Qin Leran was an accident in Nanzhai best laid plans … He almost ruined his plan to make her sad.
However, fortunately, his reason prevailed over his emotions, which made him restrain himself from doing his best to create a helicopter crash today.
Without knowing it, Qin Leran is still trying to rack his brains and think about how to go to Nanzhai.
No matter whether Nan Zhai is injured or anything else, Qin Leran is skeptical about what news he has not confirmed with his own eyes.
Chang Li looked at her with a deep frown and apologized. "Miss Bei Gong has sealed the news very tightly. Now we can find out more about Mr. President."
In Qin Leran’s view, Bei Gong sealed the news so tightly that people couldn’t find out any news, which can prove that things are more serious today than everyone imagined.
Casualties. No!
At the thought of these words, Qin Leran’s heart trembled again, so that she was almost able to control her emotions.
She shook her fist so tightly that her nails sank deep into the palm of her hand and punctured her palm with bright red blood flowing out.
She needs to make herself hurt, so that she can calm herself down and sober herself up.
"Miss …" Chang Li was worried when she saw that she was getting paler and paler, but she didn’t know what to say to comfort her.
He has been with her for two or three months, and he knows something about her, especially her feelings for Nan Zhai.
If Nan Zhai lives or dies, her heart is flustered, but she is trying her best to swallow her grief.
"You go" can’t find the news to let Chang Li stay here, and Qin Leran gave a sign for him to go back to his residence first.
"Miss, let me sit with you." Chang Li worried that she was afraid that she would do something to hurt herself when she left.
"No" Qin Leran light way
"But …" Chang Li also want to say what suddenly to Qin Leran firm eyes he darling shut up.
Anyway, she is his master, and he is worried that she can’t disobey Qin Leran’s instructions or go back to his room.
When Chang Li left, the original quiet room became quieter.
Even with the door closed and the windows closed, the sound insulation effect of the doors and windows was very good, but Qin Leran still heard the howling snow outside.
Snow and snow are like ghosts crying and howling, which makes people feel cold. This weather is really annoying.
Qin Leran bite bite lips step up to the window lifted up his eyes and looked out of the window.
Outside the window, there are thousands of lights and colorful lights that illuminate the city, making it a city that never sleeps, and at the same time making it dreamlike and beautiful with heavy snow.
The white snow scene makes the city look much more beautiful, but it is as cold as a dead city, a dead city that doesn’t feel the slightest warmth, and a dead city with no feelings.
If it weren’t for Yinglie’s brother here, she would never stay here for a long time if she came to this city for a few days at most.
A figure appeared outside the trance window, a huge figure, and a Qin Leran was too familiar with the figure.
Seeing the figure, Qin Leran was able to reach for it, but instead of catching the virtual figure, she hit her hand hard on the glass.
The glass is very strong and hard. Qin Leran made a loud noise when she hit her hand, so that she felt as if all five fingers had been smashed.
But Qin Leran didn’t care about finger pain. Once again, she reached out to catch her fierce brother’s hand and hit the thick hard glass again.
Hit her hands swollen again and again, but she still didn’t stop, because she saw that the person was her fierce brother, who she would never give up.
"My brother is me! It’s me I am natural! Can’t you see me? " She waved at the huge virtual figure outside the window, hoping that he could hear her and that he could let her touch him.
But she doesn’t know what happened. She just saw it clearly. It was obvious that the figure suddenly became blurred and blurred. Finally, she couldn’t see him.
"Brother, you are not allowed to go! ! !” Qin Leran was in a hurry to shout his name and hit the glass as if he wanted to break the glass window to take back his dying brother.
But nobody answered her …
The pain let her know that it wasn’t her fierce brother, it was her hallucination.
"Fierce brother …" Called Nan Zhaishi again. Qin Leran raised her hand and wiped her eyes. When the back of her hand touched the warm tears, she knew that she was crying.
It turns out that she is not as strong as she thinks.
Section 52
She is a timid girl.
She was trembling with fear at the thought that my brother might be lying on the operating table in the hospital at this time.
She cried and said, "Brother Lie, you promised me that you haven’t done anything yet. You will be fine, right?"
"Brother Lie …" Shouted his name and smiled with tears. "You told me you wouldn’t leave me alone again."
"Fierce brother, you told me that you wanted to marry me. You said that you would accompany me to the old age … you left me for more than ten years. Now I have finally found you. I haven’t enjoyed your tenderness. How can you lose me again?"
Chapter 926 Fierce brother ok?
More than ten years!
How long is it?
More than ten years!
What exactly does it mean?
Qin Leran didn’t think much about these concepts.
She knew that when she was just a four-year-old girl, a big boy pampered her and protected her as a superhero in her heart.
In the past ten years, the most important thing for her is to grow up quickly. When she grows up and has the ability, she will go to find the superhero who belongs to her and left.
Before she came to country A, she only held a chain with a special totem that he gave her. It took her two or three years to find the totem news and finally found some clues to find him.
Now that she has finally found him, how can she let him lose her again when neither of them has spent a good few days together?
Absolutely not!
She would never let him leave her alone!
Even if you rob her, you have to get him back.
Qin Leran bit his lip and forced himself to calm down again.
France can find another way to get news from Bei Gong again. No matter what the cost, she must go to her fierce brother.
Ding Rinrin-
In the quiet night, the harsh bell suddenly sounded, and Qin Leran was so scared that he got through the phone for the first time.
She wished that the caller was my brother, so the word "hello" was very small, as if she was worried that a little bigger would frighten my brother to hang up.
"However however …"
There is a deep male voice in the words, which is deep, beautiful and sexy, and it is also the most familiar voice of Qin Leran.
He called her name as gentle as water, as if to give her all the tenderness and love in the world.