What else can I do when I’m hooking up? Naturally, I’m going to have a spring breeze. The two of them took a woman to the back of their room. If they are experienced, they naturally know how to mobilize the atmosphere. If they spent a long time in foreplay, the atmosphere was really beyond words. Just look at that woman like a beautiful snake in bed and you will know how high it is:
Chapter 76 It’s almost impossible to play happily
At this moment, if Yunxi is naturally in high spirits, it is very sensible that the beauty snake even begged to meet the beauty request. Who knows that suddenly the door was beaten, it should be said that it was kicked by a foot. There was a loud noise, and it just happened that an ugly girl came in and couldn’t stop the ghostly face. She also rushed to him when she looked at such a nightmare at night. Yunxi would only meet her face if she still had this interest, then Shang Tang Lotus could do the worship.
But obviously, Yunxi, if there is no way to make Shang Tang lotus worship the wind, otherwise there will be no scene that Wang Ye has to say something later.
And Ma Yunxuan’s side is not experienced, but he is no stranger to this matter. In addition, this woman is not much more enthusiastic about foreplay. So Ma Yunxuan’s speed here is faster than that of Yun Xiruo’s side, and then there is also a loud noise. A century ago, the ugly woman came in, and Ma Yunxuan threw up immediately, but at the end, it was definitely soft without saying anything.
However, according to the information of Wang Ye’s hand, the two kicked doorknobs are not bad, that is to say, the other party is deliberately trying to make a big move when hitting the door.
Thought of here, Wang Ye couldn’t help but have a headache again. Can’t Shang Tang Lian be so naughty? Alas, it’s hard for him to be good now. This bad guy will really give himself a problem
Wang Ye feels that he has never been so sad, and he is also very sympathetic to his two little friends. Speaking of it, I don’t blame Ma Yunxuan for being angry with Yun. If he touches him, he will definitely be angry. When he sees it, he has a kind of empathy. Suddenly, he feels that the chrysanthemum is too tight. Nima’s move is too damaging. Why does she always think of some tricks that are not taboo?
But on the other hand, Shang Tanglian is naughty, but actually she didn’t make any big mistakes. Wang Ye really wants to scratch her head. What should I do? It is estimated that if Yunxi is angry with Ma Yunxuan, it is not so easy to disappear.
Wang Ye actually wants to arrest Shang Tang Lian and spank him. Can’t he behave himself?
If Ma Yunxuan and Yun Xi know that this is the reaction after Wang Ye saw the white incident, they will ensure that they will vomit blood. This guy with opposite sex and inhumanity.
In fact, Wang Ye is mainly a little eccentric and the bystanders can see it clearly.
Shang Tang Lotus naturally doesn’t know this subsequent development. She is laughing straight down at the moment, regardless of the image. Fortunately, Grandma Yu is not here at the moment, otherwise it is estimated that she should be reprimanded for not having manners.
Lin Yurong’s face turned a little black in front of Shang Tang Lotus. She has never seen such a seemingly child who is actually more yellow than anyone else. Who the fuck is this little girl? There are too many initiatives in her mind.
Seeing here, I believe everyone is white. Yes, the ugly girl is played by Lin Yurong. Speaking of Lin Yurong, it’s really a bit involuntary since she entered this Lianhua company. First, she was calculated by Shang Tanglian to solve the trouble of Song Muyang, and now she is being pressed to do such a low-level fun thing. If Lin Yurong hadn’t beaten Shang Tang Lotus, she really wouldn’t have done such a low-level thing. Before that, things could be regarded as helping each other, but what happened today?
I can’t blame Lin Yurong for her black face. She regretted it. If I had known, I wouldn’t have come to Lianhua Company. Who knew this was a super pit?
Shang Tang Lian, regardless of Lin Yurong’s black face, boasted, "Not bad, not bad, Lao Lin. I am very optimistic about you. Look at how well you have finished."
Lin Yurong’s black face words are all squeezed out through his teeth. "Thank you for your praise. Is there anything else I can do? I’ll go first."
"No, please tell me more about their reaction. Well, what you said just now was not specific enough, and it was not enough to listen," Shang Tanglian said.
Lin Yurong smell speech instantaneous outbreak "Shang Tanglian don’t you are the boss, I dare not hit you, you’re enough. Tell me to do this kind of thing, and I’ll put up with it. Don’t go too far."
Shang Tanglian looked at the runaway Lin Yurong in surprise, and then she was very Bao Dao. "Oh, okay, well, if you don’t care, forget it. Don’t get excited. I don’t want to say that you are as happy as I am."
Lin Yurong’s heart was even more blocked when he heard this, especially when he saw Shang Tanglian’s bag of eyes, as if she were some sensible child, Shang Tang Lian, wrapping her up.
Listen to Shang Tang Lotus’s words again. Lin Yurong is not blocked. He is angry and angry directly. What is a slap in the face? This is still absolutely super. What is a solo music that is not as good as a crowd?
Lin Yurong instantly lifted the table and left. She didn’t even want to say a word to Shang Tanglian, so she hasn’t seen such a shameless person with such a bad mouth. But don’t say that she simply can’t get along with Shang Tang Lotus.
Shang Tang lotus koo watched Lin Yurong leave with a wink and then smiled at the edge nai Xie Weijiang. "Ah, young people have a little temper. It’s normal. You can’t punish her when you go back. It’s nothing."
Wei-qiang xie smell speech is nai wry smile thought that you will be punished if you don’t punish yourself.
Xie Weijiang sometimes has a headache for such a queer boss. Although he also admires Shang Tang Lian’s ability, in view of Shang Tang Lian’s normal time, if Shang Tanglian takes the wind, he will be afraid of himself.
Xie Weijiang nai said to Shang Tang Lian, "Boss, why do you have to tease her? Okay, I know. I’ll ask her to do sit-ups for half an hour earlier every day."
Shang Tang Lianwen looked at Xie Weiqiang in surprise and said, "Ah, I didn’t say no punishment. Why should I punish you? It seems that you can’t even look past it. So don’t let her do more sit-ups. How can people live when girls turn around and practice biceps brachii? You’d better let her copy the company regulations."
Xie Weiqiang once again resisted her boss’s increasing ability to reverse right and wrong. It was because she wanted to punish herself, but it turned out that she wanted to punish herself. What makes him think that Lin Yurong would rather do sit-ups for half an hour more every day than copying the rules?
Chapter 761 Follow up
But this time, Wei-Qiang Xie dare not say anything more. The boss has set out to intercede with Lin Yurong himself. Maybe even he will get more than he bargained for. The so-called dead friends will not die, and being original himself will be considered as righteous.
Shang Tanglian confirmed Lin Yurong’s punishment plan before asking Xie Weiqiang "What did you just come in to say?"
"Boss, didn’t you ask me to send someone to pay attention to the follow-up between Duke Liu and Duke Zhou?" Xie Weiqiang said.
"Well, there is such a thing. Tell me how they are now." Shang Tang Lianwen was interested in saying that it was really not completely solved. Who knows when those two people will relapse?
Xie Weiqiang reported all the information he had tracked during this period.
From Lin Yurong, it shouldn’t be called Guan Yuelan. After they left, they turned against each other completely. How good it was before, how harmonious it was before, and how incompatible it is now.
And the two are still rushing to destroy each other’s lines. Not only that, but they often fight regardless of the occasion and place, making Liu Gong’s father and Zhou Gong’s father very angry and reprimanded several times.
People are all justifying their faults, although the two families are very good, no matter how good they are, they can’t afford to fight with Duke Liu and Duke Zhou. In the eyes of their respective fathers, it is naturally the best or not for their own children. Most of the faults of other children are not their own children’s faults, but the other’s.
In this case, the two families quickly deteriorated, and at this moment, the two parents happened to coincide, and the deterioration exposed the fact that the other child borrowed money from his own family.
However, the two ladies insisted on their own arguments and believed in their own children, so the two ladies vowed to confront each other’s children, and naturally they would not take the blame for each other.
In this way, the two of them can’t hide. Since they don’t take the blame for each other, then the story must be made clear. The so-called lie needs several lies to explain that Liu Gong and Zhou Gong were in the state at that time, and the final result is naturally that someone spilled the beans, and then things got more and more involved and finally they were exposed.
However, the two families have not improved because of this, but have become worse. They all think that the bad children of the other party have brought bad children to their own homes, so it is strange that they can get better.
Although the fathers of Duke Liu and Duke Zhou are also very wise, they know that the two families can’t be affected by this. At least, business is business, family is family.
But this kind of thing is not that you can do whatever you want, and two bad business circles want to continue to be close. Is it a pipe dream?
In the past, mutual benefit and win-win between the two companies gradually became more and more distant, and the resources and contacts of both sides were no longer given to each other, so that business would naturally be affected.
In fact, if Liu Gong and Zhou Gong were young couples, the two families wouldn’t be like this. After all, the marriage of interests is the most secure in their view. However, what will happen after Liu Gong and Zhou Gong are not? This leads to the fact that the two families can’t rest assured to give their resources to each other after making bad friends, so that the gap is getting deeper and deeper and farther away.
Now, the two families not only have bad relations with each other, but the two companies are also losing each other in the form. However, the two heads of families have also discovered this situation at once, but the gap has been created, and it is impossible to go back to the past
However, they did stop that kind of brain-dead behavior, and the two heads of family had a deep exchange and finally re-established a joint plan. After all, it turned out that when the two families joined together, one plus one was greater than two, and it was still visible that their steaming situation was turned into a conservative state now. No matter what, both of them should resist disgust and close again.
And this further verifies the saying that there are no eternal friends and no eternal enemies.
The reunion of the two families also led to the two little Duke Liu and Duke Zhou, who were naturally ordered not to make bad friends with each other, even if they didn’t like it. At best, they should have less contact, but less surface peace.
Duke Liu and Duke Zhou are reluctant, but there is nothing they can do to make up for it in other ways. They have a competitive competition because two fathers found that their children were too idle to make such a thing. That official month is a set. It happened that these two idiots insisted on drilling into it and immediately caught them in the company to let them learn to manage the company.
However, the two men had no other way to compete and were ordered by their father to make friends with each other, even if they were depressed on the surface, so they made great efforts to strengthen themselves, but they were very happy with the two fathers
Shang Tanglian was surprised to hear this and pretended to be surprised. This is really surprising. She sat up and said, "So these two bad villains have turned over a new leaf and turned over a new leaf for the better." Although Shi Bie sat up and took notice for three days, it was not so reversed, was it?