Ma Yunxuan smell speech also stared at Wang Ye for showing that Wang Ye has not spoken since just now, which seems to be a mutiny.
Wang Ye didn’t mean to defect, but he felt that things were a little worse because Ma Yunxuan was obviously angry now, so there was no room for easing things. Although Wang Ye also wanted to teach Shang Tang Lian some lessons, that was all.
Excluding Shang Tang Lotus made him beaten. In fact, he also appreciated Shang Tanglian’s courage, resourcefulness and extraordinary force. Maybe there were other things he didn’t know. Speaking from heart, Wang Ye appreciated Shang Tang Lotus, or he couldn’t have been fooled by Shang Tanglian so many times, except for the first time when he got into trouble with Shang Tanglian.
Wang Ye saw Ma Yunxuan and looked at himself very naively. "I said, Ah Xuan, can you stop talking about this and just look at me? I said it wouldn’t be on her side, and you didn’t look at me, too?"
See Ma Yunxuan satisfied, but Wang Ye went on, "But I’ll tell you the truth. Don’t blame me for not telling you that Shang Tang Lotus is not a soft persimmon if we want to plan. This is a hard nut to crack. You should know that she is quite good at kung fu. Secondly, she seems to be talented in business. You know better than me. After contacting her several times, I was beaten. I also told you that if you want to make a move, you must hit it.":
Chapter 543 Idea
See Wang Ye say Ma Yunxuan with cloud precious little if they all nodded, it is true that there is nothing wrong with them, and they also know that Shang Tang Lotus is tough.
When I came to Wang Ye, I also planned to say one thing, don’t forget their principle. Shang Tang Lianxian is not a person in their circle who can’t deal with her by means of inner circle, nor is it a vicious person. Don’t make any sinister moves, but then when I think about it, I will offend two small partners, just don’t say it. Besides, he doesn’t believe that Ma Yunxuan and Yun Xi will not remember this.
Although they are sometimes ruthless, especially when dealing with the enemy, they will not call themselves good people, but they also have principles.
And Wang Ye is worried that Ma Yunxuan will lose his mind because he has never seen Ma Yunxuan so angry. In fact, Wang Ye is understandable when he was molested by Shang Tanglian.
Sure enough, Ma Yunxuan took the words and let Wang Ye breathe a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he lost his mind without anger
Listen to Ma Yunxuan coldly, "I just want to give her a good look. Tell me what you have in mind. She is not a person in our circle. Naturally, she can’t do it in the circle, but I can’t think of any way." Ma Yunxuan is really angry that no one has been able to make him beaten since he was a child.
Yun Xiruo said, "I have an idea. Xuan, if you are kind, I will be different. If you provoke us, we still want to leave. It’s an idiotic dream. Isn’t she trying to frame us? Then we should let her taste the taste of being framed. I remember that there seems to be a fan in our fan group who is said to be paranoid and abnormal. That’s your fan, right?" Yun Xiruo said, pointing to Wang Ye.
Wang Ye nodded. "There is indeed such a person. How are you going to do it?" Since it is tinkering around the edges, Wang Ye is quite willing to participate. After all, it is also a very happy thing to let Shang Tang Lotus learn a lesson.
If Yunxi said, "That’s easy, then Ye, you will sacrifice a beautiful man’s plan and then show it in front of everyone. You and her will naturally have someone to find her trouble."
Ma Yunxuan thinks it’s a good idea, but Wang Ye is a little in distress situation and refuses, "I won’t do it if I don’t want it. Whoever you like will do it anyway, don’t look for me if I don’t do it."
He’s not stupid. If he agrees, yes, sacrifice his happiness. They don’t want to say that now it’s not like he wants to confront Shang Tang Lian. What’s worse, does he know that the devil bears a grudge very much? If he is remembered later, he doesn’t want to learn about the devil’s revenge.
If the cloud cherishes one hand, "Why don’t you do anything simple?"
"No, I don’t want it. Anyway, don’t think about it. Of course, if the protagonist is you, I definitely have no opinion. Don’t say that I didn’t tell you. The devil has a grudge. Don’t offend her or you will want to die in minutes. This is purely my experience. If you don’t believe me, I don’t have the courage to frame him." Wang Ye also said it was straightforward. Anyway, let him do anything but don’t want him to sacrifice his hue to frame Shang Tang Lian.
Don’t talk about Shang Tang Lian’s refusal. As far as he knows the devil’s eye, it’s not generally high. If you turn him down, he will have no face. Even if the devil is willing, he won’t like it. If you get along with her once, you will be vomiting blood. How many times do you have to come? Is this because your life is too long?
No matter what kind of Wang Ye doesn’t take this thankless job?
Ma Yunxuan also said, "You provoked her, but if you didn’t know her, would there be these things?"
Wang Ye is not right. "Then don’t ask who you love. Just don’t look for me anyway. Besides, is there this trick? You can’t change it."
"Just because I thought of this trick, it’s best, of course, there are other tricks, such as finding someone to kidnap her and threaten her. Anyway, this devil is brave and kung fu is not bad, or she is directly suppressed by her strengths, or we can see what she is not so bad. How about we all win her and hit her self-confidence?" Yunxi said.
At this time, Ma Yunxuan also added, "You can also do what she doesn’t like on purpose. By the way, I saw a paragraph on the Internet the other day and there was a trick to make people eat mustard."
"Why don’t you charm her first and then pretend that she was scared by the scene?" Yun Xiruo also said.
Wang Ye listened in distress situation. "I think there is a reliable one in you, that is, directly suppress her arrogance. Let’s check if she has any weaknesses later."
"In fact, we can also bring her into our circle to make her learn bad and seduce her," Ma Yunxuan said.
Wang Ye stroke forehead, what a naive and malicious trick. Of course, this is also a malicious trick. Relatively speaking, I have a hunch that Wang Ye, the devil wears a hat, is naive. The devil wears an idea at first sight, but he may not be tempted.
"I think these things are too much. You’d better go out and implement the" Handsome Man’s Plan ".Wang Ye wanted to think and suggested that none of the other methods are reliable in finding weaknesses. It seems that it is not so easy to find and it is too serious. To put it bluntly, this is an urgent person for Wang Ye, and it is not necessary to give too much face.
Wang Ye also said, "Don’t you think you are taking this matter too seriously?"
"Oh, it’s too much for her." If Yunxi is a horse, it will react.
But Ma Yunxuan wanted to think, but he still couldn’t swallow this tone. "I just can’t swallow this tone. Since you all recognize the" man plan ",let’s implement it."
The question of "who will go" is coming. The key question is that Wang Ye refused it
If Yun Xi and Ma Yunxuan don’t want to go anywhere, they will look to Wang Ye and Wang Ye, and they will know that this is on their own.
Immediately said, "In fact, there are many handsome guys in our guild. Send one." Shang Tang’s lotus face value is also good, and the other party may have earned it.
"This line you didn’t listen to the devil wears Prada abandon those who are not so good?" Cloud precious little if doubt that he didn’t forget Shang Tanglian said this when abandon it is really abandon abandon abandon them so hurt:
Chapter 544 Let’s find fault together
Wang Ye spread out his hand. "What do you say? Anyway, don’t look at me. I’m not going to say that I don’t have the guts, or that I’m fine. Anyway, I’m not going to say that she likes it or not. It’s bad luck for me to get along with her once. Isn’t it too good for me to live again?"
At the sight of Wang Ye’s resolute attitude, both Ma Yunxuan and Yun Xiruo knew that there was no way to convince them, and both of them really thought the plan was good and really wanted to implement it.
All three of them like this plan because it saves them trouble. The students’ means are small and simple, and they will not act too much. They are also worried that they will act too much. After all, their life circles are different and their abilities are different. It is obviously inappropriate to deal with a student.
Yun Xi-ruo and Ma Yunxuan looked at each other at the same time and tacitly made moves: "Rock paper scissors", "Rock paper scissors" and "You lose, you go". Ma Yunxuan said this last sentence.
If Yunxi doesn’t exclude drinking all the wine in the glass, he laughs and says, "It’s not bad, I’m not losing money." After all, it’s still very good in terms of ability and Shang Tang lotus face value
Wang Ye almost didn’t fall with a clash. He really wants to despise them. Do you want to be so naive?
To say that Shang Tang Lian is comparing her back these days, the emperor sent three people to find her shortcomings and try to suppress her arrogance. Let’s meet two handsome guys and one before, and also wonder how to make her unlucky.
I don’t know if Shang Tang Lian is so arrogant that I can’t even look at God. This doesn’t even mean that her younger brother is picking on posts. However, Huangfuying is purely plotting to cause trouble. No matter what his mind is, he must be a little dark in his heart and will be so enthusiastic to help.
Shang Tang Lian is quite satisfied with the music tonight, and she is in a good mood. She just went back to the dormitory humming regardless of the image. Because of this delay, it will be ten o’clock when she returns to the dormitory, and Shang Tang Lian will go to bed after washing.
At the moment, she naturally doesn’t know that there are two people at the same time who are calculating that she is swollen.
The next day, Shang Tang Lian couldn’t spare the class competition. The competition will be held on Tuesday. In addition, the welcome party program will be rehearsed. Shang Tanglian didn’t play a role, but she was the general director. Everyone should say where they were not in place and make overall arrangements.
Moreover, in order to look good in the performance, their clothes must be dressing the to look more like that, and then there will be a situation where someone changes their clothes.
Yan Xian threw this thing directly to Shang Tanglian, and put Shang Tanglian in charge of Shang Tang Lotus. It’s not impossible to think about it. Lotus Huaqi Yunlian Factory can produce one. It’s a company to make a declaration. It’s a contribution to Shang Tang Lotus. Otherwise, they can’t afford it according to Yunlian’s current price.