For bretz, everyone laughed.
Many people have never dared to think about eating meat and drinking wine before. Can people like us enjoy it?
Let Wei Yan also put forward some requirements according to his own experience, and everyone will discuss it until noon to finally determine the three styles of light armor.
Because it was late, bretz didn’t stay long and went back to the city with Wei Yan and others.
Lao Wang’s head looked at Liu cong’s drifting away, and the secret passage in his back was that if he could be emperor, wouldn’t it be a good life for ordinary people?
Pharaoh’s head didn’t feel anything wrong with this treacherous thinking. I heard that this war was the one where Cao Cao took orders from heaven to attack Wancheng.
Fortunately, the public defeated them, otherwise, if Wancheng is broken, can you live without saying that even if you are captured alive by them, wouldn’t you want your wife to be separated? Who does the family expect to go? What does the emperor want from him, regardless of loyalty and treachery?
Maybe there will be a day when Gong can be emperor?
Thinking of Lao Wang’s head like this, he suddenly felt full of energy and turned to a group of old guys and said, "Old brothers, let’s get to work?"
☆, Chapter 43 XuanJiaYing gradually into the army.
As bretz himself said, he didn’t understand farming, and he didn’t want to make random decisions on land reclamation with a slap in the face. He mainly handed it over to Du Xi Du Xu.
Du Xi and Sima Zhi are similar in age, thin in appearance and mature in personality. He came to Jingzhou to take refuge earlier, and celebrities met with fellow villagers Zhao Yan and Fan Qin.
For example, in today’s chaos, heroes from all walks of life are competing to attract talented people in order to expand their strength, and these talented bachelors show their talents and realize bring peace and stability to the country’s long-cherished wish, and they are also cautious in choosing the people they are satisfied with.
After coming to Du Xi and Jingzhou, I decided through my own observation that Liu Biao could not take refuge in the Lord. I was about to leave when my family moved to Changsha, but I met Liu Cong at the banquet.
"Welcome the heavens and make the princes according to the Jiuding case and then cultivate livestock and military assets, so the overlord industry can be chaotic all day!" This powerful and clear-cut strategy awakened Du Xi like thunder. After returning from the banquet, he had a deep talk with his friend Fanqin and finally decided to stay in Xiangyang, so he continued to observe whether Liu Cong’s performance was as he said.
Later, after knowing the news that Liu Cong had left Xiangyang, he regretted it. When Liu Cong broke the mountain thief and destroyed the water bandit and led a trilogy back to Xiangyang, he made a famous visit. After several frank talks, Du Xi decided that Liu Cong was worthy of following the Lord. So when Liu Cong invited himself out of Nanyang, he and Fanqin went to Nanyang together. First, he took the responsibility of the prefect’s office, and now he is a captain of Diannong, who is responsible for wasteland reclamation.
While following Liu cong, Du Xi and his good friend Zhao Yan had a serious disagreement.
Since the first year of Jian ‘an, when Cao Cao welcomed the Emperor Xian of Han Dynasty and issued the "Meritorious Order" in Xu, Zhao Yan said to Du Xi that "Cao Zhendong will be able to help China when he is in time, and I know where I am going", trying to persuade Du Xi and Fanqin to return the family to the North together.
At that time, Du Xi, in turn, persuaded Zhao Yan that "Liu Gong’s ambition is ambitious and he can save time and time. If he has to display his political strategy, he can’t build a overlord industry. Please ask Brother Bo Ran and us to work together to realize his long-cherished wish."
The two friends held their own opinions, and in the end, neither of them could say who Zhao Yan’s family went back to Du Xi to go to Nanyang. However, although the camp was different, it did not prevent their friendship from continuing. The book "The Battle of Wancheng" was obtained by Du Xi copying a copy and sending it to Zhao Yan and later Cao Cao.
Through this, Liu Cong also realized that his fame is still not high enough, and his foundation is shallow enough for talents, so he can’t do what he has done in Jingzhou. Others have just returned Wolong, Feng Chu and Xu Shu, and that can never be cut off by others.
However, at present, it is said that Wolong and Feng Chu are both obscure and young, and Liu Cong is not going to interfere with their development prematurely. However, Xu Shu is different. Since returning from the trip, Liu Cong has invited Xu Shu to help, but that was because Xu Shu’s mother was ill, and this matter was put on hold. Later, Xu’s mother got better, but she rushed to Nanyang. Xu Shu has been dragging it to Nanyang until this year.
In fact, he still has some selfishness when he goes to Nanyang, that is, he can meet Zhuge Liang, his friend who lives in Longzhong, more often. However, when he arrived in Nanyang, he found that Liu Cong had arranged a lot of things for himself. Now he can be said to be busy without touching his feet. Where can he meet Zhuge Liang sometimes?
Since the beginning of March, Xu Shu was asked to help Wang Can screen the soldiers who had fallen to the army. At the same time, he gave the registered number of the standard army until mid-April. After the matter was busy, Liu Cong made the armies rewrite the standard army record of Xu Shu. Naturally, it was necessary to participate in the training. In early May, when the new army became a new army, Liu Cong went out to run a soldier cram school to educate ordinary soldiers to read.
Xu Shu was puzzled by this bold and advanced idea. It seems that ordinary foot soldiers need to train to fight, but can they kill more people if they are literate?
Not only did Xu Shu not understand Zhang Xiu, Gan Ning and other generals, but he also did not understand Liu Cong’s intention.
Wang Can and Wei Yan, who have been following Liu Cong for a long time, have a little understanding of this, but they are also somewhat white.
In this era, it is generally recognized that soldiers are exhausted before recruiting or recruiting, that is, ordinary soldiers are difficult to get promoted unless they are brave, even if they are improperly promoted to a captain or a general, there is no future.
Nowadays, there are frequent wars and troubled times, not to mention that a captain is partial to the generals. Is it that the court has conferred a famous and famous general and died less these years?
Isn’t it a waste of time to teach those foot soldiers to read and die?
For everyone’s doubts, Liu cong didn’t give much explanation, and some words were really difficult for him to tell.
Liu Cong knows that reform will touch the foundation of vested interests and will be resisted and countered. If he is not strong enough, he will be completely swallowed up by them. There are too many examples in history. Do Shang Yang and Wu Qichang need others to wake themselves up?
Even if there are many guys who "end up eating meat and putting chopsticks on their mothers" in the later generations, what’s worse is that Nanyang’s implementation of the New Deal is bound to break the old interest pattern and establish a new system that is completely loyal to itself at all levels?
The rumors in the Wancheng War were just the tip of the iceberg, and the contradictions and struggles were temporarily covered up by the brutal foreign war.
Liu cong knows this very well, and his corresponding means have already gradually fallen.
On the political front, Liu Cong mainly relied on the young people from other places who came from Nanyang, and the wealthy families gradually strengthened their rule in Nanyang County by dividing, disintegrating and dividing according to their attitude towards themselves.
In military affairs, there is no foundation except the formation of a large number of troops loyal to themselves. The most important part of young officers and generals is this soldier’s cram school.
Literacy is the first step. Only after literacy can soldiers be taught literacy and cultivate loyalty together. In Liu Cong’s idea, if these soldiers retire due to old age, infirmity or injury, they will become their own grass-roots administrative officials, thus ensuring their own rule.
The first word taught to soldiers in the soldiers’ cram school is "loyalty"
When you pull out an officer, you should also be loyal. The first consideration is that this loyalty is naturally for Liu Cong rather than Tian Biao, but this is obscure, but the drums are not heavy and many people are of course white.
Xu Shu soon came to his senses, and he didn’t have anything against it. It seems to him that this practice of Liu Cong is very thick. Who doesn’t want to be loyal to himself? Even Xu Shu was once very interested in this, and recognized that this method was unexpected but very real.
He found that Liu cong paid great attention to the army to the point where he forgot to eat and sleep. Not only did he personally formulate many military orders and regulations, but he often went deep into the generals at all levels of the army to mingle with ordinary soldiers. The treatment of the army in Nanyang County was very high and different from that of ordinary people. You know, even many bureaucratic families never did.
Breakfast is just enough. There must be meat for lunch. Although there is little meat, there is plenty of oil and water. Xu Shu has gained a few pounds because of this.
Such a high salary corresponds to very strict training, and all kinds of training last almost from the dawn to the evening. At the beginning, many people are not used to it, but it is strange to say that when they get used to it, they often feel itchy and uncomfortable if they have a holiday.
Almost every few days, Liu Cong will go to the soldier’s cram schools in various military units to take classes in person.
The lesson is similar to what I told the teenagers at the beginning. In addition to letting the soldiers know what happened in the sky, I want them to draw a beautiful blueprint and deeply expose Cao Cao and other famous Chinese ministers and real Chinese thieves.
Some of these things come from Liu Cong’s memory, while others are happening. For example, Huainan, Yuan Shu, proclaimed himself emperor at the beginning of this year …
Comments on Lu Bu’s "three surnames of domestic slaves", Yuan Shaozhi’s great talent, and so on, make the soldiers who have never seen much of the world feel that those who sounded very powerful at first are just so.
Even Liu Bei, who has always been well-known, has become a despicable, repeated villain in his mouth, "cannibalizing Lu and seeking the Lord to stay in people and land and seize the city."
Of course, this is not a matter of Liu Cong’s loose talk and Hu Chai’s innocence by polluting people. Liu Bei has really done these things, but he has never been exposed by others because of his clever means and good disguise.
While cultivate that loyalty of generals and soldier, Liu Cong also erected his prestige step by step.
In mid-June, the craftsman battalion was expanded several times and officially split. Except for some of them, it was merged into the ordnance battalion. According to the specialty, it was divided into the iron battalion, the craftsman battalion and so on, and each battalion was divided into a captain for management.
After this split, Lao Wangtou was also ordered to become the first batch of master craftsmen in the Iron Camp. Not only was he well paid, but he also had an official position, which made him never think about it. Lao Wangtou was more devoted to Liu Cong and often educated his disciples to be grateful to the public.
This time, Lao Wang’s head became a master craftsman because the light armor was successfully built. For the first time, three different styles were built. After the trial and evaluation by your generals, one of the future cavalry armor was finally determined.
This armor is lined with good rhinoceros skin, two polished copper armor on the chest and an iron armor on the back. The waist, shoulders and crotch are all covered with iron sheets. The protection is very strong. Compared with the armor made of many iron leaves or iron rings, it is much lighter and more convenient to wear. It is especially important to move freely. The generals praised it.
Because the whole is still black, everyone is more willing to call Xuanjia, which makes Bretz very depressed for a while.
Of course, such an armor is expensive and good. Now that Liu Cong is thriving in Nanyang governance, there is Liu Biao’s support behind it. If the entire Jingzhou financial and material resources are inclined to Nanyang,
Even so, after a long time of deliberation, bretz ordered a thousand pieces of light armor first, intending to equip cavalry first, which made Wei Yan and Hu Cheer, who are now riding a captain, happy to see their teeth disappear, but they just snatched two hundred places and were despised by bretz.
"This kind of armor is really not suitable for foot soldiers, and you have to be equipped with iron armor in the future. What’s the hurry?" Bretz looked at gan ning nai and asked.
Gan Ning smiled. "This light armor is bright and beautiful!"
A thief in the golden dress is a thief in the golden dress, but he also wants to look good in armor. Don’t you know that others specially attack the blind general? Ask for your own happiness, I am willing to prosper!
☆, Chapter 44 White Jinghong Dragon Gun
In July, Liu Cong and Zhang Xiu went to the mountain. There were not many people accompanying them, but they brought many things.
I have long wanted to visit Master Tong Yuan in Zhang Xiu, but it has been delayed until now because of Liu Cong. Last year, when he learned that Master was backward, he visited him once. This time, Liu Cong had to go with him, so he waited until now from the beginning of the year.
Zhang Xiu was still a small child when he was a teacher in his early years, but now he is in his thirties, and the scars of his children in his knees are almost countless. Although his ambition in his youth has not dissipated, it has changed.
After the Battle of Wancheng, especially in the past six months, Zhang Xiu has strengthened its choice by witnessing Liu Cong’s implementation of the New Deal in Nanyang.
Although Liu Cong was incorporated into Zhang Xiu, he did not marginalize Zhang Xiu, but tried his best to improve his position in the army. Now, the second person in Nanyang Army of Zhang Xiu is second only to Liu Cong, and there is no complaint about whether he has been following Liu Cong Wei Yan or joined Gan Ning halfway.
After all, on the one hand, Zhang Xiu and Liu Cong have a good personal relationship, on the other hand, Zhang Xiu became famous earlier and supported Liu Cong the most.
Compared with the talented civilian officials, now Liu cong is worried about the lack of military commanders.
There is no shortage of famous soldiers in Jingzhou who will shine brilliantly in the future, including Huang Zhong in Yuanyou County, not to mention that Wen Pin, the satrap of Zhangling, is also a very famous figure in the Three Kingdoms period. For various reasons, Liu Cong, a military commander with a poor name but good strength, has been paying attention to visiting and observing and preparing to snare people when the time is right.
In midsummer, it is very cool in the mountains, and I have spent the night in the mountains because of various trivial things in the past six months, so I have become increasingly upset and relaxed.
On this visit to the mountains, Master Liu Cong took Liu Hu and Xu Liang, Wei Yan and Wu Kuan, and others were either busy training foot soldiers or sending people everywhere to search for information.
Xu Liang has become more and more silent since the war in Wancheng. He can no longer see the youthful appearance and cautious nature in the original ring. Wu Kuan is different. After Xu Liang suffered the tragic death of his friends one after another, he always suppressed an anger in his heart, but he did not vent it because of his maturity. This pair of looks has formed over time.
He doesn’t regret choosing Xu Liang for himself. There is neither a direct grandson nor a strong father in his family to plan the future. It is the best way he can think of to change his destiny by working hard with Liu Cong.
Liu Conglai means to let Xu Liang go out and lead the troops. I believe that Xu Liang’s ability will soon rise to 100 people, and with the continuous expansion of Nanyang Army, it is also very fast to be a dental goalkeeper.
However, after thinking for a long time, Xu Liang decided to continue to be a guard for Bretz. It was not that he didn’t lead the troops. There was a subconscious feeling in his heart that he would have more to stay with Bretz than to go out and lead the troops to be a general.
Since Xu Liang insists on bretz, he will no longer insist on Xu Liang’s idea, but one thing is certain, that is, Xu Liang is loyal to himself. However, bretz still regards Xu Liangsheng, a captain and Liu Hu, as the closest person.
After several days of hiking, I unconsciously arrived at Tong Yuan’s residence in the afternoon, but I didn’t arrive near the crowd when I heard a very fierce fight across a dense bamboo forest.
Zhang Xiu looked at each other in a surprised heart, and galloped around the bamboo forest to find two people in the front of the hut, each holding a pike and fighting into a ball