Speaking of this, Xiao Yuanfeng sighed again and again, "Dad was lucky to live, but he was badly injured and almost died several times. It was you and my child who made me bite my teeth and survive. Now I have found Qinghe."
"However, dad can’t go to see you for the time being. When dad and your brother go abroad for surgery, dad will definitely come to you when his face is better."
"However …" Speaking of which, Xiao Yuanfeng suddenly paused for a long time before saying again, "However, Dad loves you!"
Xiao Yuanfeng’s voice was hoarse and old, and one word at a time struck Jane’s heart, making her cry as she listened.
"Dad still loves you. Although I haven’t seen you, I know that you have always been a hero and will always be a hero in my daughter’s heart."
No matter what her father becomes, he is her father and her hero.
Xiao Qinghe took a paper towel to wipe Jane’s tears. "Don’t cry, father. He wants to see you crying every day."
"You also found him and didn’t tell me anything, even if it was to let me hide and look at his eyes." Jane was so heartbroken that she punched Xiao Qinghe. "You all made a decision for me without asking me anything."
"I … I, we took my father abroad to fuck me, and he can come back to recognize you well." Xiao Qinghe trembled and took out Xiao Yuanfeng’s passport and ID card in his bag. "Look at these documents. Without any accident, our family will be reunited soon."
At the thought of these Xiao Qinghe, I couldn’t wait to kill Qin Yue. If it weren’t for Qin Yue, their family would soon be able to make friends.
"Brother, please show me the video of the day my father was tied up." Jane wiped her tears and bit her teeth. "We must find out the murderer and I will kill him myself."
"My home is equipped with surveillance, but the whole community stopped that day and the murderer kidnapped his father."
This is not a lie. On that day, the monitoring of Xiao Qinghe’s residential area was broken. As soon as the monitoring of the residential area photographed who kidnapped Xiao Qinghe.
Shengtianfa real estate is so high-end that people can afford it, and their prices are not low. Usually, property management is very well done. Strangers will register when they enter and leave, but the people who come in that night are not registered and all the cameras are broken.
Can do things so perfectly, except Xiao Qinghe in Qin Yue, I never thought anyone else could do it.
It’s a pity that Qin Yueren didn’t count on it, but he also installed a camera at home to facilitate his father to see his daughter. He didn’t expect to send such a big place
It was also because Qin Yueren didn’t expect that he had enough to hide the evidence in his hand.
"Xiao Qinghe are you going to piss me off? I believe you when you say that? " Jane hated to give him two slaps to wake him up.
Where’s her former clever and rational brother who can read other people’s minds?
Is it because of his father’s death that he was struck dumb?
How can she find the killer if he doesn’t take out the video?
Xiao Qing’s cell phone suddenly rang in his mouth pocket.
He picked up the phone and saw that it was a strange word and answered "Hello!"
A melodious male voice "Lao Xiao is me!"
Chapter 534 Meet old friends
Xiao Qinghe was slightly stunned when he heard this melodious sound, and soon thought of who the other party was. "It turns out that you haven’t seen it for so many years, so where are you making a fortune now?"
The person over there said, "I just returned to China last week and heard from my classmates that you were also in Jiangbei, so I called to ask if you would like to come out for a drink?"
"Are you in Jiangbei?" Xiao Qinghe was surprised.
"I am very strange in jiangbei? Come out and I’ll see you in the bar street. "
Xiao Qinghe answered at once, just as he needed to avoid simple questioning and seriously think about what to do next.
Alcohol is sometimes a really good thing. It can anesthetize your nerves and make people forget all the bad things for a while.
"Stop the car" He asked the driver to stop and let him go.
"Where are you going?" Jane hasn’t got the video yet, and she doesn’t really want him to go, but she knows she can’t control him.
"I may not go back when I meet my old classmates late, so don’t wait for me." Xiao Qinghe left without looking at the car.
Jane looked back at Xiao Qinghe and took a taxi for a while. "Wei Shu, please turn around and let’s go and have a look."
Xiao Qinghe’s condition is not right these days. She must know why she can’t let him go like this.
The other party asked Xiao Qinghe to meet at the famous bar street in Jiangbei, which has various small bars.
The facade of the bar is small, but there are many kinds of bar operators from all over the world, all kinds of skin colors and all kinds of beautiful women who want to see it
Xiao Qinghe has studied abroad for many years, and he is knowledgeable and wide-ranging. He also learned that westerners are relatively open-minded
When studying abroad in nightclubs and bars, Xiao Qinghe often went out to have a drink with a few classmates to see the right girl hook up. It is common for the other party to spend the night together if they want to.
Before, he often said that life is only a few decades, but there are so many beautiful girls in the world who can sleep more. Two is two.
But slowly found that no amount of joy is * * every time after the event, his spirit will be more empty.
When he slowly soaks in bars and nightclubs, he may be a little older. He is tired of the former wild life, and he will also long for someone to be caring and attentive, and someone who knows how to support others and join hands for life.
But after so many years, he still hasn’t met the woman he wants to live his life, or maybe he can always see through other people’s thoughts at the first time when he sees a woman.
When a woman’s mind is clearly in front of her, she has no mind to pursue each other.
Dreaming always passes quickly.
Xiao Qinghe’s taxi just passed a traffic light, but the taxi driver told him to go to the bar street.
After paying for the car, he took a deep breath and looked at the busy store. He couldn’t tell how he felt.
"Old Xiao is here!"
Not far away, a tall and handsome man waved to Xiao Qinghe.
"Ye Shaoshao, long time no see!"
Xiao Qinghe saw him and walked towards him with a smile. The two men slapped each other, which was their usual way of greeting for many years.
Xiao Qinghe said with a smile, "I can’t believe that I haven’t seen you for so many years, and you are still so handsome. It seems that another group of fans are going to be fascinated by you."
Ye Da said less, "I’m ashamed to say that I don’t know if I like my fans too much. I’ve been single for so many years unconsciously."
"Don’t worry, don’t worry, there are people with you."
"But when it comes to handsome, I can’t compare with admiration." When it comes to Qin Yue, Ye Shaoshao is also a face of envy. "When a few of us appeared together, when a woman’s eyes didn’t see him first, she was a girl with a cold face and a cold ass on his side, so it was good for us to find comfort."
Suddenly to Qin Yue Xiao Qinghe face suddenly sank and didn’t pick up the words.
"What’s the matter? Did you have a problem with Mu? "
"How dare I make trouble with him?" Xiao Qinghe said again and again with a cold hum. "He’s in charge of the day, and I make trouble with him, and he stomps me to death in minutes."