couldn’t bear to take off her hand holding his skirts.
"Of course not!" Xiao Ran was so sad that he almost cried at the thought of my fierce brother leaving again.
Rubbing her little head "but be good"
"However, I want my brother not to be good." She doesn’t want to be a good boy. She wants my brother to be with her.
"However however …"
"Brother Lie!" Xiao Ran, however, rubbed his little head with a fierce neck in front of him and "but don’t leave my brother."
Chapter 66 Sex at a time
Lie patiently said, "However, do you remember what you promised Brother Lie?"
"However, I can’t remember anything." At some point, Xiao Ran was about to cry when he flattened his flat mouth. "However, I want my strong brother, but I don’t want to see my strong brother for a long time."
At this moment, Xiao Ran can’t remember anything. She knows that if I let my brother go, she will not see my brother for a long time.
She hopes that my brother can stay with her and accompany her to the kindergarten every day as before to bully her.
"However however …" Not only did Xiao Ran feel reluctant to let my brother go, but he also felt reluctant to lose Xiao Ran.
When the situation in country A was so tense, he risked so much to go abroad for a long time just to meet the little guy.
I just saw her, and he hasn’t hugged her enough, and he hasn’t seen enough of how she is willing to throw her away.
"Brother Lie doesn’t want you to go!" Xiao Ran ran flat mouth glittering and translucent get rid of tears rolled out from the eye socket.
She cried so sadly that she seemed to cry out all her thoughts about her fierce brother.
See Xiao Ran but cried in my heart mercilessly pulled a immediately for Xiao Ran but wipe away tears "but don’t cry but my brother with ran to play for a while".
"Uh-huh" Xiao Ran nodded and still hugged my brother as if she would leave her as soon as she let go.
"Pei Xuanzhi Qin family, you need half a day to deal with me." I lost my words and held Xiao Ran but turned to go.
Pei Xuanzhi’s "Three Little …"
He is really in trouble with such an emotional victim. Is the Qin family so easy to deal with?
He can still crustily skin of head for ordinary things, but his Lord takes away the daughter of others, and everyone holds the baby in his hand. Will the Qin family leave it at that if they can’t find anyone?
However, no matter how difficult it is, he still has to try his best to do it, otherwise he will get more than one bargained for when he returns to country A.
Although he is a good brother when facing this little guy, he is really an iron fist, and few people dare to provoke him
That time, when they attacked him in Jiangbei, his master almost died. It was the little Qin family in Jiangbei who saved his life.
After returning to country A, his Lord didn’t make it easier for him to be behind the scenes … Their gentleman was just dismissed, and he wanted to make a comeback, even without a chance.
Alas, alas, alas … No, no …
Seeing that he is going to be in trouble, why worry about their gentleman instead of worrying about himself?
"Will you be afraid to follow my brother?" Fierce embrace Xiao Ran but rapid progress regardless of anything, no matter what country A’s future successor status, no matter whether she is the Qin family’s palm bead status, let him have sex with the little guy once.
"There is a fierce brother who is not afraid of it." Xiao Ran hugged his neck tightly and occasionally rubbed his face to express her joy and joy
"Well, then hug my brother." I also rubbed her and pressed her little head into his arms.
This island has beautiful scenery, but it is more suitable for couples to play. After coming here, Lie has been paying attention to whether there are any places especially suitable for children to play.
He observed it for two days and found a private sea area on the island. The scenery is particularly beautiful. He is going to take Xiao Ran there to play.
The island is said to be small and not small. It is estimated that it will take an hour to walk to Na Pianhai. After avoiding the eyes of Qin family, I took Xiao Ran and took a sightseeing bus.
"My brother has a big bad wolf and his mother." I haven’t seen my brother for a long time. Xiao Ran ran nest in my brother’s arms and talked about things I usually encounter
Although the fierce man usually has a lot of things to deal with in country A, he also has eyes on Xiao Ran, so it can be said that he knows most of what happened in Xiao Ran.
A few months ago, I heard that Xiao Ran was kidnapped. At that time, he wanted to go to new york. However, because there were too many things to do at the end of the year, people stared at him every day. He couldn’t get away and dragged on until now.
Thinking that the situation was so dangerous at that time, I slightly increased my arms around Xiao Ran and asked softly, "Are you afraid?"
"But afraid" Xiao Ran nodded honestly and said softly, "But when I think of my father and my brother, I’m not afraid to know that my father and my brother will save my mother."
The child’s mind simply says what comes to mind, and there is nothing to hide. In her little heart, she believes that her father and fierce brother are her heroes, so it is difficult to change.
Lie didn’t know what to say, so he rubbed the little guy’s head again and let her stick her head to his heart to let her know that he would protect her, just like before, even if he gave his life.
"My brother ran but also learned to dance." I thought that I had learned to dance. Xiao Ran was excited. I got up and jumped on my legs. It seemed that I wanted to show my brother my legs.
Fierce smiled and said, "Why don’t you jump to Brother Fierce for a while?"
Xiao Ran nodded hard. "However, it is to jump to my brother."
I squeezed her pink face. "What a good girl!"