"How dare you hide a living person in your stomach!"
"Who is this girl? When this key suddenly appears, isn’t this a life? "
"It’s too cruel and poisonous. It’s doubtful that this little boy will die at this time, but this little boy deserves it. Who let him bury the gods and kill so many people deserves it?" qR1
The strong people in the square exclaimed and talked about it in succession.
Xiao Yu spewed out his face after the heaven and earth oven, and in his cold eyes, he shot a punch that was more terrible than murderous look towards that girl, far away, and nullified the past.
"Bitch, die for me!"
His fist light instantly exploded through the imaginary number, and Wan Li almost destroyed heaven and earth.
This girl is the one who was injured in the royal caravan and has been hidden in the oven of heaven and earth. I didn’t expect such an important thing to be directly special.
Almost let Xiao Yu possessed!
After Xiao Yu’s fist shot out, it collapsed into pieces, thundered and thundered, and the Gangfeng roared and chaotic, recreating the chaos of Yin and Yang like a dragon, and chased the girl in an instant.
The girl naturally felt the horror behind her and couldn’t help screaming, "Help me! I’m from Jiuquan! Help me!"
"Jiuquan people!"
The purple beard old man’s face changed and he didn’t want to see his body flash. A palm behind the girl took a picture of a divinatory symbol and flew directly from his palm, quickly magnifying it and blocking it to Xiao Yu’s punch. At the same time, the old man grabbed the girl’s body and moved it directly through the heavy.
As soon as the hexagrams flew out, they met Xiao Yubi with a loud noise. They were torn to pieces on the spot, crushed by wild and explosive fists, strangled and smashed. After the hexagrams, they continued to go after the old man and blink of an eye, and then they came behind the purple beard old man.
The purple beard old man’s face changed dramatically and roared, and his whole body was full of vigor. Three purple lotus flowers appeared directly on his head. In each purple lotus flower, a purple figure appeared as general as his face, one stepped on the purple gas with one foot, one was in chaos, and the other wore a purple crown.
"One gasification and three clean-ups, this is the teaching of high school, one gasification and three clean-ups!"
Many strong people in the square exclaimed and recognized this Juexue.
See the three figures rushed out after blazing repeatedly contact with all kinds of metaphysics directly toward Xiao Yu that a punch force to suppress the past.
The sky shook, the sun and the moon collapsed, and Wan Li’s divine light wiped out the heavens and the earth, and nothing could be seen. The three-color figures burst into pieces with a poop-poop sound.
However, Xiao Yu’s fist force finally completely exhausted and dissipated directly from high school.
It’s the first time that the old man with purple beard was pushed to this point by a young player, and even the first gasification and Sanqing were put to use. It is conceivable that Xiao Yu’s punch put pressure on him.
And at this time!
Xiao Yu blew out the punch and then resisted the knife that Long Wanxiu split!
In fact, after he punched out, Long Wanxiu Jack nife fell on him almost at the same time.
Great terror Jack nife severely split to!
Xiao Yu’s whole body was submerged by a harsh knife light, and high school was full of colorful divine light, which broke the sun and moon, shook the world and recreated chaos.
The smell of destruction is everywhere!
The power of this knife broke out more than perfection, splitting Xiao Yushen impartially and firmly.
Stone magic ROM canthus cracked almost couldn’t believe his eyes roar loud "Xiao Yu! “
He didn’t want to rush directly there.
"Come back!"
The purple beard old man drank a big hand and shook his big sleeves to cover the sun, and broke out into a more terrible attraction, and the glow was so terrible that it was taken away from Shimoro.
The stone demon Logan couldn’t help turning himself into a streamer and was directly included in the sleeve robe by the old man with purple beard.
"Purple beard hair put old Xiao Yure dead old kill everyone with her! “
The stone demon Luo Zibeard struggled violently in the old man’s sleeve robe and roared.
At this time, high school is full of terror, energy, breath, colorful light, sweeping away and destroying everything, and the knife is terrible.
Everyone was deeply shocked.
This knife cut out already has a somewhat divine breath!
Even if Xiao Yu’s flesh is the enemy of the world, I’m afraid it can’t withstand this knife.
Long Wan-xu’s whole body collapsed and cut out this knife, and all the strength of the back body was exhausted. The rickety body had no mana fluctuation, so he couldn’t help laughing. "No one can live with my seven-line knife. Xiao Yu, I respect you for being a character, which shows my respect. From then on, I named this magic knife broken Yu Dao hahaha “`"
The words sound just fell and the virtual suddenly shook violently.
All the colorful lights are moving violently towards the depression. It seems that there is a huge sea eye in it, and Fang swallowed all the colorful shekinah and sucked it in.
Goo toot!
The whole virtual capital is boiling and the world is shaking. Not only are the colorful divine lights associated with it, but they are constantly sinking and being swallowed up by the living.
All the people in the square were surprised.
See here colorful shekinah, heaven and earth are violently depressed goo doo-doo, and finally all colorful shekinah disappeared.
A tall figure slowly reveals a long crimson hair dancing wildly, and there are ten merits behind his head. The golden wheel swallows these colorful divine lights and heaven and earth are thrown at his mouth.
It is Xiao Yu!
But at the moment, Xiao Yu was covered in blood, and there was a deep scar on his forehead, which spread all the way to his chest. The deep bone almost split him alive.
He didn’t die, face upwards and swallowed like a beast, swallowing the breath of energy and the emptiness of heaven and earth into his belly.
Chapter six hundred and thirty-seven Ordinary brother
The whole people’s education square is boiling.
Several monks exclaimed in shock.
"Not dead!"
Xiao Yu didn’t die after receiving such a terrible knife, and he swallowed all the energy and breath in the sky.
What does he do? Even after a terrible knife like that, God is bound to die! qR1
This Xiao Yu turned out to be a knife mark!
Everyone can clearly feel that Xiao Yuyuan’s strength has not weakened in the slightest, but on the contrary, his breath is stronger, like a burning sun burning and burning up half the sky, and the light shines brightly for nine days.
It can be said that Long Wanxu’s strength did not pose a threat to Xiao Yu!
The roots of two people are not at the same level.
Long Wanxiu opened his eyes wide and was full of shock and incredible. This knife has tried his best to chop it out and tried all means to kill Xiao Yu.
This man is not too terrible.
Xiao Yu devoured all the energy breath all over the sky, and his body was burning like a big stove, refining all these energy breath.
"This is an innate sacred sacrifice!"
The elders with purple beard and the people’s education have been staring at this place. Too many elders recognized Xiao Yuzheng’s unique skill with a flash of divine light in their eyes.
"How could he congenital holy offering XuanGong? Is it an interception? "
"I don’t think so. How dare I teach you to display this mysterious skill so openly to die?"
"It is said that it is also a success. After the end, call him over and ask, you will know that if the interceptor dares to come undercover and kill directly!"
The communication between these elders will soon be over.
Xiao Yu’s body burst into a horrible breath, and her long reddish hair fluttered wildly. The injury instantly restored her integrity. The chains of order were interspersed back and forth and stared at Long Wanxu. "I have finished learning your strength. Now let you see my strength!"