Wei Zheng smiled and replied, "I remember this man … as far as the official knows, this week’s boss has a very good name with the government … not only that, but also very sophisticated …"
"It was only two months when he sent us two batches of food from Jiangnan and the price was very low …"
"If it weren’t for this Zhou Laoguan, it can be said for sure that millions of villagers in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces must be hungry at this moment … instead of having enough to eat every day, Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces will give us a lot of reclamation …"
"Not only that, but more than 100 thousand soldiers will be hungry because of food shortage …"
"On the whole, Wang Daren, what you said is a good Zhou Lao …"
Two days later, although it looked very old on the surface, it was actually full of energy. Zhou Lao led Wang Peng into the governor’s house of the health inspection office …
Wei Zheng didn’t hesitate to speak out when he asked, "Zhou Laoguan called you to Wang Daren and should have told you everything … Let’s make a long story short, just tell the official what you are going to do if you are asked to be the director of the foreign trade department?"
Zhou Lao suddenly said with a full face of fear, "Since adults let the old man talk about his thoughts, it would be disrespectful for the old man …"
"It seems that an old man must be a great businessman if he wants to do business … because he can think that the foreign trade department must be a person who knows business communication very well …"
"In adult set up the foreign trade department handsome looks good for a year to bring more than ten million two thousand silver income to the praetorium that is to say less …"
"Old man don’t dare to say old man. If he becomes the director of the foreign trade department for one year, he can definitely earn twenty million taels of silver less for the Governor’s Office …"
"Because a year later, Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces not only have a large amount of food in other provinces, but also a large number of cattle and sheep … If adults can give these things to the Foreign Trade Department of the Foreign Trade Department, they will be able to change their departments into glistening silver and give them to the Governor’s Office …"
Chapter two hundred and ninety-one Before and after the attack
Wei Zheng’s eyes lit up and he couldn’t help but feel a sigh in his heart …
"The businessman is indeed a businessman. He can see at a glance that the foreign trade department is different and may bring huge benefits to the governor-general of Shanshan …"
Looking at Zhou Lao with a pair of admiring eyes, the defender asked directly, "Zhou Lao, don’t worry, just say what you think first."
It’s different for a businessman with a low status to get the approval of the governor of Shanshan before him. Even after the speech, Zhou Lao’s face, which is weather-beaten, shows a heartfelt excitement …
Take a deep breath and try to be as gentle as possible. After the excitement, the tone is gentle. Answer, "Adults and worthless old people seem to have been assigned hundreds of thousands of cattle and sheep in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces some time ago. At the latest, they can also earn a lot of money from other provinces to the Governor’s Office through the Foreign Trade Department …"
"After a year, hundreds of thousands of cattle and sheep will become more than one million. Once these more than one million cattle and sheep enter the market and are forbidden to flow into other provinces … the price of cattle and sheep in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces will definitely drop to a certain extent, and then we can buy them from the villagers at a very low price and then send them to other provinces for sale at a very high price … then we can get very high profits from the governor’s office with the price difference between the two places …"
Hearing this, Wei Zheng can be sure that Zhou Lao has deeply realized the true meaning of setting up a foreign trade department and can make big money for the governor’s office through the foreign trade department.
In this case, I come from the post-WHO syndrome, but no matter what my background is this week, if I want the other person to have the ability, I will value him …
So I have made a decision in my heart. Wei Zheng opened his mouth and ordered, "In this case, the official ordered Zhou Laoshan Governor’s Office to be the director of the foreign trade department … The officials of the foreign trade department will be discussed by Zhou Lao and the strategist themselves."
It is no longer a secret that the foreign trade department set up a guard levy to hand over not only the grain and all livestock in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces to the foreign trade department, but also the refined salt and glass industries to the foreign trade department …
I really don’t want to say that the output of refined salt and glass organized by Zhou Lao, a businessman, has not changed, but the amount of silver earned from various places every month has increased by almost 100 thousand …
More than 100,000 taels of silver a month is 1.5 million taels a year, which is enough to cover the salary subsidies of all civil and military officials in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces …
In the face of this achievement, Wei Zheng is happy in his eyes and takes risks to personally play Zhou Laozheng’s four official titles to the court.
In this way, half a year passed quickly …
With the first batch of martial arts students officially graduated from martial arts by Wei Zheng’s order … A large number of junior officers lacking in 50 thousand Tiger and Leopard Army and 100 thousand local garrison were also filled …
With the military attache and enough troops … Wei Zhenghui’s more than 100,000 soldiers finally started formal training.
In the past three months, even 100 thousand local garrison troops have been trained by hundreds of military attaché s and become decent soldiers …
Not only that, but the foreign trade department has worked hard to worry that millions of villagers in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces no longer need food shortage.
Because more than 10,000 oxen joined in just a few months, millions of people who had high hopes from Weizheng reclaimed a whole 12 million mu of wasteland, and the Governor’s Office dug up 100,000 deep wells, and more than 12 million mu of Mitabe completed spring ploughing, just waiting for the autumn harvest …
In the face of these gratifying news, Wei Zheng believes that he can reap the results in three months at the latest, and then he will have a challenge with the court, and he will no longer need the court’s eyelids to tremble and develop …
Think of these WeiZheng face unconsciously gave me a heartfelt smile.
However, contrary to expectations, maybe God just doesn’t want Weizheng to develop so smoothly.
When Wei Zheng sat in the governor’s office and looked forward to the future, a rush of steps suddenly came to Wei Zheng’s ear.
Raised his head and a face of anxious pro-Wei rushed directly into the room and rushed to the front of Wei Zheng.
In the eyes of Wei Zheng, this situation is that he has never thought about Wei Zheng since he was governor, and he realized that something must have happened without thinking, otherwise these battle-hardened pro-Wei around him would not have such a performance
I haven’t waited until the pro-defender opens his mouth and asks in the previous step, "What’s the matter …"
"Governor … border urgent report … rebels … return to Shaanxi rebels and attack us again …"
"Well …" Hearing the news, Weizheng’s eyebrows frowned and quickly took the grand and began to browse.
"Forty thousand Shaanxi rebels suddenly crossed the Yellow River and invaded Baode County two days ago … Baode County, where two thousand troops stood firm, was breached one day later …"
"Two thousand troops were killed in battle …"
"Forty thousand Shaanxi rebels are burning, killing and looting in Baode County … ten thousand villagers in Baode County have also been looted by Shaanxi rebels … thousands of people have fought to the death and Shaanxi rebels have been massacred …"
Seeing this, Wei Zheng’s face has flushed with anger.
Clenched his fist and smashed the desk in front of him with a full face of anger and shouted, "These traitors … the officials didn’t touch them. They dared to come and challenge the patience of the officials … Now it seems that these traitors don’t want to live …"
After that, the defender made a decision to send troops to rebel …
And just as he was about to reach the military order, he hurried to Weizheng’s ear.
At this time, it was not pro-guards who came in, but soldiers sent by the border garrison.
Hurriedly walked to the front of Wei Zheng, panting, and before the soldiers came to catch their breath, they knelt on one leg and lifted the seal urgent report to the front of Wei Zheng, and reported.
"Your honor … ZuoYun garrison urgent report …"
"Thirty thousand Mongolian cavalry commander-in-chief Jin Dourgen launched an attack on Zuoyun a day ago … Zuoyun’s five thousand garrison commander-in-chief General Zheng Wang fought to the death …"
"But because Mongolian cavalry is equipped with a certain number of muskets and artillery to defend Zuoyun’s 5,000 troops, more than 1,500 people have been lost in a bloody battle in one day …"
"General Wang asked the commander-in-chief to send troops to reinforce Zuo Yun, otherwise Zuo Yun’s existing garrison can last at most two days …"
Wei Zheng was gloomy when he came, and his facial expression was red at this moment, as if he could drop blood.
He clenched his fist and said to himself, "I didn’t expect Dourgen to join in the fun … It can’t be a coincidence that two troops attacked Shanxi together …"
After that, he directly ordered the pro-guard in front of him, "You should inform the strategist to come here quickly …"
A lamp of tea kung fu has got news from pro-Wei mouth, so Kelly Y Zhou walked into the room with a full face of anxiety, and as a result, Wei Zheng handed over two military newspapers and began to browse carefully
The anxious expression on Kelly Y Zhou’s face was replaced by worry before he finished reading it.
Put JunBao after a face of affirmation said "adult officer can be sure that this attack is our old rival dourgen single-handedly … not surprisingly attack forty thousand Shaanxi rebels in Baode county must be dourgen egged on to attack us …"
"The purpose is to distract our attention, so that the commander-in-chief army can retake Zuoyun and report that we will attack Mongolia, Mongolia, and kill and plunder …"
"Otherwise, the strength of Shaanxi rebels will never form so many firearms and cavalry units and nomadic people’s nature, and they will not become one mind to attack us at any cost …"
Weizheng nodded his head in recognition. "The officer also knows that this must be an attack planned by Dourgen … It is that the officer didn’t think that Dourgen, who just lost five thousand musketeers, actually trained a firearms unit in just half a year and was equipped with a certain number of guns …"