Gnome male-"that you see what is this? !” With his positive words, everyone looked at his right hand and saw a simple stone mirror in his hand.
"This is this spirit mirror? But how can it be here, childlike innocence? " Children’s war pleasantly surprised asked
"Because I have achieved the aura of the gods, the heavens and the earth, and everything can be adjusted with me. It is not easy for me to find the mirror!" It is waved the Lingjing and then looked at Tongbo and said, "Eldest brother is really sorry and has to lend you some blood to break the seal for Lingjing …"
148 Ice-Frozen Relieving Spirit Mirror Show
"Damn or late step? !” Yin Zhong silently stared at the Royal Sword Villa, which was smashed into ruins by the thunder of the sky, revealing a little fear.
"In the past five years, has the Tong clan even been broken by others? Then who will this person be? "
Yin Zhong puzzling over some kind of fruitless look at the infamous Royal Sword Villa and the overwhelmed Iron Guard for a long time without speaking, but when he saw the direction of his silver pool, he suddenly felt surprised and was killed by a blood python!
Yin Zhong pushed aside the iron guard around him and strode to the front of the silver pool to see the silver pool Yin Zhong, who had already been destroyed by lightning. In addition, he was depressed and agitated, and he called for blood pythons, but he didn’t get a response. Yin Zhong’s eyes showed terrible murder, destroyed me, and the silver pool killed me! Tong clan, I, Yin Zhong, and you are at odds! ! "
Thought of here, Yin Zhong immediately called Tiefeng and asked him to call all the iron guard warriors to join him in the hidden cave. Although he wondered in his heart that Mr. Yin didn’t trim the Royal Sword Villa first, he went to find what hidden cave was, but he was loyal. He still did as Yin Zhong told him.
After a while, a group of iron guard samurai Yin Zhong nodded with satisfaction and was about to announce the departure. Suddenly, david moses, the owner of Yujian Villa, came over and stopped everyone.
"Second brother, what are you going to do?" Yin Hao in the heart of Yin Zhonghang also don’t understand so speak asked.
"I’m going to find out the troublemaker in Yujian Mountain Villa!" Yin Zhong glanced at david moses’s face and saw that he still had some doubts, so he said, "Don’t worry, the man’s hiding place, Shuiyue Cave, has been found by me. This time he came back to summon people to encircle the enemy!"
"This ….. but the Royal Sword Villa has been destroyed at this time. I think it is most important to rebuild the Villa first! Second brother? " David moses didn’t know that Yin Zhong was determined to find the hidden land, so he appealed to him again.
"What do you know? !” Yin Zhong finally couldn’t resist this time. "What should I do if my old illness recurs again without the silver pool and the blood python?" ! ! But you’re here to talk about the reconstruction of a villa? ! I’ll give you one when I’ve wiped out Tong’s family! "
"Second brother … you?" David moses didn’t expect that his second brother, who had always respected himself, would be angry with himself because of the hidden cave, so he stopped talking and slammed his cuffs and said, "Hello!" I left in a hurry.
"Hum! I didn’t expect my grandson to become so unsightly after 5 years! " Yin Zhong ignored Yin Hao and turned to the Iron Guards. "Hidden cave with children’s clan is disrespectful and disrespectful. People and gods are already angry! Today, I, Royal Sword Villa, will wipe out the Tong clan for heaven! ! Go! !”
"Destroy Tong’s family today!" The warriors of the Iron Guard also shouted slogans and then turned over and rode with Yin Zhongchao to the mountain where Shui Shui Dong was located …
On the other hand, Yin Tianxue, who was lucky enough to attract the aura of heaven and earth, led everyone to continue to advance to the hidden cave all the way after expelling the body toxin. With his own talent and ability, he easily crossed the boundary and entered the hidden cave.
At this time, it had already got another blood wishful from Yin Tianxue, so it was put on the ice and then it was touched that it was stolen from Yin Tianchou, and a few spells were recited in his heart to activate the blood wishful heart.
Then I saw the blood, and my heart gave off a strange light, which attracted the ice and blood. At the same time, as the light of my heart became stronger and stronger, another broken blood slowly condensed. Finally, after a dazzling white light flashed, the broken blood returned to its prototype, and the hidden land frozen by ice and snow recovered like a spring breeze overnight.
Tong Bo Tong Zhan several people were very happy when they saw that the ice had been frozen, and Yin Tianxue and Dou Dou were full of joy when they looked at the beautiful scenery in front of them. But just then, they suddenly realized that something was wrong, so he reopened his eye and looked at the place where he felt strange. He saw Yin Zhongling, who was hundreds of miles away, and a group of iron guards were coming combatively!
"This Yin Zhong came so fast!" As soon as he was feeling, he told Tong Bo several people about the situation. The state was so transient that the clouds were bleak because they had all seen what Yin Zhong was doing and were at a loss about the coming danger of Shui Yue’s cave.
Tong Bo thought for a moment and looked up at the child’s war and said, "Today, the hidden land is safe and we are at war in Yin Zhong! Xiu Yin, tell the six elders the true identity of Yin Zhong so that they can take precautions! Then Tong Zhan, you go and call the clansmen to set boundary traps to stall the iron guard while Tong Xin and I will deal with Yin Zhong! "
"What? Yin Zhongke, the eldest brother, is an immortal demon who has lived for more than five years. You and childlike innocence alone can’t be his opponents! " Children’s war shook his head hard and refused to say
"Then do you have any better way?" Tong Bo looked down and said nothing. Tong Zhan smiled and patted him on the shoulder and said, "Tong Zhan, I know you are worried about me and childlike innocence, but don’t forget that you are now the head of Shuiyue Cave. You should first think about protecting your people instead of being immersed in love!"
"Eldest brother? You also know? But ….. "Children’s war correction along while also don’t know what to say with a heavy sigh and then looked at TongBoQi solemnly nodded his head.
"Silly second brother, don’t be too burdened. Although Yin Zhong has been made immortal, don’t forget that childlike innocence has also been made a god now. I’m afraid Yin Zhong can’t stand it if I join hands!" Tong Bo comforted Tong Zhan Dao
"Don’t worry, second brother, you can take good care of your clan and two sisters-in-law. I’m already 90% sure about Yin Zhong." When he finished, he ignored the glare of Doudou and Yin Tianxue and explained, "Because Yin Zhong was seen by a spirit mirror five years ago to avoid the wound, Yin Zhong’s strength can play up to 50%!"
Hidden repair nodded and shook his head. "The power of the spirit mirror can really hurt Yin Zhong, but the problem is that it hasn’t appeared for five years. Who knows where it is now?"
Gnome male-"that you see what is this? !” With his positive words, everyone looked at his right hand and saw a simple stone mirror in his hand.
"This is this spirit mirror? But how can it be here, childlike innocence? " Children’s war pleasantly surprised asked
"Because I have achieved the aura of the gods, the heavens and the earth, and everything can be adjusted with me. It is not easy for me to find the mirror!" It is waved the Lingjing and then looked at Tongbo and said, "Eldest brother is really sorry and has to lend you some blood to break the seal for Lingjing …"
149 Yin Zhonglai attacked Shuiyuetian
"Er …" Tong Bo was a little surprised when he heard that he was borrowing his own blood to relieve the seal of the spirit mirror, and then he stretched out a hand while cutting his finger with a dagger and asked curiously, "Why do you want my blood to relieve the seal of the spirit mirror?"
"This ….." It just wanted to think and said, "This is because five years ago, Yin Zhong competed with our Tong clan, and at that time, he came forward to protect Tong clan, which was your ancestor General Longteng. His own life inspired Lingjing to injure Yin Zhong, but the Lingjing was sealed by Long clan blood …"
"So that’s it …" Tong Bo nodded his head and saw that his blood was flowing out, so he put his finger on the mirror to make the blood drop. Just as Tong Bo’s blood was stained with the mirror, they saw a golden light flash from the mirror, and then the mirror shook violently. He let the mirror sell without paying attention and braved the golden light to fly to the middle.
"Seven uncles, it won’t want to help Yin Zhong heal again, will it? Shit, that can’t be done! !” He is hurrying to jump to the mirror and want to grab it.
But an amazing scene appeared. On how to catch the mirror, the mirror always dodged to the side like a cat and hide, deliberately not letting him catch it.
"You little bitch really want to help Yin Zhong recover? Then I can be rude to you! " At the same time, it mobilized the aura of heaven and earth to squeeze the mirror in front and finally took the hand to hold the mirror in its hand.
However, Lingjing seems unwilling to be shaken by it constantly, trying to break free from his hand, and the whole body also emits hot temperature. When he sees it, he can’t help but revile his Lingjing as a little bitch.
Seeing the mirror shaking more and more, the surface temperature is getting higher and higher. It is biting its teeth and stamping its feet, consciously connecting the backpack to put the mirror in, and suddenly the burning uncontrollable feeling in its hands disappears completely.
"This spirit mirror proved to be a bitch. In the original plot, it inexplicably helped Yin Zhongzhi heal the injury, and then went crazy and trapped Yin Zhong and Tong Bo childlike innocence in it for a whole year, and finally released everyone inexplicably." It was thinking angrily at the bottom of my heart.
The reason why Lingjing, who lifted the seal, didn’t want to be wanted by him was because he was not the head of the Tong clan and couldn’t be recognized by Lingjing.
In this case, it’s right to take the mirror with a decisive backpack, so as to save the mirror from going crazy again when you fight Yin Zhong, and give the enemy Yin Zhong "full of blood", which would be funny at that time.
After his forehand fell behind Tong Bo, several people got together and asked, "Where is the child’s mind mirror?"
"Er, Lingjing just flew away. Didn’t you see it?" He just made up a sentence casually and then changed the subject. "I just saw with my eyes that Yin Zhong is very close to the hidden cave. Let’s make arrangements quickly!"
When Tong Zhan and Yin Xiu meditated, they thought that it was urgent to defeat Yin Zhong first, so they led Doudou and Yin Tianxue to consult with the six elders, while Tong Bo stayed and prepared to go out with him to intercept Yin Zhong.
Surrounding Shuiyue Cave, Tianbu Forest, Rock and Water Curtain were re-strengthened by the aura of Zhengtian Tiandi after they left with Tongbo, and then they changed their appearance and topography to hide these entrances in the mountains.
Then the two men set many traps and arrays along the way into the mountain, and then found a hidden place to ambush and wait for Yin Zhong and his iron guard to arrive