Two old uh-1 helicopters flew over the roof, the rocket nest whizzed, and the rockets flew like a meteor shower to the retreating 15 heavy artillery pieces. They easily broke their weak armor and smashed them into balls of fire. This was the helicopter that Annan seized from Citigroup. When Citigroup retreated, Annan abandoned equipment worth $20 billion. Most of them were in Annan’s hands. It was only a few years before they were maintained.
Several angry avant-garde individual shoulder-fired missiles hit the mighty uh-1 and turned them into the most beautiful fireworks in the night. We can’t stand those tanks with thick shells, but we haven’t fallen to the point where a few tattered helicopters can shit on our heads!
The last -72 was approaching us, and the heavy machine guns swept us rolling and crawling. Now we have no weapons to threaten it. It became more and more arrogant with the tank attack, and the ak rifles in the hands of Annan paratroopers kept firing. We kept getting dumped. Mom, this is not ak-47, but ak-74. They are Annan paratroopers!
The company commander was almost mad and roared back to take us back to fight with those bastards, but the command from the headquarters did not disobey "everyone evacuate to Seventh Street! Everyone evacuate to Seventh Street!" When we heard this order, we all swore. No.7 Street is a high-rise building with wide streets and tanks, but there.
Clear resistance to retreat there is not to die! But orders are orders. There’s no way to retreat that way.
Chapter ninety compromised gaoping (7)
Major-General Ruanlong quietly watched three MIG -23 s ghostly passing through the battlefield, dropping aerial bombs weighing 250 kilograms, and then being entangled in the Chinese military Xiaolong fighter plane, and the b-21 rocket launcher was so deafening that it didn’t stop roaring for a second. The powerful shells hit every corner of the city in groups, and it was like fire and rain. If you want to see your horse with your own eyes, it will be white. How did the nickname b-21 "Hail" come from! Annan People’s Army has been hiding its long sword-the elite of the 12th brigade has been constantly fighting from him -72 and -62 main battle tanks have led the counterattack to the Chinese army’s defense line, and the progress has been satisfactory. The Chinese army almost fought back against the -72 brigade, which fully benefited the Chinese assault division. When the low assault force was handed over, it launched a decisive attack and hit the Chinese army, which was unprepared. Presumably, at this time, the defeated two-headed eagle and the Japanese pig Huaxia star were furious in the headquarters.
Three MiG-23s have been shot down successively. Major General Ruan Long can laugh bitterly. The power gap is too wide. Although the Chinese army lost a large number of cutting-edge fighters in the previous sea conflict, how much better has the Annan army tasted? The special forces of the Chinese army guided the passive guided range rockets, artillery shells and medium-range missiles to visit airports almost every day, and blew everything they didn’t like to see to pieces. After several rounds, both the fighters and pilots of the Anan Army suffered heavy losses. Tonight, the strength was still the first to be squeezed out to see the samples, and all the ministries kept reporting that they were strongly blocked by the Chinese army and suffered heavy casualties. He ignored them and ordered them to speed up the advance, while the Chinese Army and Air Force had not yet made up this file. The Chinese army should be driven out of the city to meet the fierce counterattack of the Chinese army … Only when the Chinese army is driven out of the city can it be qualified to talk about it. If the Chinese army is driven out of the city, the gains and losses of Gaoping are directly related to the safety of lang son and the river. We must never lose the 342 division teachers’ clamour to give up Gaoping. When he volunteered to defend Gaoping, Annan was the only one who dropped the brigade. He knew that several more drops could not defend Gaoping, but he could fight hard with the Chinese army to let the Chinese army bleed dry!
Before the fall of Saigon, I surrendered to the Liberation Front. This fierce and powerful Kunsong made the Liberation Front suffer enough in attack and defense. It is rare that the Liberation Front didn’t settle accounts after the fall and gave the paratroopers quite good treatment. Soldiers were paid higher salaries than ordinary field troops. Let’s die, Lê Du?n. Is it not bad for you to lay down your life for each other? Ruanlong seems to have lost the battle to South Annan. As a result, after more than 20 years of bloody battles and blood casting, their pride has been shattered by the Chinese army, leaving only a few casualties. He would rather die in battle than watch the country rise!
Various departments of tank battalion are in dispute
It is reported that "the enemy is retreating to Seventh Street, but we can wipe them out there!"
Seventh street?
Ruanlong’s eyebrows are wrinkly, and he dares to fight back against such adversity. Of course, he has made a lot of preparations. He knows every street in Gaoping City well, and he won’t get lost with his eyes closed. Worse, No.7 Street is the most prosperous block in Gaoping. How can he not be familiar with it? He was a little puzzled and asked the chief of staff, "The street on the seventh street is straight and wide, but the Chinese army is on the rampage there. Why not hide there and die?"
The chief of staff glanced at the map and said, "Maybe the Chinese army wants to benefit the high-rise buildings there for anti-tank warfare? There are many high-rise buildings in that street. They can hide from the balcony and bomb our tank turrets to easily destroy those tanks. "
Ruanlong nodded thoughtfully. "This makes sense. Let the tank battalion be careful. We can’t afford to lose too many tanks!"
When this order was issued, the paratroopers brigade tank battalion had already rushed to the Seventh Street, and the Chinese army retreated quickly. Terrain restrictions and anti-tank soldiers stubbornly blocked the tank battalion. For a while, these light infantry who walked on two legs were thrown away for a short distance. The battalion commander was furious and shouted to let the car groups speed up and bite the Chinese army because they were running out of time. God knows when the Chinese army and aviation troops will be killed and can’t be mixed with the Chinese army. They can act as helicopter prey! More than a dozen -72 engines roared, turned a beautiful corner around the street, and moved almost perfectly. The river was willing to spend so much money to raise this army that once beat them to the wall. It is true that they have their reasons. Every tank artillery shooter has his eyes wide open and wants to flash out in front of the Chinese army. Even if he is a single soldier, they will not hesitate to fire! But when they saw the situation clearly, their eyes got bigger-
Thousands of people rushed at them desperately, including men and women, old and young, beautiful and ugly, but they all have one thing in common: they all hold a card in Annan’s hand that says "Fire at me"! Every conductor clenched his fist and his eyes almost burst into flames to swear, "The Chinese army is so despicable!"
It’s so mean. What should we do if so many civilians rush to the streets? Will you slow down? If you don’t slow down for a minute, these civilians will turn all the tracks into mud! They can ruthlessly fire at the civilian area where the Chinese army is hidden, but they can call rockets to burn the whole block. They can do whatever it takes to win, but let them run over thousands of people with tanks, even the butcher who killed the state massacre can’t do it, right? It is a kind of torture for an armored soldier to move forward while listening to the sound of the tank track crushing the bones of his compatriots, but once it is released,
The consequences of slowing down are unpredictable. You know, although the Huajun doesn’t have heavy troops, it has a lot of 15 heavy guns, which can launch copper armor-piercing bullets and penetrate the front armor of an active tank. In case several such heavy guns are deployed on the other side of the Huajun street and squeezed into a ball, they will be slaughtered! The conductor quickly informed the headquarters of this situation, slowed down the speed and leaned out half of his body at the risk of being shot in the head by a Chinese sniper. He screamed and told those civilians not to come over again and quickly got out of the way. He was too weak in the cry of thousands of people. Those civilians could hardly hear it and flocked to a girl crying, "Don’t shoot us! The Chinese army set up machine guns on us and said that if we dare to stop, we will sweep our department! "
It was a plot by the Chinese army!
Major-General Ruanlong also hesitated about human life. Thousands of lives are serious! What should I do? Do I really let the tanks run over them? However, once they relent, the Chinese army will do the same thing and drive more civilians to act as human flesh as an anti-tank obstacle, which will even make soldiers mix with civilians and approach tanks and blow them up easily! It’s difficult, no matter what you do, it’s not appropriate! When he hesitated, the civilians were already wrapped in the tanks, and the tanks were almost paralyzed. Fortunately, there was no Chinese army mixed with civilians to attack the tanks, otherwise it would be a terrible disaster!
Liu Weiping looked at this scene through the screen with a cold smile and said in a low voice, "No matter what you do, it’s the civilians in your city after all. After all, you have to protect your compatriots. You still can’t win, sacrifice everything and make yourself a sinner … If something happens, let the tank run over me. I still have a lot of cards in my hand. If 1,000 is not enough, I’ll catch 2,000. If 2,000 is not enough, 3,000 or 4,000 will make you run over!"
Jin Woo a sullen don’t talk LiuWeiPing this skill is enough malicious enough poison without firing a gun to let the other side a tank battalion in trouble to stabilize the situation is means not too biting too mean the name of the People’s Liberation Army is ruined by him to do so is to hell!
Han Yajie couldn’t help asking, "Should we wait a little longer? In a few minutes, our armored forces will arrive. When the time comes, Annan’s tanks will be careless … "
Liu Weiping said, "There may be too many variables in a few minutes. We can’t risk the lives of the soldiers to detonate it for me!"
The battalion commander of the engineering battalion did not hesitate to press the detonator after receiving the order.
"boom! !”
"boom! ! !”
A series of loud noises, like thousands of thunderbolts, exploded at the same time, and the foundations of high-rise buildings on both sides of Seventh Street suddenly exploded in yellow and white.
The blast wave is made up of red bricks and concrete, and the wall is instantly smashed into hundreds of millions of pieces, and the whole street seems to be turned into a super directional lightning explosion. The flying pieces are like clouds and fog, and they completely cover the whole block in less than 5 seconds. I don’t know how many people are carefully avoiding tanks and fleeing for their lives. The body of civilians is shaking violently, and a large number of blood flowers bloom sadly, and the whole person suddenly becomes blood. People look at themselves and suddenly become tattered, screaming in despair, and falling down and being blinded by the pieces. There are not a few people who have pierced their stomachs. These wounded people who are rolling around in pain are possessed, and they can’t make a sound with their mouths wide open because they are horrified to find that the buildings that once made them proud are crashing towards them! It was also bombed, but it was protected by the thick armor of the tank and was not injured. The armored soldiers also opened their mouths and widened their eyes. They knew that they were finished, and no matter how advanced the tank was, they had to be squashed!
Can the beetle shell be thick enough to withstand the hammer?
Can tortoise shell stand the pressure of boulder again?
A whole tank battalion and thousands of civilians disappeared completely in the dust from the roaring noise. Such a vicious tactic made it possible to watch every detail of the battle carefully through military satellites. The general of Citigroup Army was not cold but cool and comfortable, and a big sweat broke out in the office. They were no strangers to this tactic. In the Korean War, the 42nd Army of the Chinese Army repeatedly asked them to taste the topping of Mount Tai and stuffed hundreds of kilograms of explosives into the crevices of cliffs along the road to wait for him. The mechanized troops blew up as much as the phone was detonated from the surface, and they tried their best. They blew up half of the mountain with hundreds of thousands of tons of earth and stone at one time, and crushed more than 20 tanks alive and buried them alive. Citi soldiers didn’t count them, which made their tank troops afraid to show up again for a whole week. Now the Chinese army just moved this recruit to the city war and dared to play so hard. That Chinese general is also a number one!
Many military experts shook their heads and sighed, "Annan will lose this battle!"
Ruanlong stayed for half a minute after learning the news before he let out a roar. The despicable Chinese army was so mad that it moved this tactic to street fighting! Now neither army seems to be fighting, but it seems to be a competition to see who kills faster! Who can stand playing like this? Even if you hold Gaoping, you’re afraid it’s going to become a residential area, right? Chief of staff also sent a great stay HuaJun that desperate madness really scared him, and it was not until the station came to the urgent call that he called his soul back and answered it quickly. After the call, he looked heavy and said to RuanLong, "The brigade commander’s decisive team reported that the main force of HuaJun had crossed the water barrier and was heading for Gaoping to kill them. There were only 70 people left in their group who could not stop it."
Tell us to retreat quickly! "
Ruanlong gritted his teeth and said, "What are you returning? Tens of thousands of civilians and thousands of soldiers have died here. Gaoping is no more than a few more bodies … Let me go one step ahead of it when Annan is finished, so as not to watch it die with my own eyes! "
The chief of staff called "brigade commander, don’t be pessimistic. We haven’t lost yet! The Soviets still support us. Japan is transporting a lot of materials to us through Soviet cargo ships. Our cause is supported by the people of the world and we will not fail! "
Ruan Long said, "When we lost, it was doomed that we would be defeated from the moment we dropped the first bomb on the Huajun Hangbing River. Where should we withdraw?" Can we outrun the helicopter? It’s just a desperate battle to serve the country …… "Say that finish strode into the headquarters as cool as a cucumber and ordered the chief of staff to stay outside the headquarters and look at the twinkling lights in the sky. That’s the helicopter group of the middle assault division. They are like groups of evil bloodthirsty bats quietly passing the night lights, flashing like fireflies flying towards the burning high plane. The helicopter surface is a rapid reaction brigade. Two tank battalions and the main group of the 136th regiment merged into a torrent of steel …
Chapter ninety-nine compromised gaoping ()
The first to rush into Gaoping was the 136th Regiment, when the Chinese assault division and the descending regiment were turning to counterattack Annan’s paratroopers brigade, militia, police and other troops. The 136th Regiment arrived at the digital infantry to guide a round of artillery fire to cover Annan’s defense line, and shells built a rolling fire wall to avoid it. Annan soldiers were crushed to pieces by this fire wall, and the infantry stepped on the bombing point. The attack distance was only 100 meters, which was really frightening-if you were not careful, you would accidentally injure one of your own officers and get a military court! However, the artillery of the 136th Regiment was awesome. The craters were straight and straight, just like the ropes were pulled. None of the shells fell on one of our own. They lay in the ruins and endured the fire. The Annan soldiers just breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the fire transfer. The bayonet of the 136th Regiment infantry stabbed them in the chest …
The rapid reaction brigade was not slow either, but they crashed Annan’s remaining tanks and formed a strike group. Twenty tanks crashed at them desperately. There was nothing to be polite about. A battle of urban tanks began. Tanks howled and rushed to the other side like taking stimulants and seeing a red bull. The turret of the tank quickly rotated and thunderous fireballs came out, spreading death. The chariot was hit and instantly caught fire. The turret behind it would be destroyed and wounded. The tank was pushed open and moved on.-There was little difference between Type 72 and Type 6. There’s no advantage in fighting for armor technology, courage and the number of tanks. Unfortunately, Annan’s armor is not dominant in these aspects. What’s worse is that there are a large group of armed helicopters with red eyes chasing them. It’s unfair to fight. Type 6 main battle tanks’ copper armor-piercing bullets have become Annan’s armor nightmare. Tanks have been torn apart by enough copper liquid, and even people and tanks have burned beyond recognition. In five minutes, Annan’s armor attack group was destroyed. Ten tanks collapsed and burned, and the armor flowed down the body like lines of sad tears, machine guns and shells.
The quick reaction brigade tank pushed the scrap metal to the side of the road to move on. An armored soldier drilled out half of his body and spat at a burning -72 "bah" guy.
"Armored soldiers are cows."
The three of us were lying apart, and a car with a broken track -62 was lying with our hands resting on our heads. We didn’t want to get up. We just struggled out of the ghost gate, and our mentality was different. Even the road covered with rubble and brick chips seemed to be more comfortable than the softest bed. This unlucky tank was damaged by a clove gun, and then it was blown up by our Grenade. If it didn’t finish, our brothers would be finished. The tank driver was still lying quietly. Tanqueray’s ear hole was bleeding like a note. He was shocked.
He is not alone when he is dead, because there are the whole crew members with those unlucky people who want to climb out, and one of them dies when he climbs out. One of them is either killed by lilacs or stabbed to death by our bayonets. One of them is still a beautiful woman, so now Xiao Guangxi is resting her thigh on the tank that has passed by.
Shandong said, "When the war is over, I’m going to be an armored soldier, and I’ll taste the feeling of driving a tank to drive the enemy out of the court-it must be so cool."
I pointed to our achievements. "Then, just like them, they were killed in 1001 ways, either burnt into coke in the wreckage of trapped tanks or killed by snipers as soon as they risked it?"
Shandong said, "How come! I am driving a super tank weapon that can’t be penetrated! "
Small Guangxi said, "You can forget it! Even a tank of your size can’t hold you. I’m different. I’m an ideal candidate to be an armored soldier! "
Shandong and I put up a middle finger at this narcissistic monkey at the same time.
Lilac came over with a sniper rifle. Her left arm was bleeding. I jumped up and asked her what was wrong. She said it was nothing but a shrapnel scratch. It was nothing. She kicked Xiao Guangxi. "Get up!"
Small Guangxi rolled his eyes. "What’s the matter?"
Lilac said, "Don’t insult the dead and you are free, right?" There’s gunfire over there, and you’re sleeping here and talking about mountains! "
Small Guangxi likes to shout and say, "We are tired and want to have a rest!"
Lilac sat and drank a few mouthfuls of water. When she was more tired than us, we were separated from the company when she was evacuated to the Seventh Street. This tank chased us and hit us. It was her precise shooting that killed all the cover tanks. Paratroopers Annan, we attacked the tanks and created conditions. Without her cover, the three of us would have died long ago. I took out two chocolates and handed them to her. She was also welcome to eat them all. This thing can quickly replenish our strength. Our field rations belong to luxury. Small Guangxi smacked and shouted, "Tangshan, I want to give me a quick one!"
I said, "No, just these two pieces."
Small Guangxi pie pie "I despise you if you have the opposite sex and no humanity!"
Shandong Hehe smiled. "Blood, chocolate and candlelight dinner are the three killers to pick up girls."
Lilac didn’t bother to take off their helmets and leaned against the tank to breathe slightly. Seeing that she was so tired, the two stooges dared not blame their mouths tightly again.