Suddenly, the door was opened from the outside, and everyone was surprised. Even the middle-aged man on the sofa who had nothing to do with everything looked at the door involuntarily. Hearing this, his shoulders trembled and seemed to move!
Volume 4 or YueYuan Chapter 226 Palm flower The Lancet!
The bearer is naturally Jianghan!
When the fireworks were gone, they were replaced by a smiling face. The door was opened from the outside in a white shirt. Li Qiubai was calm and followed him. If someone came in by Jianghan, his eyes swept through these people in the room, knowing everything was just confirmation, and he could not see any surprised expression.
But in the end, he ignored the familiar faces of Xiao Zi Xuan and Du Ruhui in the room. Instead, he fixed his eyes on the back of the sofa. It seems that there has been no response. The man’s Jianghan face is finally confused!
Xiao Zi Xuan’s eyes are shining. He has been staring at him since Jianghan came in. She knew he would know, but she didn’t come first. "Maybe he just waited for him!"
From the moment Jianghan appeared, Du Ruhui began to fidget like a cat on hot bricks. Although he had the reassurance of the man on the sofa, his fear of Jianghan in his bones could not be easily erased. He really wanted to squeeze out a smiling face and respectfully call Xiao Ye, but it was meaningless to do this at this step. Jianghan had warned him that some things would die if they were alive, but he did it after all. It was impossible for Jianghan to let him go easily because of this little ye!
"In that case, just a don …" In the eyes of biting flash Du Pang also had a decision in his heart. No matter how high Jianghan skill is, there are only two people here today!
Once you get away with it, once you get into the mental handicap, you will become an extreme brain, and it will not be difficult to be rational. However, he forgot to visit the castle, that is, the two men hacked him and hundreds of people from the Northeast King Zhao Zhentian, and there was no strength to fight back. Finally, Zhao Zhentian died, so how did he die? Different people have different opinions.
There is a saying that people die of wealth and birds eat food. At this moment, Mr. Du is afraid of being so distracted. Otherwise, he would not have done such a thing rashly when he was afraid of Jianghan!
"It’s you?" At first glance, Zhao Youling in Jianghan is shining at the moment.
"Is it me?" Jianghan slightly zheng, this small and vigorous means of iron and blood war, but he didn’t rest assured when he looked outside the door. At this time, his words made Jianghan puzzled!
"It’s you!" This time, Zhao Youling’s face is full of excitement, but it is not happy but excited before bloodthirsty!
Jianghan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and it seemed that he felt something more. Otherwise, Zhao Youling disappeared in a second. He threw away the desk knife before the desk and chair. I don’t know when he shook hands again and went straight to Jianghan at a very fast speed!
Before doing this, this little method of clamping scar is exactly the same, but it is ridiculous to want Jianghan body in the same way.
With a short knife and sharp edges, Zhao Youling’s dance in his hand is impenetrable at the moment. This small way is considered as some accomplishments. It’s not just as simple as becoming a scholar. That being said, Jianghan’s eyes are not full of loopholes!
"eh? !”
Zhao Youling looked surprised and confident, and the blade of the short knife was not touched by Jianghan, but it was tightly grasped by Jianghan!
Supposedly, Zhao Youling took the lead when he came by surprise, but in this process, he didn’t even see Jiang Hanru’s hand clearly. When he was cold, he pinched his knife and ate his fingers with tenacity. When he spun a beautiful knife flower, he showed the blade in his hand and reproduced it. Jianghan held his wrist vein!
The Lancet has flowers in his palm!
Seeing this clearly, Jianghan’s pupil suddenly shrank, which was not shocked by this small means, but another inexplicable emotion filled his face!
A cold in my heart, my wrist was unloaded, and I heard a short knife click. It was Zhao Youling’s small wrist fracture that didn’t cut the vein of Jiang Han’s wrist!
Comminuted carpal fracture: This small hand is useless in terms of the complexity of this section and Jianghan’s ruthless strength and sharp angle!
Also calculate this little extraordinary wrist pain didn’t make him lose combat effectiveness, but it was urgent. The tower was generally prancing up, and dozens of feet drove Jianghan to loosen his wrist and repeatedly retreated to the nanmu chair to stop the pain!
"The Lancet palm flower! Who are you, Tu Shoucheng? Are those killers in Laohuai Village your people? "
Jianghan was staring at a cold sweat on his forehead, and his eyes were cold. When Zhao Youling, Yanjing Tongjiao Temple Mountain Jianghan and Li Qiubai were besieged by a group of dead people, the first river in Laohuai Village in Yuanxing urban and rural areas was also attacked. The first old man was famous in the Jianghu in his early years, but he disappeared in these years. This is to go to Yanjing Jiang Wenxuan to tell Jianghan that although Jiang Wenxuan told him that this matter has been well solved and Tu Shoucheng was killed, it does not mean that Jianghan will not rest assured about this matter!
After 20 years of dependence, the status of the ox is irreplaceable in Jianghan’s heart, and what he hates most is that the family doesn’t mind if you stab me in the back, but it’s not negotiable if you point the finger at my family! That he is very similar to Qin Mufeng! For example, at the beginning, I wanted to benefit Qin from speaking out of turn against Qin Mufeng’s slips, and now they are very easy to say.
"Hum, you won’t know until you get out of this room alive!"
Zhao Youling endured severe pain, and her left wrist was twisted and almost screamed. "Zhao Laoer is the one who did your brother and did him!"
It’s a good plan. I know Jianghan’s skill is not easy to handle, so I just called Zhao Laoer. The reason is impressive, but he seems to forget himself or Zhao Zhener!
That Zhao Laoer was sincere and rubbed up, regardless of whether this little story is true or not. Super Jianghan dashed past, and the northern Han dynasty was like Tarzan, and the whole room was in turmoil!
Du Ruhui corners of the mouth twitched and took one look at the sitting flute Zi Xuan and the unmoved man on the sofa, and secretly scolded the Zhao Laoer for being silly and forced.
"Stop it!"
It’s not loud, but it’s clear. Everyone’s alto is a little rough
Xiao Zi Xuan’s gloomy face brightened at the moment, and some of them slowed down like Du Ruhui’s meatballs. "This gentleman finally spoke!" Look at that Zhao Laoer actually stopped to add that Zhao Youling’s four eyes are all moving to the back of Sofa Mountain!
Jianghan was not most surprised, but he was a little curious, which could make the imperial concubine Northeast Wang and a smiling tiger have hidden fears about whether men are sacred!
Volume 4 or YueYuan Chapter 227 Seek Dragon Tactics!
Presumably this is why Du Ruhui dared to defy him Jianghan!
The man got up, took off his hat and turned around. This is a shameful group. No one will look at ordinary faces!
I can’t talk about being rough and crazy, and I can’t feel heroic. Although my figure can be compared with that of Zhao Laoer, the Northeast Han people want to be compared, but there is nothing dignified.
But it is such an ordinary-looking man who makes Jianghan’s mouth smile and his face become dignified bit by bit!
Although this man looks ordinary, whether he is dressed or looks too ordinary, if a woman walks down the street, she won’t daydream about such a middle-aged man, but Jianghan actually thinks he looks familiar!
The pupil suddenly shrank and a glimpse of Jiang suddenly reminded me of something!
"You …" Jianghan opened his mouth a little hard to believe.
Obviously Jianghan recognized who he was and wanted to say something. The man had come to him and looked at him calmly. "Actually, we should meet earlier. Thank you for helping Muyun and Xiaowei!"
Yan Diqing
After the idea flashed in Jianghan’s mind, he never doubted that this man and Xiaoqiang were too much alike.
Si Muyun’s husband Xiaoqiang’s father used to be too proud of Dihuang in four coastal provinces!
Unexpected but reasonable.
"Are you out of prison?"
"It’s been a while since I came out. This time, I heard A Zi say that Shanghai is very lively. Come out and relax!"
The man is still that light expression, although he is not kind, but he is never fierce. Compared with Xiaoqiang’s rough cheek, this man can be called a little handsome. If it is not already confirmed, it is difficult to connect him with Dihuang in four coastal provinces.
I don’t like him, Jianghan talks about it, but I don’t hate it because of the clouds and Xiaoqiang. But what is it that he appears here?
Xiao Zi Xuan is his woman, isn’t Si Muyun? Or is it that this matter SiMuYun is Du Ruhui flow over there? If so, this is not too chilling.
"The era of blood-licking and killing is over. I am a businessman now!" Yan Diqing’s tone is dull, and he doesn’t look like a lean tiger who made a living before the knife edge.
"Businessman?" Jianghan sneer