"There are so many pay attention to a total of nine barrier badges! I was lucky enough to receive two pieces of "Lin momo’s smile, but this smile is as ferocious as a demon in the eyes of white sugar.
"It’s nine, but it’s hard to accept it after three thousand years. When you found that moat badge, I didn’t pay much attention," said the sinking blade in a slow tone
It’s really weird. Lin momo grabbed a woman casually and found a barrier badge to sink the blade and realized that this was a golden opportunity.
"Ha ha, luck is luck. It’s the first time I think robbery is a kind of fun. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for people to be as sweet as white sugar." Lin momo pinched the face of the officer’s sister and found that the name was not bad.
"Bah, you bastard will bully women. Give me my things back. Let’s play a game." White sugar was so sad that it was taken away by Lin momo in different categories.
"Winners and losers can’t be returned to you. Tell me about your history. You are already a military lieutenant, but I know that there are many women in big families who go to the military to fish for the side door and engage in arms trading. You are obviously familiar with the Tianzhu fleet. Come on!" Lin momo unexpectedly cheerful mood.
I got a lot of money for no reason, and there are several precious green wave star herbs in it, not to mention the complete kettle and a lot of crystal refining. Anyone would be happy.
Although the book of the Tenchu fleet is tight, Lin momo is not in a hurry now, mainly because the whole fleet has reached a certain limit and the Phantom of the Opera has reached the B-level bottleneck period. Today’s income is more helpful for the future.
Lin momo’s voice just fell and white sugar was so painful that she was soaked to the skin. She had never suffered this kind of pain. There seemed to be thousands of ants gnawing and itching all over her bones, but she was able to do it.
"Leave me alone! I’ll say whatever you want to know, "White sugar begs for mercy. She doesn’t have enough pruning."
The other party is so "honest" that Lin momo is a little strange that he will play the wicked drama. I didn’t expect the officer’s sister to surrender so quickly, and she just couldn’t bear it.
"It’s good to tell me your real name. How do you know me? Where do you come from?" Lin momo said while screening white sugar possessions. There are many things but I can’t see them.
Peacock was busy searching, and the owner asked for everything, and felt that some valuable things were also taboo, which was unexpected.
"My name is Shi Xiuer, and the name outside is Bai Ziwei, the head of the foreign strategy of the Stone Family. In recent years, our family has a development plan to annex several small families and extend its tentacles to the light Federation. Unfortunately, the plan was blocked by the Wood Family. I don’t know who released the news that there are seven people to deal with our family. It is true that the Stone Family has a Covenant with the Sanzong Jury, and the Sanzong Jury has close ties with Morgan’s alien gods organization. We have formed a community of interests and want to be right. Pay us the Stone Family, you have Lin Sisuo, and there are six other genes that are closer to people, and behind you is also a community of interests. All this should come from the mysterious disappearance of Xiao Han three thousand years ago. "Shi Xiu’s son trembled and uncovered his own mystery. Lin Sisuo listened carefully and the Stone Family came out. This is also expected.
"Don’t shy away from the important. I need more information about you. What do you mean, Bai Ziwei’s Tangshi family is afraid of their real names?" Lin momo said to sit back to the throne.
At this time, Odin came running quickly. She nodded at Lin Sisuo and said that there was no problem in the team. If Christine looked after the crew, their lives would be guaranteed if they were not fatally injured.
"Well, don’t look at me. I’m a stone official, and I’m far from those in charge of politics. The name Bai Ziwei is mainly from the fact that the Sanzong Jury made the fleet that came to pick me up outside. I know that there are not many things. The family attaches great importance to the seven of you, and it seems that I want to assign special forces to deal with you. I am a foreign affairs officer in charge of the military occupying a position and contacting the Sanzong Jury in the nearby star field. Another six months ago, I suddenly received a clue from the wise men in the information house to let us foreign affairs personnel rob me. First, look for the ruins left by the first Milky Way in Xiao Cold and ask us to do it as carefully as possible to prevent you from getting assistance from 3,000 years ago. That badge was just a fluke. I was telling the truth in a broken palace. "Shi Xiuer shivered with that and felt sick and dizzy.
Lin momo nodded slightly. This information is very important. He quickly popped up a wisp of smoke to relieve Shi Xiuer’s pain of infiltrating into bone marrow.
If Shi Xiuer fabricates a lie, she must think. In a few seconds, Lin momo’s spiritual strength has been condensed to a certain extent. If the other person’s thinking changes slightly, Shi Xiuer will definitely not escape the induction. She is telling the truth.
"I need the situation of the Stone Family and your understanding of the Shengzong Jury. If you can satisfy me, I will consider putting you back." Lin momo thinks it is impossible not to give the other party a little hope. If he knows that he will die, I am afraid that he will continue to ask.
"The stone family is divided into one emperor, two phases, three halls, four departments, five, Six regiments and one emperor means that the master will always be in charge of people to adjust the strength of a stone family. The second phase is that two prime ministers in the family, Zuo Fu You Bi, are in charge of major projects, one is in charge of a family in a paradise with three external halls, and the other is in charge of a senior martial brother’s hall. The four parts are the official department, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Criminal Affairs and the Ministry of War, which belong to the executive organ. The fifth is that the five big vassals in the family are the White House Sima family, the Tu Shan family swan, which is relatively hidden. The second galaxy stone family has six groups, In addition to money laundering, his five regiments are engaged in legitimate development and trade, and the federal power alone is not small. "Shi Xiuer feels that it is difficult to tear her apart. Not everyone can afford this kind of suffering.
Since Shi Xiuer is a stone official, it’s normal that Lin momo can’t bear the drug erosion. Galindo means extremely terrible and dares to cut each other’s arms while talking. Is there anything he can’t do?
"There is also the head of the Pontifical Jury, which is naturally divided into cardinals, cardinals’ priests and cardinals’ deacons. However, the most direct strength of the Pontifical Jury is that the surface of the Knights Templars in various districts seems to be very simple. Actually, I always feel that there is a potential force to transport the Pope, but those priests are also decorations. Every year, the Pontifical Jury will have some people missing, and the family will tell our foreign affairs personnel not to get into it." Shi Xiuer told us all about the situation. She just carefully touched the special fuse buried in her brain and found that it was
"Ha ha, you just acted very boldly. You don’t look like you want to die. Why should you trigger a suicide fuse?" Lin momo is a fine person. Shi Xiuer can’t hide his actions from his eyes.
"I naturally want to live. If I can go back to my family, then you and I are the only excuse to live." Shi Xiuer raised her bar and said that she did this to leave a way out.
Lin momo nodded. If the stone family knew that Shi Xiuer was so easily recruited, it wouldn’t make her feel better. On the contrary, it would at least prove that she had fought and might give her a way out.
"all right! I will find an appropriate time to put you back, which will be controlled by a special toxin. You believe that you broke the fact that Tianshi’s pharmacist also found the specific trace of this toxin because it came from the red storm to make cell mitochondrial catalytic agent. My blood is the antidote. Don’t worry, maybe I won’t come to your line in ten years. The Stone Family is so huge and involves many interests. It’s hard to say that one day I will hide in the Stone Family. "Lin Sisuo carefully took out a capsule from the taboo and forced it to Shi Xiuer’s mouth.
Thanks to the red storm, Lin momo has never had a sense of security. He arranged a posterior approach everywhere, not to leave Connor the Pluto. He thought that when he was looking for the moon star and the sand show, he passed by Baifengxingyu and saw a buck-toothed star thief, and he had to ambush him.
In addition, Lin momo also threw out a large amount of refined crystal to let Mu Wanhua secretly recruit senior brother Wu and arrange several masters to specific industries and locations. This is also a posterior approach. Now he has buried a chess game with the stone family. Although these tricks are not atmospheric enough, they are somewhat petty, but who can guarantee that it is not a chess game after survival?
Odin didn’t care what Lin momo did. She packed Lin momo’s leftovers and Lin momo was in a good mood to give Odin an extra piece of equipment. Naturally, Shi Xiuer had accumulated many years of goods.
The Phantom of the Opera expedition team returned home from the Grand Canyon, and the two sides’ fleets also played against Saint Zong. The jury has identified the origin of the fleet in front of them, but Bai Ziwei fell into the hands of others, and this liaison officer is still very valuable.
Lin momo also simply let the Sanzong jury fleet deliver 300,000 units of refined crystal. Don’t try to bring people back. This Sanzong jury fleet actually belongs to the Knights Templar. They face Lin momo’s lion’s big mouth to recognize it, but the Knights Templar is also a good plan. It’s not too late for the Phantom of the Opera to suddenly open the record list. The Dielmann giant came out and showed his skill. Such strength immediately made the other side cut off his mind, handed over the ransom, and brought people back and left. All the strength is that the fleet can beat them to shout Niang.
Volume 13 Treasure! Xiao cold chapter 751 unsealed
Shi Xiuer’s fortune was stripped clean by Lin momo, but her hatred in her heart was calmed down. Although she didn’t believe that the stone pharmacist couldn’t solve it, she still had a bad feeling.
The fleet of the Sanzong Jury has not been ordered to attack the inheritors of the Xiao cold gene. At present, the meaning is still very bad. There will always be ways to deal with these lucky guys who suddenly rise. They have repeatedly chosen to retreat.
The light in the Green Wave Star Grand Canyon flashes, which is a wild planet. Only when there is a volcano near the night will there be light, which is like such a strange phenomenon in the Grand Canyon once in a thousand years.
The Tianzhu fleet, Green Wave Star, stayed for a few more days. Lin Sisuo was eager to leave, but Shi Xiuer rounded up the two palaces that the Tianzhu fleet planned to explore. The stone family wise men dug up some secrets from the long river of history.
There are still four palaces and three treasure houses in the original forest. Now it is good to subtract two palaces and analyze them according to the map Shi Xiuer carries with him. The other two palaces and two treasure houses were wiped out. The foreign affairs staff of his Shi family had already set off for these places half a year ago, leaving a treasure house.
To say that this treasure house or Xiao Han personally set up the forbidden area in those days was that one day he encountered unexpected refuge and cultivation. No one knew the specific location except the sinking blade, but he was not afraid of being dug up by the stone family. Even so, Lin momo was depressed, and his adventure was greatly reduced. The stone family really had a set.
The Tianzhu fleet has a mobile processing factory like Langqi, so it is natural that we can’t miss the Green Wave Star vein. Lin Sisuo made a field trip with the help of deep cracks these days.
There are many poisons in the land, and some of the most primitive vertebrates, Morgan Teng, have evolved and become crystal clear. The toxins are further converging, which makes Lin momo particularly happy.
This time, the Tianzhu fleet has prepared a lot of purple bismuth metal, but this is not the biggest gain of this trip. Shi Xiuer’s wealth makes Lin momo feel rich at first. Take that cauldron as an example, it is simply a warship’s defensive device.
Previously, the Phantom of the Opera’s third-floor matrix was hidden in a half-kettle, which has been self-repaired. However, some damage methods have erased the power drop, which is very obvious. Lin momo gave this half-kettle to Lilith after thinking a little.
It’s a big problem that the Blood Reward often goes out to spy on security. Lin momo means to go to the earth for a face-to-face armed with the cloud lock contract in his hand, but he should be careful in the last two months.
In addition to the kettle to bring Lin momo unexpected surprise, ten pieces of material disintegration and destruction bombs and thirty-five pieces of black flame armor-piercing bombs are like a timely rain that fills the high-end attack force of Tianzhu fleet. Although Bai captured Phoenix Star, he also captured some ammunition, but both quality and quantity are compared with Shi Xiu’s collection.
A little girl from Stone House is so rich. Lin momo really wants to meet a few more people who belong to Shi Xiu’s equipment. The same is true for the Phantom of the Opera public trading platform to sell high-purity refined crystal ore at low prices.
In addition to the sudden natural barrier badge, Lin momo left two pieces of equipment for himself, and all the advanced equipment was given to the genus. If Shi Xiuer armed with these equipment, the brothers Wu could not have been defeated so thoroughly. This is the price paid by meanness.
Speaking of Shi Xiuer’s contribution to these two pieces of equipment, there are some famous tricks. One is the collection of equipment in the palace in Xiao cold place. The name is the control grain ring, which is specially used to train wild war animals. The other piece of equipment is created by the stone family and called the chameleon beam suit, which is specially used to avoid the detection of experts, and even the hidden eyes can find traces in a short time.
Lin momo’s collection of equipment is not refined. These equipment are of great value to exploration, but Shi Xiuer’s collection is more than that. She actually found a large piece of blood gel
The so-called blood gel is not formed by the coagulation of biological blood, but the debris of the gas planet at the beginning of the formation of the universe. This debris seems to have no weight at all, and it is a dark red substance. The blood vessels are faintly exposed on the surface, giving people the feeling that it is like a flesh and blood fossil. It is really a wonder in the universe.
The probability of blood gel is not low. However, human history has not found that most of the blood gel is a treasure left by Morgan. It is said that this magical substance is good for Brother Wu’s pure source ability, but it has something else when it falls into Lin momo’s hands. That is, it is the seventh piece of equipment equipped with blood scab armor.
Taboo design drawings are all made of raw materials, which are difficult to manufacture. It is relatively simple for Pei Lin to repair today, which is almost enough to cope with.
But Lin momo has never been in a hurry. Since there is a creative division, it is necessary for Pei Lin to go there for further study, which will be good for the whole fleet.
Tenchu fleet finally set off, and Lin momo’s goal became very simple. First, go to the refuge treasure house, second, go to the skeleton star, and third, the earth.
If this trip goes well, we will go to the same place immediately after three months, and the fleet of Quenched Birds will join forces to attack the Red Storm territory.
Lin momo has always been persistent. He has not been frightened by the odd star cruise ship of Phoenix Star. On the contrary, he will be more brave to face darkwave, even if it is destroyed.
On the way, Lin momo took out twelve metal test tubes at the beginning of the third galactic adventure. Ten test tubes in front of them have been opened, but the last two are sealed well. Now it is an opportunity, an opportunity to increase strength.
Pharmacists have developed high-altitude energy drugs with extraordinary effects, and they can even be integrated into missiles to restrict the enemy’s killer weapon. Momo Lin has high expectations for the last two test tubes.