Harley is not satisfied with the long-range sniper bombardment, but has developed a new attack mode according to the characteristics of Phantom of the Opera light cannon, which is like a dragonfly, causing a large ripple with one shot. Wherever the ripple is, it has to bear the knife-shaped killing.
The difficulty of jumping dragonfly killing is persistence. To increase the power of "one shot", two or more shots must be superimposed so that the middle knife collides with each other to create a "flow vector" like a scattered flower.
If it’s only one or two attacks, Harley’s degree is not difficult to achieve ten times, and it can still persist. Once it exceeds ten times, the difficulty is multiplied by several levels, and it is necessary to constantly switch the light guns to achieve the goal of avoiding detonation and killing.
Imagine facing a massive attack on macula on paper. Harley resolutely decided to accumulate experience in actual combat.
"Boom …" A nearly through-the-gun light burst out, and then the insect tide corroded out a huge gap with a diameter of nearly 300 meters. Countless macular worms were killed by dragonflies and swept to the ground, followed by more than a dozen gaps in the insect tide, just like a beast opening its mouth from time to time and taking a bite, which was unparalleled in power.
"Good Harley" Lin Sisuo praised it.
The wise man has been very powerful in carrying out predictive blockade with a light cannon. I didn’t expect Harley to develop new combat skills. This kind of attack is worth some D-class star trek ships. If you hone your skills, the efficiency of killing Zerg will rise to an incredible level, which is full of the word "abnormal".
Harley didn’t answer the captain. His spirit was completely devoted to the magnetic CD-ROM drive, and the blue meteorite consciousness weapon system reached an amazing fit.
"Kill kill!" It is unnatural for Harley to stare at half of his face in the corner of his eye and twitch like a spasm. It is in this crazy state that he abruptly chews off the pouring and insect tide.
It is the first time that the macula loses its good mobility and has to adjust every half kilometer when it moves forward.
Cemetery day is particularly low yellow bug finally to kill Lin momo press the cursor in his hand.
"Bang, bang, bang" from the phantom of the opera, 50 plastic buckets were shot out, and smoke billowed from these plastic buckets before they landed.
A large number of weakening drugs floating in the cemetery "hissed" and slowed down. They were affected by drugs and their strength was slipping.
"Good slowly kill these guys bit by bit" Lin momo relax feel macular worm is not as difficult as smell.
"hiss!" the leader of the macula called out, and then 100 thousand macula fell into the cemetery, and they were ready to launch a ground offensive.
"Hey, these bugs …" Lin momo stared at the macula bug and ate the insect corpse in the cemetery at an extremely fast speed as he marched, just like hungry refugees met people delicious.
Harley stopped light bombardment and released a large number of geomagnetic storm balls. Ground warfare is two concepts. These macular worms are obviously afraid of jumping dragonflies.
Incarnate son laughed. "It’s interesting that the macula wants to recover the physical strength of the insect carcasses in the cemetery. Unfortunately, they have the wrong wishful thinking. The seminal blood in the insect carcasses has been absorbed by the bloody hourglass. The macula has swallowed a bunch of dry food without nutrition at most, but those who were killed first are a sumptuous meal. According to my monitoring, many macula are recovering at a rapid speed."
"On-the-spot recovery? Fortunately, Phantom of the Opera has a good blood device, otherwise the cemetery will have a steady stream of power for macular worms. "Lin momo’s slight peace of mind has finally made the white macular worms terrible. They can quickly recover their combat effectiveness by devouring their companions’ bodies in battle.
Phantom of the Opera gallops forward, and the sun sail macula competes for the essence and blood. The zerg devours the same kind of remains, which is just a little bit rich in cosmic energy. Compared with the blood, the zerg eats faster than the bloodless hourglass. It can be said that the macula is restrained by Phantom of the Opera.
The geomagnetic storm ball splits and spews out the yellow bug. Among the ordinary zerg, there are a few well-known strange bugs, but they are not listed. The universe is worse than the yellow bug. There are countless zerg, but they are indeed better than the louse.
These macula insects wandering in the Phantom of the Opera cemetery are slowed down by the weakening drugs, and the bloody hourglass plunders the seminal blood, which simply drives the macula insects into a desperate situation.
Even the low-level zerg has wisdom. The remains in the cemetery are very unpalatable. I didn’t realize this situation at all. Most macular worms decided to give up eating and speed up, and wrapped them around the Phantom of the Opera.
"Come on, first release the negative energy cannon and then release the active corrosive agent" cried Lin momo excitedly.
The active corrosive agent is a unique fungus lacking in the formula ingredients obtained in the seventh test tube. Although the experiment developed by Linmomo can’t automatically attack according to the signs of life, its corrosiveness is still good.
More and more macula worms came in at a fast speed, which was somewhat unexpected. Harley stopped and did not launch a thunderous offensive because of him.
"Fire!" With Harley’s roar, a layer of virtual shadow spread out from the dense swarm, and most of the macula fell off the ship, many indescribable negative conditions appeared.
Zerg is a militant race and will not stop because of the fall of its companions. More Zerg rushed to the battery area of Phantom of the Opera near the crowd and suddenly ejected more than 100 large "capsules".
These capsules fell apart in the middle of the autumn, and a continuous drizzle fell in Fiona Fang for more than ten kilometers
"Hiss …"
At this moment, the macula is in pain, and the black liquid seeps into the body along the gap of the insect shell, and then rolls around in pain and loses the ability to fight again.
Phantom of the Opera floated in the drizzle for just two minutes, and the energy shield was tightened again and again. This is only an experimental active corrosion agent. If authentic active corrosion agents and expansion agents are configured, even some lower species on the list of strange insects can be killed.
Lin momo heart excited not only to deal with the phantom of the zerg, will get leapfrog challenge class B star cruises.
This is not Lin Sisuo’s idea, but it is a coincidence that the Phantom of the Opera is forming a unique attack mode. Harley’s jumping dragonfly is not weak in killing power. Negative energy cannons restrain the expansion of the enemy ship’s energy shield, which can damage the hull armor plate. Active corrosive agents infiltrate into the hull to kill the crew and rely on Malta to hit the angle to board the ship. It is perfect. If the Phantom of the Opera has a strong ship, the future will be limitless.
The catastrophe of macula began, and they plunged into the cemetery in pain. The blood of black worms flowed along the wound and struggled for more than half an hour, and the worm tide was completely destroyed.
"The battle is over, the winning charm son, you master and absorb the Zerg JingXie." Lin momo said and flicker in the battery area to drag Harley out of the magnetic optical drive.
"Brother, are you suffering?" Lin momo sighed behind tell six green belt Harley recuperate the body.
Harley’s face finally relaxed, and a little blood seeped out along the corners of his mouth. He reluctantly smiled. "Usually, you have to work harder, so you can be proud at the critical moment. Captain Harley’s fate has been integrated with the Phantom of the Opera. I have no choice, and you have no choice."
"Have a good rest. I look forward to your better performance." Lin momo was in a surge of emotion. It was a great luck to have such a crew following him.
The blood volume of the bloody hourglass slowly climbed to 5%, and the yellow spot worm obviously didn’t kill the magic worm, but this was only the beginning.
On the third day after the elimination of the yellow spot worm, a larger wave of insects came, but unfortunately it was the louse worm that finally added more than ten record values to the Phantom of the Opera.
There are still five days before the mirage passes through the star field of the cemetery, and it will be a wave for half a day. Because the Phantom of the Opera will return to the cemetery to "practice", Lin momo decided to leave in two days.
Life on the ship is not boring, especially when so many crew members of the Zi Yuan join in.
Lilith is used to sitting by the fountain in the ecological park every afternoon. Although she is a fire girl, there should be a tyrannical smell in her bones. However, after sitting for more than ten years, she has been trained to be humiliated, as if nothing will affect her mood.
Lilith, a colorful snail, passed by the ecological park. Titan, a chimpanzee, was full of vitality. He jumped from a height and hugged a pile of fresh fruits and ran outside. He liked to share food with his owner Pei Lin.
Yunyun hung the metal bracket on the ceiling upside down like a bat. It glanced at the chimpanzee, yi tooth shield, turtle Mao Mao and blue eagle. They are also frequent visitors to the ecological park. Since the tears of Asha, the Phantom of the Opera has been completely self-sufficient in food.
"Did Lilith finish his homework yesterday?" I don’t know when there was a figure in the fountain.
Lilith looked up and smiled. "Is it done? Teacher Tianxing came here very early today. Do you want to conduct actual combat training?"
"No, I’m here to tell you that the Phantom of the Afternoon will have a big battle training and move it to noon!" Yu Tianxing nodded his head and stepped lightly outside the ecological garden.
"Want to fight again? When can I fight for my goal like Sisso? " Lilith and walked in the direction of the master control room.
At the moment, the main control room is on high alert, and the charm son has observed a macula, which is more than 5 million in number. It is not easy to eat them.
"The incarnate son threw the medicine department out. This two-month consumption is not small, with two hundred thousand units of refined crystal left. If there is no input, this situation will continue." Lin momo stroked the metal surface and showed all the possessions intuitively.
Incarnate son xi xi a smile "don’t worry, I believe that the senior zerg has noticed that this place may be recovered after a while."
"Ha ha, you know how to comfort people." Lin momo will not be afraid of the phantom of the opera no matter how many macular worms come to the screen.
Overwhelming insect tide arrival Phantom of the Opera, the display department of Weineng Harley jumps to kill the increasingly mature Lin momo potion, which can be called the battlefield butcher’s body. The crew cooperated with each other to start a greater catastrophe against macular insects …
Volume 5 Morgan! Build inflammation, Chapter 296 Rod
I don’t know how long it will take before the graveyard is full of corpses. Macular worms can resist the attraction of colorful snails and attack the Phantom of the Opera one after another
Harley’s performance was the best in the whole battle, and clusters of ripples bloomed, which caused great damage to the macula.
The sun sails flaunt and constantly absorb the zerg JingXie Lin momo can’t give the macula a chance to recover.
At the white-hot stage of the war, the macula launched a suicide attack, and the energy shield suffered wave after wave. Pei Lin maintained a barely supported defense, including Yu Tianxing, who had to board the deck to fight.
At the end of the war, the Phantom of the Phantom’s energy shield had already been shattered. Fortunately, the damage of the yellow spot worm was not so good, and the hull rampaged and lost some armor.
Lin momo seems to have fought a hard battle. Phantom of the Opera should have greater power. The cemetery is very uneasy and needs to leave for a mirage immediately. It is expected to be renovated in seven days.
The Phantom of the Opera set off in a hurry after simply cleaning the battlefield, and once again, there is not much chance of winning with the same number of macular worms.
There are two figures in the mirage bell tower in the distance, with smiling old people in front and young people with bridge of nose behind.
"Grandpa, do you really agree with me to travel?" The young man asked with a face of excitement
"Bunny, you are an adult. If you always stay with your grandfather, it will be difficult to make a difference. The eagle will never know that the world is vast unless it spreads its wings and soars. The caravan is short of you. A good man must bravely fight your own feet in the rough waves!" Sakry, a smiling polar bear, patiently taught Sun.
The young man obviously didn’t listen. Garba Garba clenched his fist and said, "Grandpa, don’t worry, I won’t come back until I put on airs."
"Bah what to put on airs? That’s called getting ahead. I haven’t studied hard since I was a child. I’m brave all day. I’m like a stubborn donkey. Can I rest assured that you will go out? Grandpa decided to buy insurance "Sakry eyes flashed off.
"Grandpa, what are you up to? Where is the insurance company in the out-of-bounds adventure zone? Are you afraid that I will die and no one will give you a pension? Don’t worry, Roderick won’t die easily. When I was a child, my parents were too adrift after the shipwreck. It’s okay for eleven days. "The young man laughed, but he found that Grandpa was a little different today, so he was embarrassed to stop laughing.
Sakry long sighed and said, "Yes! I’m really afraid that no one will inherit this family business. Your little grandfather has saved your hair and blood samples. It’s a big deal to clone a grandson after you die. Should you be able to educate the cloned grandson? "
"What? Old man, just kick me out and get a clone bastard? " Roderick shouted.
Sakry said with a straight face, "Grandma, what have I done? Even if you are such an idiot, it is not the original product. Please take a walk before you speak or do something."
Roderick hey hey smiled. His favorite thing is to see Grandpa’s face with a straight face. Because Sakry’s natural smiling face is not dignified.