Qin Yue didn’t speak is blunt he nodded, self-care walked aside as far as possible away from the Jane ran ward.
Xiao Qinghe Bai Qin looked at the eye ward reluctantly and followed.
"How is she now?" Pending Xiao Qinghe just so easily asked
Qin Yue glanced at him and then turned to look out of the window "OK".
Qin Yue is indifferent to Xiao Qinghe. They have been classmates for many years and have always been good.
Although Qin Yue is a man of few words, he can still treat his friends and classmates.
Now suddenly so cold, either he feels that he has crossed the line or … What does he know?
Thinking of this, Xiao Qinghe smiled naively. "Do you know all about it?"
Qin Yue nodded rudely.
"I really can’t hide anything from you," Xiao Qinghe Nai added. "What do you want to do?"
Qin Yue lit a cigarette and took a puff and said slowly, "I won’t stop you from recognizing her, but I hope she won’t know about it."
Section 73
Jane has just come out of the shadow of losing her mother. If she knows that thing for more than 20 years, he can’t imagine what she will do. He will do his best to protect her from being hurt again.
Chapter 122 is not an accident
"Our father died in a car accident. The police said it was an accident, but everyone knows that it was not an accident." Xiao Qinghe sighed and said, "This time it was a car accident, and their family could play such dirty tricks."
Qin Yue calmly said, "Family struggle will not last long."
"Yes," Xiao Qinghe looked at Qin Yue and sighed again. "If you want leoqin to take care of your family, he won’t be able to struggle for long."
"No, I’m going to have someone pick them up naturally." Qin Yue looked at Xiao Qinghe and said such a sentence lukewarm.
After hearing what Qin Yue said, Xiao Qinghe realized that everything he did could not be fooled by Qin Yue’s eyeliner.
For example, before he hinted that Jane ran to find Xu to deal with family matters, Qin Yue even knew it already.
Now that Qin Yue already knows the surname Xu, Xiao Qinghe is not afraid to pick it directly with him.
He added, "Let Xu clean up the family and let their family kill each other. That’s the real drama."
Qin Yue put out the cigarette end after smoking the last mouthful and said, "I don’t blame you for ordering Jane to do that."
On the contrary, he has to thank Xiao Qinghe for showing Jane a way.
Mother was forced to death by those people, and Jane would never let it go. It is better to show her a way to find Xu Zong than to bump into her alone like a fly.
He can secretly help that surname Xu if things don’t work out later.
Just like Xiao Qinghe said, it’s best to watch the play when the Gu family is fighting, isn’t it?
"Thank you for not blaming me." Xiao Qinghe patted Qin Yue on the shoulder. "I know that you are worried about her and I will not do anything you are worried about."
Qin Yue looked at him and said nothing.
"Be good to her later." Xiao Qinghe patted Qin Yue on the shoulder and smiled casually again. "My good brother-in-law."
His father came to have a childhood sweetheart, but later they broke up peacefully for various reasons.
The latter one, he married another, and both of them had their own families and children.
They will never meet again in life, and even if they say goodbye, they will just nod to each other and become strangers.
However, it never occurred to me that my father, a senior official, became the target that someone wanted to cling to.
The man repeatedly hinted that he could give his wife to his father, but after his father refused him many times, the man became malicious.
Father was set up on a business trip …
Childhood sweethearts were drugged and sent to their father’s bed.
That time her father refused, but she cried and asked her father to help her solve the fire in her body …
Xiao Qinghe guessed that Jane’s mother should still love her father, otherwise she would never be at the mercy of her husband.
The wrong thing has caused the man to threaten his father with the photographed photos, but his father was unwilling to compromise, so those people finally created a car accident.
Twenty years later, they designed another car accident. Fortunately, Jane was lucky, but she suffered some injuries and was not life-threatening.
However, none of the family members and Jane members can escape this time.
Xiao Qinghe walked out of the hospital and looked up. It was gloomy every day, even if a new round of heavy snow was coming again.
Jianjia villa
Jianxin sat in front of the toilet mirror and quietly looked at the man in the mirror.
Byakki Smoker’s beautiful eyebrows are picturesque, and the standard melon face is a standard beauty.
However …
Her body is so dirty that she hates herself.
As soon as she closes her eyes these two days, she will think of what happened that night and the disgusting things that men did to her.
And what about Gu Nanjing?
Gu Nanjing was watching the crowd cheering.
At that time, she hated not the man lying on her body, but the man she had chased since childhood.
She hates to drink his blood, whip his bones and skin him-
Jianxin stared at herself in the mirror for a long time before she began to make herself a very light nude makeup.
I doubt that she is beautiful, and she can compare many girls without too much makeup to set herself off.
Except for that, of course. She grew up.
After packing up, Jianxin still seems like nothing happened. After going upstairs for dinner, the car will go out. Everything is as calm as nothing happened.
But she knows that she is no longer the one who foolishly followed Gu Nanjing before, nor is she the one who listens to everything.
The snow on both sides of the road has not melted yet, and a new round of snowfall is coming. Make sure Ann drives very slowly.
She still has a lot of things to finish. She must live carefully, and she must live longer than all those people.
After arriving at the destination, she didn’t have a car, but slowly rolled the window.