[Gang] Mu Hua Sheng! I see you! Hurry up and everyone will go to the store next to the hot spring to buy something and come over!
[Gang] Mu Huasheng, by the way, just came to play soy sauce. Let’s play with them! They seem to be having a good time!
It’s nice to hang a bottle and stare at the distance. They really think that their Wang is playing with their Wang. You should always look at it! Look what game these guys are playing! Do you really think we play with them? Do you believe that pushing us into a hurry will also make you experience that soy sauce gang leader?
Just as everyone was about to disobey Wang’s orders for the first time, they made soy sauce and looked up.
They are really looking forward to their sister paper. Why hasn’t it come yet?
But what a surprise!
Why are our friends here? Do you know that we have been looking for them for several days and heard that we were here in a hurry? Playing soy sauce helps people think happily.
Suddenly, the red did not shake the fan, and the beauty did not look at it. They all rushed in the direction of their little friends and stayed in the water with the words "save" floating in the water.
Hanging the infusion bag or bottle is very worrying, and everyone is ready to pretend to pass by and leave. Why did this group of goods look over as soon as they were telepathic? Looking at myself playing soy sauce pit, the goods hanging infusion bottles and the people sighing, it seems that today is inevitable.
Let’s just lead them to their own Wang and let him see how badly we have been treated!
Zuo Tangtang watched with joy and was preparing to follow him forward to watch the fun, but the private chat was flashing.
Take a look. It turned out to be a few days without cover.
[Private Chat] Gaihoof Baa ~ Long time no see ~ I miss you very much ~
[Private chat] Pig’s trotters stew their mouths/hum! You will still remember me!
[Private chat] Look at what you said! How can I forget you ~ I forget that anyone can be swollen, but I can forget that our family can be hoofed ~
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters make you less. Leave your disgusting words to your bottle!
[Private Chat] Guy squatted in the corner/went to his class.
[Private chat] Pig’s trotters stew peat! I told you! Can you still remember that my feeling is that your bottle is busy and you come to me after chatting?
[Private Chat] Gay flattery/Look how can you say that! Even if the bottle is not here, I still remember to pinch it!
[Private Chat] But come to our station now!
[private chat] pig’s trotters are stewed. I don’t think we are wonderful here!
[Private chat] What’s wonderful? What are you doing?
[private chat] pig’s trotters are stewed. I’m watching a play! Don’t be ridiculous. I’ll get some melon soda and watch in the front row!
[private chat] Gai Alas, what’s so beautiful about yours! Come here quickly, we are gambling here! Why don’t you bet your luck?
[Private chat] Gai, come on, come on! If you don’t come, I’ll come. You’re screaming!
Looking at such a tough attitude, Gai Zuo Tangtang couldn’t put away the small bench in front of him, so he ordered the delivery.
She dare not say hello to let the soy sauce pits know, or they will make a fuss about their sister paper again. Why don’t they want them? Are they not cute? In order to give herself a healthy and green game environment, she should just keep a low profile and go.
Evening song gang resident
Zuo Tangtang is rare for other gang stations to be as lively as soy sauce stations, because this place in the station is generally nothing big except that it can be ostentatious when it is stationed, except that there are occasional gangs who are famous for coming here to hang up and kill.
They like to engage in all kinds of activities here to make soy sauce. It’s only when the station is so lively that I didn’t expect the night song gang to hold this gambling activity today. Their enthusiasm is quite high! There are so many people! Zuo Tangtang was very emotional at the gate of the night song gang station.
But what about guy?
How come I haven’t found her for a long time?
[Private chat] Where are you?
Guy didn’t answer, but casually gave her an invitation to form a team.
[Private chat] Why is the pig’s trotters stewed?
[Private chat] Cover yourself and find it!
Zuo Tangtang ordered to accept, and as soon as she entered, she wanted to scold peat!
Because her teammates are marked on the map, she thought that Gai might not have typed her own coordinates before letting her look at the map for someone.
But who expected that this was actually a four-person group! She’s a two-man team! There are so many people here How to find the map! This is not cheating her!
Zuo Tangtang was so angry that he thought of simply waiting for her in the same place, but suddenly he thought, what if Gai is really busy? At least, no matter how unreliable she is, she is also a group leader, and now she is presiding over this activity. Think about it and forget it. Let her go and find her!
So Zuo Tangtang squinted carefully over and over again from such a small resident map, which represented teammate little red dot’s efforts to identify the position of the cover.
Finally found the coordinates of the cover before her eyes were spent.
This position is a little close to her.
Zuo Tangtang looked around, huh? No
Turn your eyes around only to find a shadow on the screen?
Zuo Tangtang wondered to move his eyes in the past.
I’ll go!
This cover!
Zuo Tangtang sprayed it! Looking at the one who is trying to fly slowly to climb the door plaque of his own residence to cover Zuo Tangtang, I want to say that this is your business! That’s why you can’t!
It’s just …
Zuo Tangtang doesn’t want to say anything. You need to know whether she is waiting for sorrow in the world of goods.