"Hey … it’s not as simple as you think!" Jiuzhong brushed Shen Yue’s shoulder, smiled brightly and said, "But you can rest assured that I am seated in this leading position!"
"You …!" Shen Yue trembles and whispers, "… thank you!"
"hmm? !”
"I said … thank you!"
Nine heavy nao nao head, "thank me? !”
"You just taught that laughing punk a lesson … I thank you for my father!" Shen Yue’s eyes are flowing from side to side, and he dare not make eye contact with Jiuchong.
"Oh, you said it!" Jiuchong smiled with bedroom eyes: "Since you want to thank me, you can’t just thank me. This is too insincere! Why don’t you just thank the end if you want to, and promise yourself ~! "
"… get out!" Shen Yue turned and walked towards the outside of Aolongtang, with his back to Jiuchong’s pretty face with a shallow smile.
Looking at Shen Yue’s graceful posture far away, he snapped his mouth and said, "Gee, why is it always so direct?" ! But I like it, ho ho ~! !”
Shenao’s funeral ended, and there was nothing to say that day. The next day, Jiuzhong was dragged by Shen Yue to attend the burial ceremony of shenao, and at the same time he learned the exact date and place of the leading selection meeting in the Sage Hall. A week later, Fulushou Restaurant!
After attending shenao’s burial ceremony, Jiuzhong and Shen Yue returned to Longyu by car and returned to the apartment. Jiuzhong couldn’t wait to fly back to the room, grabbed the long-lost game helmet, found a comfortable posture to lie down and put it on, and then killed into the game world!
As soon as it appeared in the sixth floor of the Banyun Village Tower, the voice message rang, and nine key messages were opened. Luan’s sweet voice sounded, "Big brother, why don’t you play games for such a long time? Luan really misses you! My sister and I made a lot of money selling equipment together. Aren’t they your darling? Hurry up and get online, you will laugh from ear to ear when you see them! "
"Dear children ~!" Jiuzhong immediately started the fixed-point transmission function of the transmission ring and sent it back to the general office.
Appeared in the general’s office, looked around, didn’t see anyone, must be in the shop! Jiuzhong came to the counter of Dongdong Weapons Store from the back door, only to see Feng Dance greeting guests, while Luan Er was sitting in a chair in the counter, holding a purse in her arms, counting money there!
Jiuchong looked behind Luan’s son and suddenly asked, "You love counting money so much. Do you want to count my money for you?"? !”
"ouch!" Suddenly startled by Jiu Zhong, Luan Er’s money fell into the bag and counted it in vain. "Why are you scaring people? It’s hard to count it in the middle, and you have to count it again!" As he spoke, he turned around and saw that it was a nine-faced smile. "Ah, big brother ~!" Luan Huan called a sound, threw the purse on the ground, jumped up from his chair and flew to Jiuchong. "Big brother, you are finally online! You are so cruel, you haven’t been online for such a long time. Do you want to stop having a baby? !”
"Ahem, how did that happen? I don’t want anyone but Luan! " When Luan’s son hung on Jiu Zhong, Jiu Zhong had to bend down to pick up the purse on the ground while holding Luan’s son. "Oh, my darling!" "
Luan thought Jiuzhong was talking to her, and she was extremely happy. As a result, when she turned to see the purse in Jiuzhong’s hand, her mouth suddenly pursed. "Hum, sure enough, only gold coins are your darling in your heart, and Luan is not important at all!"
"How is that possible!" Jiuzhong handed the purse to Luan ‘er and said, "You see, although gold coins are my darling, now I have given my darling to you without hesitation, which shows that you are more important to me, right? !”
"Yes, hehe ~!"
"Luan, come down quickly, and don’t let that big wolf take advantage of you!" Feng Dance glanced at Jiuzhong and said, "Do you still know how to go online? I thought something happened to your old man. ! Why do you think nothing happened to you? !”
Jiuzhong pointed to the phoenix dance. "You don’t think I will die. You are the most poisonous woman!"
"Hum, I call it putting my family above righteousness. Without you, the world would be peaceful!"
"Oh, my heart is so vicious, and I don’t know that I haven’t been here for a long time. Have you ever secretly lost money from Lao Tzu? !” Jiuzhong leaned back in the chair like Uncle Luan, saying, "Report to Lao Zi quickly!"
"Your little money is not enough for this young lady. If you want this young lady to lose money, she will not be interested!" Feng Dance pointed to the purse in Luan’s hand and said, "Just yesterday, I sold a holy spirit equipment at a 35,000-fold discount. It’s all there! I am afraid that this young lady will lose you, so count it yourself! "
"Don’t count, big brother," said Luan Er. "Luan Er has counted for you several times, and there are not a few, which is exactly 35 thousand!"
"Since Luan Er said that there is no shortage, then there is no shortage!" Jiu Zhong patted Luan Er and said, "Luan Er, you can keep these gold coins. It’s okay to spend money or something, but remember, you can’t give them to your sister. You can only use them alone!"
"Ha ha, ok ~!"
Don’t look away angrily. "Hum, what’s the big deal? This young lady is not rare!" "
"Excuse me, do you have good quality bows and arrows to sell here? !” Nine heavy and phoenix dance are bickering, suddenly a female voice outside the counter asked.
Don’t stay phoenix dance a conversation, nine heavy behind the counter now called to get up first, "there are, what weapons are here! How much do you want? !”
Talking, Jiuzhong put Luan’s son on the chair, stood up and looked out of the counter. When he saw the owner of the female voice, he couldn’t help but be one leng. "Shen … Shen Yue? !”
"Are you? !” Standing outside the counter is Shen Yue. Her image in the game has not changed, almost exactly the same as in reality. Except for her costume, Shen Yue is also one leng when she sees it as nine heavy.
"Yes, yes, it’s me ~!" Jiuchong looked up and down at Shen Yue cheerfully and said, "Ho ho, I didn’t expect that Miss Shen was playing this game!"
Shen Yue indifferently said, "No? This game is not opened by your family! "
"Of course you can play games, but I can’t see you playing games!"
"What do you want? !”
"I don’t want anything!" Nine heavy lying on the counter, mirth way: "since you entered this door, you don’t have to go out again!" "
"You this is a joint venture? !”
"The shop is not black, it is me who is black!" Nine heavy asked: "how, have a home? !”
"What? !”
Nine heavy changed the question, "did you join the league? !”
"What group? !”
"Mercenary group!"