"The fairy king is angry. It hasn’t happened for many years. You can only see it when you have a foreign confrontation."
All beings in the fairy land can’t help but feel terrible, but they dare not to respect the name of the fairy king, which will touch them.
Even if there are hundreds of millions of miles apart and several xinghai are separated, they will be perceived by the illumination method.
Moment after moment, the world community is rustling and moving, and a huge method emerges from the fairy king’s cave.
It’s a brilliant vision that a fairy from heaven pours into Tao Ren’s divine spring, and the mountains and rivers are surrounded by beautiful scenery.
Fairy king’s patrol!
At one time, there are fairy fields here, and there are nine days, and the ideas are different.
At the same time, the chaotic ancient temple at the top of the quasi-world tree
Li Yu was invited to sit on the futon and look at the blonde. "Which kind would you hold to come?"
"This kind of echo you want to come is the one who has to wait for the’ decree by destiny’ to continue since the emperor’s death. Today, the two of you have almost the same practice path except Tao.
The great changes have been silenced and reborn. Does it really prove that reincarnation is blooming again as he said? "
Blonde female accent with magnetic eyes was surprised as if she had seen something amazing. It was a perfect leisure time, and her posture was as bright as the sunrise.
"past lives is the direction in reincarnation. If I stand in the present, everything is the future. If I stand in the foot, it is behind the present and the past.
The so-called blooming flower again may be that you are photographed at different stages of a flower. "
Li Yu stood upright on his chest with one hand and his brow suddenly became peaceful and compassionate, just like understanding the reincarnation of the ancient Buddha and seeing the heart. One thought can restrain King Kong from glaring and repairing madness.
The same flower is brilliant at different times … The blonde is a little confused when she hears a meal. Aren’t they talking? Why are they suddenly lectured?
Didn’t he practice reincarnation? When did he become so similar to the ancient monk? Just now, I was still killing the universe, and I was the only one in the universe. In a short time, I became a pure and compassionate Buddha. Is this also reincarnation?
"If you have anything to say, you might as well say it."
Li Yu naturally grasped the situation and took the initiative to translocate it as if he were the host here, generally entertaining guests and asking questions about others.
Pinch the palm of your hand, and the blonde always feels that something is wrong. This person is not too strong, and it deviates from the tangible trend. No wonder that the "black-hearted" selling fake drugs is called the right person …
"My grandfather once co-founded the Immortal Practice, which was a tree that almost broke the king’s realm and gave birth to spirit, but he still sealed me before he left; Alas, in the past, many ministries of heaven died in battle, otherwise they would not be harassed by the threat of hooliganism after the arrival of Fairyland.
And that era was also called the emperor, but it was late. After a long time, my butcher was distributed to two places. This is not because I met a creature who returned from the boundary sea. He said that I was destined to give me a gift, so he saved me and left this species to create a human area. "
Then she squeezed the seeds and added, "I heard that the old man with a black heart loves fishing and selling fake drugs. He kneaded his own fruit into a kind of gift to all kinds of people who are predestined friends, and then recorded their inspiration and remitted it to himself. No one knows how powerful he is, but his black heart is the first in the world."
Said her eyes intentionally Li Yu swam and watched his mood swings; It’s a pity that he was disappointed. The Lord didn’t stir at all. It’s quite natural to look like this.
I think there were three most chilling sentences in the ancient world of the boundary sea and the fairy land, namely,’ Daoyou/Xiaoyou please stay’; This person/thing is destined for me’; I think the little friends/Taoist friends are outstanding.’
Everyone who touches these three words has made great achievements in the dragon and phoenix posture, but it will be shrouded in strangeness and unknowns. The fruit is copied, the fate is shared, and even the growth trajectory is manipulated!
The most terrible thing is that these three sentences are from the same source! I don’t know how many giants feel dejected, how many strong people silently cry and think of the phrase’ Look at the little friends/Taoist friends and give them a chance’, and I can’t forget that it has blackened my life.
Since then, there has been an extra recorded figure in ancient history. People call him a "black-hearted" seller of counterfeit drugs, while others call him a "king of big seeds", which makes Tianjiao frightened and makes the strong retreat in a hurry.
How do you feel that there is a lot of resentment … Li Yu looked around inexplicably and was puzzled. He automatically ignored some descriptions in the blonde’s words and heard what he wanted to hear.
What does selling fake drugs do to his reincarnation king?
"So this temple is an ancient temple. Your grandfather took it away and suppressed it here and attracted so many people to compete?"
He turned off the topic of resentment. Now it seems that the blonde butchers are all descendants of Xianyu and the legal person, and they are also very close. Otherwise, the later Aosheng guy would not say such things as looking at the butcher’s face.
"Because it is true that the secret of breaking Wang Chengdi on the other side of the bounded sea may be through what they walked in those days and this ancient temple.
And that bone was left by my grandfather and his generation in different times, and the characters on different avenues told future generations. According to speculation, it should be said that the news that the real solution of the Central Plains had flowed through a scale was remembered by a willing heart. "
When the blonde sighs these things, I don’t know how many people have been tempted to look for them and rush to the sea through the ages.
The fact is that if you really get them, you may not be able to achieve anything. You can’t even reach the level of the people who created the law. This requires your own strength.
So that’s it. It’s no wonder that several fairy kings in Xianyu value persistence so much … Li Yu knows that there are obviously antiques behind this, and even some factions may play games.
There are three articles about the real solution of Xiang Yuan, the first one is detached, and the second one is known to have never wanted this method, but it has come to an end.
For the living beings near that level, they can be inspired by it, but if they blindly imitate it, they will be restricted for life and cannot break through.
"I promised to sell fake drugs so that you can understand this law once."
The blonde raised her hand and the bone suddenly flew, and runes jumped out of the brand one after another.
"Actually, you and I are also very destined to talk about how many times."
Li Yu’s awe-inspiring words raised my hand against the bone.
The beautiful girl couldn’t help humming, "Don’t turn away from Jin Xia." I thought about his affairs. I can’t stay in this ancient place. I can go to other places for nine days. The top floor seems to be good. Some areas are mysterious, and the fairy king has never set foot in them since ancient times.
At the same time, the sky is rolling with a sudden change.
"I’m afraid people in Xianyu won’t let it go. It’s very important."
The fear of the lion is awe-inspiring. The previous decree crossed the two fairy kings to pull the dough, which was enough to show their determination. They paid more attention to this.
"You have to walk around and meet your old friends. There are factions in the fairy land that are holding each other back. They won’t make much movement, but I’m afraid there will be a confrontation between the fairy king."
The green cow stepped forward, and God looked at the vast world and the direction of the exotic fairy land. He couldn’t help but wave his hand and the vulgar people disturbed him. Sometimes even the immortal king could not be vulgar.
The so-called immortal mountain top will eventually be indispensable to the half of the word’ person’
Suddenly, there was an earthquake in the sky, and the universe was boiling in many directions. It was such a strong fluctuation that there was a big door.
A door in the sky shone with fairy light, and a golden avenue spread out to support the sky and shock the ten parties, and even those who took it for nine days gave birth to a vision.