The t of mastering that stick is the fight spirit of the monks.
Fight against heaven and fight against the spirit.
Only when the fighting spirit and fighting consciousness of the monks reach a certain level can they gain the recognition of the bucket stick and gradually give full play to some of its strength.
If Sun Hao didn’t start the control mode, Sun Hao still has a long way to go to master the bucket stick.
It seems that there is no specific standard for each step, but there are three obvious stages in general.
The three stages are bucket stick, bucket ground and bucket sky.
At present, Sun Hao’s mastery of the bucket stick is in the first stage, the introduction stage of the bucket stick.
The bucket stick is easy to understand and master. First of all, the monk should be able to fight against the momentum of the bucket stick without falling into the wind.
If you can’t resist the momentum of fighting against the sky and want to control it, it’s a fantasy.
Sun Hao fought proudly for the lack of strength in order to restore his strength, but he didn’t fall in the wind at all. Instead, he met the requirements of fighting sticks and started to control the road with fighting sticks.
At present, Sun Hao can only achieve the effect of "fighting sticks" initially, that is, he can increase the control of fighting sticks and reduce the difficulty of the first stick of "fighting three sticks" and "fighting thousands of miles"
It is still unknown what conditions need to be met in order to complete the fighting stick and meet the requirements of fighting ground. It still needs Sun Hao to gradually realize and realize in his future practice.
Sun Haoyou feels that the tough name of the three sticks in the bucket is very strong. It is not easy to learn these three sticks. It is estimated that there is still a long way to go before the bucket is taken.
If you want to learn how to move the stars with the second stick and break the sky with the third stick, it is estimated that this world can’t do it.
Sun Hao kept his fighting spirit, and the momentum of fighting with the stick continued to entangle and influence each other. After sitting in the tower for several years, Sun Hao gradually reached a wonderful balance with the stick, and vaguely felt that he had reached a foundation with the stick.
If there is, there seems to be some wonderful spiritual connection.
Moreover, Sun Hao can feel that after several years of resonance, his stick has reached a small limit. At present, he may be able to do so. It is estimated that it will take a long time to go forward.
I don’t know how long it has been since the burial day market. Sun Hao dare not stay long and call it a day.
After carefully sensing the stick, Sun Hao’s face showed a faint smile.
Over the past few years, Sun Hao’s harvest has been great, and the state of sealing the town has been greatly alleviated. Sun Hao’s external knowledge base has returned to its original level.
However, because the bucket stick is too high-end, Sun Hao now feels like a child moving a huge stone, and it is difficult to walk far and needs a rest.
God’s knowledge can be restored in a short time, but it is very costly. The bucket stick still has a great influence on Sun Hao’s god’s knowledge.
Moreover, Sun Hao can perceive that, as Qing Lao said, it seems that impurities appear in God’s knowledge after Sun Hao’s soul-fighting, and he also has a sense of stagnation.
Sun Hao, sitting cross-legged in the air chamber, took out the soul-washing symbol and patted himself on the forehead.
Sun Hao also wants to see if the soul-washing symbol will help the gods to know the sea.
Spiritual connection, gods and souls are often complementary. Sun Hao lost his avatar ability when he knew that the sea was sealed. It is for this reason that he hopes that the soul washing charm can bring some therapeutic effects.
A chapter washes the soul to Sun Hao’s knowledge of the sea, and a breeze blows.
Knowing the sea rippling gently, Sun Hao felt a burst of carefree feeling in his heart
And Sun Hao even found that knowing the sky in the sea is also floating slightly, not only because he doesn’t dislike the spirit-washing operator blowing a breeze, but also because he feels relaxed and comfortable.
However, the bucket stick is very heavy, and the magical power of the soul-washing operator is not enough to make him float. After a few breaths, the energy of the soul-washing operator runs out and the sea is back to normal.
Sun Hao make persistent efforts to make another chapter.
Over the years, Sun Hao has refined a large number of soul-washing symbols, many of which are available in hand, but the consumption of bucket sticks is very large. Sun Hao has taken more than 100 chapters in hand, and only after the consumption of soul-washing symbols in the sea has there been a significant change.
Finally, the bucket stick is no longer deeply inserted in the sea of Sun Hao’s knowledge, but floats in the sea of knowledge and falls slightly together.
The sense of stagnation and astringency of god knowledge is like a child’s sense of material resources, and many gods have finally recovered.
Corleone heart a little sigh of relief.
When the gods moved the agarwood sword, a sword broke out. Sun Hao stood upright like a mountain. In the air chamber, he was as happy as a mountain, and his strength was restored. At the same time, he had a faint sense of sadness.
When the gods’ ability to be blocked is blocked, they will die heroically, and they can watch them martyrdom and save themselves. If the strength is still there, even if the number of tower generals is full, they can be collected as tower slaves to keep the fire in the future.
But now it’s too late.
It seems that I feel Sun Hao’s mood, and the sounds of light chirping in the agarwood sword are just like comforting Sun Hao.
Small flames appear and the fingertips beat gently.
Mu Dan, dust and waste gold have been restored, and a lot of means can be used to recover. The burial day market is about to enter the best stage, and Sun Hao is finally able to cope with it as much as he can.
If it’s all about fighting power, it may not be like that.
Air chamber sun Hao JIU JIU Yu
It seems that I feel that Sun Hao’s mood is generally young and dull. The Boeing air chamber rings "Xiaohao can’t help Dujiu even if you are in a good state. He’s lost his soul and died, and the Sumeru coagulation tower can’t be closed …"
Sun Hao Zheng slightly and then leaned down and said, "Little Hao understands."
Chapter nine hundred and sixty-five Yaoyuan Miao
Sun Hao-qi stood for a long time in the room and gradually calmed down.
Bitter or sad.
It’s best when the past is over. The thief can accept it when it’s over. Maybe that’s how monks live their lives. Learn to accept reality and accept nai.
After sighing and sighing, Sun Hao focused his attention on the fact that he had just mastered the battle for thousands of miles.
The state of fighting thousands of miles is mysterious and profound, and the experience now is not very deep.
Fighting for thousands of miles is hard to eliminate because of selfishness. In practice, we must constantly uphold’ I’, see’ I want, I want, I hate, I fear’, and fight until we overcome all selfish preferences and stop indulging in wishful thinking before we can enter into a thousand miles of opposing fighting.
Fighting thousands of miles to repair roads depends on all kinds of teaching, but the choice of selfishness depends on the simplicity and purity of the machine …
Fighting for thousands of miles, fighting for the sky, fighting for others, but fighting for the roots is to fight for yourself first.
Fighting against one’s own weaknesses and fighting against one’s own shortcomings can lay the foundation for fighting for thousands of miles.
The fighter’s heart is pure and single-minded all his life, and he is invincible by fighting beside his heart.
Once the battle of thousands of miles is launched, the world will change color, and the people will be proud of their fighting spirit and win thousands of miles.
Sun Hao carefully realized the secret of fighting thousands of miles and found that he was not in control of the situation. This trick has already begun to show signs.
Fighting for a thousand miles, Sun Haoshen was launched with high morale and full of fighting spirit. His fighting ability was greatly enhanced and his overall strength rose by 30%
Moreover, Sun Hao can perceive the state of fighting thousands of miles, and he should be able to plague most of the negative States, which means that many strange magic secrets should have a great impact on himself.
The most important thing is that the state of fighting thousands of miles is very strange and lasts for a long time, which allows monks to fight thousands of miles. It is not empty talk, and unlike most temporary ascension occult arts, fighting thousands of miles has sequelae
That is to say, although Sun Haoxian’s knowledge of God has been restored to about 100%, he has gained a great rise once he has exerted his strength for thousands of miles.
Actually, this is just a battle, vice.
The real battle of thousands of miles should be a trick of stick and a trick of conan the destroyer stick.
The real battle is to hit a stick with a stick for thousands of miles, and the sky will fall.