But in the present situation, Cheng Xuyang has no second choice. If he doesn’t tell Jane the truth, Lingfei will be in danger.
Cheng Xuyang was forced by Naide to tell the truth. "Yesterday afternoon, when the express shift was over, the workshop suddenly caught fire and flew to her …"
"How’s Feiyu?" Jane jumped up in a hurry, and her stomach ached because she jumped too fast, but she was too impatient to notice.
After waiting for half a ring, Cheng Xuyang said, "It is very likely that Feiyu was burned by fire and is still in the intensive care unit at this time-"
As luck would have it, when those people were threatening him to call Jane, Jane just called in, and there was nothing he could do if he wanted to delay a little longer.
"Which hospital is she in? I’ll go there now." Although I promised Qin Yue that I wouldn’t go out during this period, I simply thought that Lingfei was still in the intensive care unit. How could she sit still?
"Jane, you don’t come over. The last thing I want to do is to worry you." Cheng Xuyang wished Jane could hint at him, but he was white and Jane. She couldn’t sit idly by when something happened in Ling Fei.
It’s strange that the fire happened so suddenly and symptomlessly that others had nothing to do but burn to Feiyu.
"Cheng Xuyang, she’s hurt so badly that I won’t go to see her. Am I still human?" I think Lingfeiyu accompanied her from Kyoto to Jiangbei when she left her hometown. How could she not go and see it at this time?
"Jiangbei First People’s Hospital" Cheng Xuyang quoted the address and looked at two people guarding Lingfei’s bedside.
One of them said, "If we cooperate honestly, nothing will happen, but we will struggle and the final result will be the same."
Cheng Xuyang shook his fist, hating, angry and full of guilt. Now he can pray that Jane can be safe.
Hang up the phone and simply change your clothes and turn around and walk out, but you only have to take two steps, and your stomach hurts.
She licked her lips and endured the pain and said, "Baby, don’t be naughty. Mom is going to see aunt Feiyu. Will you be quiet?"
The baby in the belly seems to understand Jane’s words, so he was good and didn’t torment her again.
Qin’s mother is in a bad state these days, but she didn’t bother her.
When she saw Grandpa Qin sitting in the living room reading a newspaper, she politely greeted Grandpa Qin, "Grandpa, I have something to go out."
Grandpa Qin stared at Jane for several seconds, smiled and said kindly, "Be careful and go home early."
Grandpa Qin smiled especially kindly, as if he wore a carefully carved mask and was kind from perfect to lacking but false.
Jane paused and felt that Grandpa Qin’s smile was terrible, but nodded and said "good".
Jane asked the driver at home to take her to Jiangbei First People’s Hospital.
Jane didn’t know that the Ling Fei language ward had been controlled until Cheng Xuyang told her the situation, and the hospital didn’t continue to give Ling Fei language medicine.
"Little madam, if you sit still for a while, something may happen, but don’t worry, it won’t hurt you and the children." When the car was driving to the main road of the city, the driver looked in the rearview mirror and suddenly said such a sentence.
"What do you mean?" Jane felt uneasy vaguely, but she didn’t react yet. Several cars around her suddenly collided in a series. She didn’t get hit in the car, but she was stuck in the traffic.
"What’s the matter?" Jane ran consciousness to protect the belly just finished asking the door was beaten Qin grandpa assistant sat next to her.
"You, what do you want?" Jane never thought that grandpa Qin’s assistant would appear here. At the moment, it seemed to be white, but it was too late. She had fallen into the trap that others had already designed.
The assistant said, "Who can you guarantee for the child and you?"
Jane bit her teeth and glared at the assistant resentfully. "I can’t have anything to do with my child, and I have to protect both of them."
"The master told me that he could protect one," the assistant said with a cold smile. "If you insist on protecting you, then we don’t mind aborting your baby."
"I see who dares you!" Jane quietly touched the phone and wanted to call Qin Yue quietly.
Now that Qin Yue can save her and the baby, she can’t believe anyone else.
But as soon as she moved, the assistant grabbed her hand and grabbed the mobile phone. He said, "The master has been waiting for this opportunity for half a year, so don’t take any chances."
Jane bit her teeth and glared at the assistant. "How dare you!"
The assistant said, "Do you want to protect your child after giving you one last chance?"
Chapter 1 Is there a future?
Jane looked at her robbed mobile phone and rushed to get it back, but was pushed by her assistant.
The assistant’s strength was too strong, but she was pushed by him, her center of gravity was unstable, her body leaned back and her head hit the door, which made her eyes shine with pain.