"Congratulations, Longye. This is the badge on the rock wall of Yaoxiang Daoguan, and it’s also your challenge certificate." Chaklow handed a badge to Longye. "I hope we will have another chance to fight. I will wait for you at the battle castle."
"If I have the chance to fight against the castle again, I will definitely throw white gloves at you there." Longye conveniently took the badge of the rock wall.
Chapter 666 Triple Crown Satellite Competition ()
After leaving the Yaoxiang Daoguan, Longye and his party visited Yaoxiang City, a city located in the mountains and seas, with many unique scenery that people can’t forget.
After a day’s stay in Yaoxiang City, Longye and others were preparing to leave the city. Unexpectedly, they returned to Elf Center Road and heard the news that Yaoxiang City was about to hold the Triple Crown Satellite Race.
Triple crown satellite competition is a unique form of elf competition in Carlos area, which has some similarities with other gorgeous competitions, but the difference in the gorgeous competition is that female trainers can participate in the triple crown satellite competition.
The Triple Crown Satellite Tournament is a kind of tour that is held in Carlos city in turn, but not in different cities at the same time, and then the players who participate in the Triple Crown Satellite Tournament are called elf performers.
Three-crown satellite competition is divided into two different stages: novice low-level competition and master high-level competition. Trainers initially participate in novice low-level competition. If they win three championships in each competition, they will get princess keys and three princess keys to participate in master high-level competition. If they win in master high-level competition, Poké mon and trainers will get the title of Queen Carlos.
The title of "Queen Carlos" is a great honor.
After winning the final prize in the gorgeous competition, you can always have the title of "top coordination trainer", but the highest title of "Queen Carlos" in the triple crown satellite competition is similar to the "champion" of the elf league.
In order to win the title of Queen Carlos, we must beat and replace the former in the master competition. It can be said that every contestant who won the title of "Queen Carlos" is the top elf performer of his generation.
It’s a pity to come to Carlos area without watching a triple crown satellite race. Waiting for this conference, Ryuno and Nazi stayed in Yaoxiang for three more days.
Before the Triple Crown Satellite Competition was held, all parts of Yaoxiang City had broadcast videos of contestants dressing up, and the interaction between beautiful girls and elves was very eye-catching. No wonder the Triple Crown Satellite Competition was called a special girl to prepare for the super cute dream festival.
When Tianlongye and Nazi entered the performance venue early in the competition, they sat in the audience.
"You love the elf friends like lovers, and the maiden ceremony of the Triple Crown Satellite Competition is a new-generation remote fragrance conference-elegantly and gorgeously!"
A middle-aged blonde dressed like a purple Kaito Kuroba jumped out of a beam of light. "I am a dream leader, Mr. Pierre. Look at everyone in front of the plane and everyone present. I will lead you into a dream time together."
Just as Pierre waved his xizhang, the audience applauded warmly. Because of the rules of the Triple Crown Satellite Tournament, the host of each Triple Crown Satellite Tournament was Mr. Pierre, and the audience was not less familiar with him than Queen Carlos.
"The combination of the elf and the performer shows all kinds of wonderful and poor charms, which will definitely shoot through your heart." Just as Pierre was talking deeply, a key ring jingled and flew to him.
The key ring is a strange elf, which looks like a "key ring" and has various hobbies.
Now this key ring is hanging with an unusually luxurious key, which is the goal that all performers compete for together-the princess key.
Pierre holds the princess key in his hand. "The winner in the rookie competition will be given this princess key. The performer will win the master competition and then the master winner will be crowned Queen Carlos." Pierre once again emphasized the importance of the princess key.
"Then let me lead you into the heart-pounding performance world." Pierre put xizhang in his hand and the key ring stayed at the top of xizhang. "First of all, the first stage theme performance."
There are two performance projects in the novice low-level competition. The first project is the theme performance, such as making puffs, cooking, dancing and guessing. There are many other themes depending on the competition area. The second project is that all the conferences share the free performance and fully live the Poké mon ability to perform on the stage with the trainer.
The theme of the second Yaoxiang conference is elf modeling!
After announcing the theme of the contest, Pierre stepped aside, and then it was time for the performers to appear.
Three well-dressed performers and their own elves rose from the ground to the center of the stage. They were the first performers in the competition.
"Elf modeling is to compete to what extent the partner elf can dress up in a limited time of 1 minute. There are three people in each group." Pierre announced the rules of the competition.
"Are you ready, performers?" Seeing that all three performers had no objection, Pierre pointed xizhang in his hand "then please shape"
The hourglass created by an information projection is reversed, and various technologies in Carlos area should indeed be much ahead of other regions.
After Pierre announced the competition, the three contestants immediately took their elves to their own exclusive makeup areas, where foundation, skin care lotion, various decorations and so on were ready.
"Elf modeling, that’s the test of whether the performer wants to show the taste of the elf, whether it’s a beautiful performance with the same smell, and that gradually creating the charming figure of the elf is the artistic embodiment!"
Just as the three performers were nervously preparing, Pierre once again explained himself that the ten-minute slot naturally could not make the audience wait stupidly.
"There is not much time left. What will the mysterious makeup look like in the end? Please look forward to the show later. "
One minute later, it’s time for the virtual hourglass sand to flow clean for ten minutes.