Ling Feiyang returned to the Song camp with three Japanese heroes, Wang Jian and Yang Miaozhen, two coaches, who were polite to each other. The three people were even more guilty. Although the body has not recovered, they also came to meet three people. Now four people have been in the same camp and laughed at the former grievances.
At this time, it was getting late and everyone went back to their camp to rest. The next morning, Wang Jian invited Ling Feiyang to his camp and told him a strange thing.
Two days before this decisive battle, Wang Jian sent many scouts to scout around. Most of them failed, but none of the seven scouts sent to Otaru Mountain came back!
Scouts, that is, ancient scouts, are usually carried by people with excellent riding skills. Even if they meet the enemy, they can quickly escape by riding. However, none of these seven scouts actually came back and said that they must have met a master!
"This big pill mountain forest shadow legion must be hiding in it! They killed all the scouts for fear that we would find them! " Wang Jian said
"In that case, I’ll go to Daimaru Mountain and have a look! There should be no problem for me to escape even if I am found by them! " Lingfeiyang avenue
"Well, then please Ling Shaoxia!" Wang Jian was full of confidence in Ling Feiyang and immediately answered.
It was the last day of the Battle of Yokohama Coast on March 24th in Fuso calendar. After breakfast, Ling Feiyang rode a fast horse to Daimaru Mountain, which is located in the southwest of Yokohama Coast.
Ling Fei Yang, who is about forty miles away from the Song camp, arrived at the foot of Daimaru Mountain in less than an hour. The mountain road in front of the foot of Daimaru Mountain gradually narrowed, but there were no trees around.
At this time, although it is broad daylight, the road seems to be extremely low with evil wind and gusty wind, just like ghosts wailing and Ling Feiyang’s heart secretly alert. While walking along the mountain road, he pays attention to the surrounding situation and suddenly sees seven bodies lying side by side in front!
Although the seven bodies were dressed, Ling Feiyang immediately judged that they were the seven missing Song Jun scouts!
Ling Feiyang quickly arrived at the side of the seven bodies and was taken aback!
Because next to these seven bodies stood a’ re’ sign with a line of Fusang written on it.
"Ling Feiyang died here!"
Ps: Ling Feiyang successfully captured three Japanese heroes, including Yagyu Naoki, and planned to capture the flying ninja Dazhenxiang. Seven Song Jun scouts disappeared in Daimaru Mountain, 40 miles away from the coast of Yokohama. Ling Feiyang personally went to investigate and found a wooden sign with the words "Ling Feiyang died here"! For the funeral, please see Shunzhu Happy New Year!
Chapter 33 Necromancer
"Ling Feiyang died here!"
Seeing these seven words, Ling Feiyang was taken aback but immediately calmed down!
In this world, there may be people who can defeat Ling Feiyang, but I’m afraid no one can intimidate Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang ignored this’re and immediately turned his attention to these seven bodies!
Although these seven scouts have only been dead for a day, their bodies have shriveled into a thin piece, and there is no blood flowing out of their roots. The whole skin has turned black, and their ears, nose and eyes have festered as if they had been dead for many years!
These dead bodies seem to have been absorbed by something. I’m afraid they can do all this, not people, but monsters!
"Ling … flies … Yang … dies … in … this … land …" A spooky voice suddenly came from a distance and a ghostly figure floated up from a forest!
The figure was dressed in a black robe and dragged to the ground, with a skull face and a pair of eyes exposed. These eyes seemed to have black eyes and no white eyes, which made people feel chilling.
"Seventeen people have appeared in the ten forbearance of Fusang. Is this half-man, half-ghost monster the last forbearance?" Ling float in the sky heart immediately thought of this problem!
Ling Feiyang once heard from Yuan Liuli that the title of the last patient is called "Necromancer". Among the other 17 patients, even Fujita Shibing Wei and Nomura Kenxiong, the top experts in Fusang country, are afraid of him!
However, how powerful this necromancer is, but no living person can understand that all living people will be turned into dead people because of his patience with the necromancer curse.
What is even more frightening is that it is said that this necromancer ninja is actually a dead man! He used to have a name when he was alive, but no one knows it after he died.
"Pro-"The Necromancer spat out a word in her mouth. Ling Feiyang looked up and suddenly found that the sun was hiding behind the clouds, and the dark clouds were pressing down. The whole day was getting dark!
"How can he control the weather? No, he is controlling my mind! " Ling Feiyang suddenly thought of this problem!
"Soldier-"The Necromancer spat out the second word in his mouth, and Ling Feiyang suddenly noticed a strange oppressive feeling coming from all directions!
"This necromancer ninja is a spell? Is such a thing as a spell really in reality? " Ling float in the sky in the heart immediately alert!
"Fight-"The third word of the necromancer just spit out Ling Feiyang, and suddenly he felt a little paralyzed in his limbs. He immediately took a step forward and used a recruit "Kang Long has regrets" to clap his hands at the necromancer!
"Zhe-"The Necromancer spat out the fourth word, Ling Feiyang’s sense of paralysis suddenly strengthened this trick, "Kang Long has regrets", so that half of his arms have fallen uncontrollably!
The fifth word "all-"has been read out. Ling Feiyang’s brain immediately became chaotic and seemed to see a bloody hand stretched out from the front. Five sharp nails were inserted into his chest and tightly grasped the heart!
"This is an illusion …" Although Ling Feiyang immediately warned himself, he still felt a sharp pain in his heart. The whole body stepped back and fell to the ground!
"Be sure to resist this pressure!" Ling Feiyang tried his best to stabilize his mind and legs to support his body from falling to the ground!
"Array-"This sixth word is read from the mouth of the Necromancer. Ling Feiyang suddenly feels something flying out of his body and rising to high school!
Necromancer curse kills the soul out of body experience!
The Necromancer Curse, an ancient ninja skill, can control the enemy’s mind and take away the enemy’s soul!
Because this kind of ninja is so amazing, even the first master of Fuso, Fujita Shibingwei, is very skeptical about its possibility in reality. However, it turns out that this kind of ninja is indeed there!
The necromancer can make this kind of ninja rely not on ghost power but on science!
According to the results of human research a hundred years later, the human body is an energy field, which is transformed from brain waves and is the ultimate force that determines human life and death. When dying, this energy field will float away from the body for a while and then blend into the vast universe and other energy occasions of the dead.
Of course, ancient humans didn’t understand this truth, and the concept of "soul" came into being because they occasionally saw these "supernatural" phenomena, but they didn’t know that "soul" was actually this kind of energy field, which was actually not superstition but science!
The Necromancer used to be a living person before he died, but his energy field was captured by another energy field and prevented it from integrating into the universe. Although his body has already rotted, it still exists in this world!
For more than 20 years, the necromancer has been like a god of death, constantly killing others’ energy fields to supplement his own. Now more than half of Fusang’s ten forbearance has died, and Fujita’s ten soldiers have defended the defeat and finally invited this last forbearance!
With the spell ling flying in the mouth of the necromancer, the soul has floated on his head!
Out-of-body experience usually means that this person is dead, but there is one exception: Ling Feiyang!
Because ling Feiyang has died once! Even the Necromancer doesn’t know about it!
Ling Feiyang was injured by Sanmoni, the first master of Xu Jin Guo, in the Zhongnanshan War. * * Although he stopped transporting souls, he stayed in the battlefield for a long time!
Although his soul had no eyes, it still saw the whole battle process. It was not until Bing Xin finally took his body into the ancient tomb that his soul was sucked in by a black whirlpool!
Ling Feiyang doesn’t know that this soul is actually an energy field from a scientific point of view!
When Ling Feiyang was born, a very strange thing happened. Ling Feiyang was able to cross twice, but she didn’t even know it.
Perhaps Ling Feiyang belongs to those who travel through the sky. This kind of energy field is not so easy to be integrated into the universe and freed from the black whirlpool and attached to the Zhao Wangfu death row after 16 years!