But then the forces of all ethnic groups were very satisfied.
The successor of Ziya Mountain is a human being, but it can never be the Emperor of Yanhuang.
Ann check Confucianism watched Su Yu leave with sunny Ahn, and her eyes were proudly calculated.
You are the first saint in Xinghai, and even if you are awesome, all ethnic groups in Xinghai come to congratulate you, and it is like Ziya Mountain is still me!
"Ziyashan Shaozhu ceremony is official!"
"Please leave the ceremony table alone!"
After the master of ceremonies changed people, the ceremony remained solemn and solemn.
The ambition to stop Confucianism is booming.
He glanced at the emissary of all ethnic groups, and his eyes were full of agitation.
I’m going to stop Confucianism and finally attract the attention of the public to reach the top of the list!
An Yuda pointed out that Su Yu soon came to the quiet cottage, but there were no top tianjiao figures here.
"Sunny Ahn check for me! I want to see people die and see the body! "
Su Yu’s eyes narrowed, her voice was cold, and she was so angry that she almost burst out!
There is still a pool of blood in the quiet cottage that has not dried up.
Su Yu’s heart trembled with some luck.
Fortunately, Anyuda will arrive then!
An Qing’s low-path sage spirit immediately covered the whole Ziya Mountain.
An Qing is one of the most familiar top tianjiao people.
Soon An Qing found a top tianjiao who fled!
"I found you. Come with me."
Sunny Ahn whispered that one or two people flew up, and these two earthy smells made all the holy mountain practitioners tremble in succession.
"It’s the breath of the first saint in Xinghai and the ancient arrogance and tranquility of Ziya Mountain."
"It’s too Uber to have such a long Su Yu talent as a top saint just by virtue of breath."
"But who dares to openly hurt the first holy father of Xinghai?"
"Who benefits the most is who will do it."
Sensing the breath, small forces of all ethnic groups are talking about it.
Xinghai’s first holy light is like an ordinary top saint!
At present, the strength shown has been able to kill Gu Tianjiao!
If we let the first saint of Xinghai grow up again, Su Yu will surely become the biggest enemy of all ethnic groups.
Only by letting Anzhi Confucianism quickly become a master of Ziya Mountain can we interrupt the development of Yanhuang Empire again!
An Zhiru stared at the forces at the bottom, and his eyes were almost bursting with fire!
Su Yu seems to be the day when the sun’s every move attracts much attention.
And even if he tried his best to grab the limelight of the little theme, he was still robbed by the damn first saint of Xinghai!
Su Yu, you wait until I become a young master of Ziya Mountain, that is, when I destroy you!
Anzhi Confucianism is cruel and jealous.
On the other hand, Sunny Ahn took Su Yu slowly to an enchantment.
She has achieved great success in silence. Check out the situation of prohibited classes such as visual enchantment.
Sunny Ahn casually breaks the barrier of poor arrangement of the top tianjiao, imprisons the top tianjiao and throws Su Yu before waiting for him to show mercy.
Top tianjiao watched sunny Ahn move, and his heart was full of horror, and Su Yu was even more afraid of killing all over.
Su Yu shook hands with Zhu Xianjian and looked at the top Tianjiao’s eyes full of silence.
"You were told to do it."
Su Yu asked indifferently
The top tianjiao hasn’t spoken yet, and the sword has not entered the top tianjiao body.
Top tianjiao was shocked to see Su Yu Su Yu actually start work on him!
His chest was burning and gurgling, and blood was flowing from the wound
Zhu Xianjian was stained with blood and body burning pain, which made the top tianjiao breathe out after a short shock. "Ahhh!" Don’t you dare hurt me! I am from Ziyashan! "
"I’ll ask you again. Someone ordered you."
Su Yu cold way his voice just fell.
Hand over the fairy sword and make another stab at the top tianjiao dantian.
Pain top tianjiao white Su Yugen didn’t intend to let him answer!
This man will kill him today!
The destruction of the top tianjiao in Dantian is equivalent to the ordinary people’s scattered efforts to kill the immortal sword, which stung her enough to kill him!
Top Tianjiao’s face is as white as a sheet, and he is sweating like rain. This severe pain makes him faint!
He has become a top-notch arrogant person, and he has never been so wronged to respect and appreciate his elders by his peers.
The top tianjiao is sweating like a waterfall and has decided to keep his mouth shut.
He sneered, "Su Yu, you really left the ceremony platform. It will never be possible for the Yanhuang Empire to unite with Ziya Mountain!"
After the ceremony, it is not allowed to have a break. Su Yu’s departure represents his abandonment of Ziya Mountain.
The ceremony is unbreakable, and it must be arrogant to climb to the top!
That person has the right to stop Confucianism!
If Su Yu is no longer the young master of Ziya Mountain, he will be the enemy of Ziya Mountain if Su Yu kills Ziya Mountain alone!
The top tianjiao’s mind is calm and his eyes are full of success. Su Yu will fall, so his repair will be ruined and harmful!
"You’ll never know that I will never say it!"
Top Tianjiao sneers sadly.
Su Yu’s eyes are cold and he slowly steps forward. "In that case, you can rest in peace."
Every time he approaches the top tianjiao, the latter is afraid of "what are you going to do?"
"searching for the soul"
After Su Yu confided two words,
Su Yu’s hand stretched out toward the top Tianjiao.
No way!
Soul-searching, a taboo sorcery, can’t open the Emperor Yan Huang!
Top Tianjiao looked at Su Yu with horror and grabbed his hand, which was like a talon!
This simple soul searching technique is a kind of forced soul searching technique.
The performer will become an idiot when he is light, but his mind will be twisted out because of heavy damage.
Therefore, this operation is forbidden.
Su Yu thought that she would get it eventually when she exchanged it, but this kind of situation sent a field.