Teacher Xueer went in and came out again after a wick of incense.
"Sir, this rock wall is about five hundred miles thick, so you can go through it," said Shixueer.
When Bai Zhongxian heard Shi Xueer’s words, he spoke on the spot. It took this demon a million years to get two miles. Will it take him then?
Yan Feng has been staring at Shi Xueer since she heard Shi Xueer’s words. Did she go out just now? ?
Although Shi Xueer can go out like this, Bai Zhongxian can’t go out like Shi Xueer, and he doesn’t have the physical emptiness of Shi Xueer.
"You can’t teleport out?" Bai Zhongxian asked
"Before teleportation, there was a connection and then a broken virtual past, but it was cut off from the outside, so even teleportation would not work," Yan Feng said
Hearing Yan Feng’s explanation, Bai Zhongxian also had the idea of getting out of here.
"We can find another exit," said Bai Zhongxian.
"I looked for it, too, but I couldn’t find it for a long time. I almost couldn’t get it back once," said Yan Feng.
"But I know there is another exit in another place," said Bai Zhongxian.
Chapter II Purple Heart Fire
"What? White brothers but really, "said inflammation chicken excited.
After all, it’s been sealed here for too long, and it’s really enough to hear Bai Zhongxian say that he can still go out, so the horse can’t be excited by himself
"Yes, but it will take about two or three years to keep walking," said Bai Zhongxian
I was happy to hear Bai Zhongxian describe Yan Feng Ma. It seems that there is a real export. Although Bai Zhongxian said that he would go for two or three years, it is many times better than being sealed in this billion years.
"The white brothers, let’s go" Yan Feng obviously doesn’t want to stay here for a moment.
"Good," said Bai Zhongxian, and led Shi Xueer to the line.
It took Bai Zhongxian about two months to get to the bottom of the entrance. It was the same all the way. The scenes were liquid flames and glass-like rock walls around.
At the bottom of this hundred thousand miles, there is a flame like an ocean, and it is much brighter than at the square entrance. From the original red liquid flame to the white liquid flame now, you can see thousands of meters here. You know, Bai Zhongxian can see thousands of miles away from the earth, but he can’t see the front. It is because the flame temperature here is too high and too bright.
Bai Zhongxian, they dare not continue to walk, but they are sticking to the top rock wall and marching towards the volcano exit where Bai Zhongxian once met. At this moment, they can’t see the fire in the distance. Everyone will stretch out their gods’ knowledge, so that they can "see" a lot more things than their eyes. Bai Zhongxian covers it for thousands of miles at a time. Although this is a bit god-consuming, it takes a while to explore it and then look for the direction to travel.
It wasn’t long before the ant emperor couldn’t stand it, so he was sent to the world by Yan Feng. Now there are Bai Zhongxian, Yan Feng, and Shi Xueer. Shi Xueer’s figure is doomed to be unaffected by external forces, and Bai Zhongxian hopes that the temperature here will be higher. Anyway, his roots will not be affected. The higher the temperature, the more fire energy he can absorb, and then he can transform more sun into real fire.
After flying in this place for half a year, Bai Zhongxian finally met a roadblock.
On this day, Bai Zhongxian and Yan Feng were flying, and suddenly a group of high purple flames appeared in front of them. In the white liquid flame, a group of purple suddenly appeared, which was very abrupt. No gods found out. With the naked eye, Bai Zhongxian and they saw this purple fire.
Seeing this flame, Bai Zhongxian’s horse stopped, and this flame turned around Bai Zhongxian several times as if consciously.
Although it is a flame, Bai Zhongxian feels that the energy contained in it is many times more than the surrounding white liquid flame. Even in this white flame, it can be like taking a bath, and Feng seems to be very afraid of this sudden purple inflammation.
"What is this?" Bai Zhongxian asked
"Purple Heart Fire" Yan Feng said.
"This is the strongest flame tied with the true fire of the sun-and it’s just in the middle of the story. Almost no one has ever seen it, but it’s only in the ancient story," said Yan Feng.
"This fire has a special place? Can be tied with the sun’s true fire "Bai Zhongxian wondered.
"This flame is powerful because it has a certain consciousness," said Yan Feng.
"What? Consciousness. You said he was conscious? Isn’t that a demon? " Bai Zhongxian surprised way
"No, although conscious, it is very low, and it will always be like this. It can’t be a demon, or the conditions for him to become a demon are too harsh, so he has never been able to become a demon purple heart fire," Yan Feng said
"And this purple heart is still a treasure of refining," Yan Feng said.
"Refiner?" Bai Zhongxian said
"But just like your sun’s true fire, it is characterized by burning everything, and its characteristic is that element recombination is to decompose all substances into the most primitive elements. If someone controls it, those elements can be recombined in the direction of people’s minds to make the purest materials or the most ideal magic weapon." Yan Feng said.
"oh? So powerful? " Bai Zhongxian asked
"Of course, in the source, there are a few pieces of purple heart fire refining magic weapon, which are even worse than the innate Lingbao," Yan Feng said.
"Then this fire is more precious than ordinary innate treasure." Bai Zhongxian said in surprise.
"Yes, it’s too difficult to clean up this purple heart fire. It is said that the person who refined magic weapons with purple heart fire has spent more than 100 million years with purple heart fire to get the recognition of purple heart fire. Otherwise, it can’t be collected. You know, this is a flame that decomposes everything. Nothing can be loaded with this flame because it is quickly decomposed as your real sun fire. It seems that we are going to miss this baby this time." Yan Feng said that obviously Yan Feng was not sure to collect this purple heart fire.
During Bai Zhongxian’s speech, the purple heart seemed to be very curious. At present, three people, especially Shi Xueer, turned around the crowd several times and the horse turned around Shi Xueer as if he had met something new.
"Sir, I seem to be able to communicate with it," said Shixueer.
"What can you understand it?" Bai Zhongxian asked in surprise
Inflammation phoenix is horrified to look at the teacher cher. What’s the position of this teacher cher? This pair of rock walls can come and go freely, but they can still communicate with Purple Heart Fire? ? ?
"It’s not talking, it’s as if I can understand some of its general ideas, and it seems to accept me. I mean, it seems that it has no concrete logical consciousness, but it just has various emotions. Now it seems very happy to see us," said Shi Xueer.
"Oh?" Bai Zhongxian mused and said, "Can he accept our ideology?"
"It shouldn’t," said ShiXueEr.
"Then you let it come to our right," Bai Zhongxian said to Shi Xueer.
So Shi Xueer passed these thoughts on the purple heart fire, and sure enough, the purple heart fire horse floated to Bai Zhongxian’s right.
"Okay, haha, Cher, since you can control it, introduce it into the wild world. I’ll carve a piece under the wild world to hold the heart of this place and let it stay inside, okay?" Bai Zhongxian said to Shi Xueer through the brand of true spirit
"Good master" teacher cher answered.
Then ShiXueEr and Purple Heartfire disappeared. Of course, now they have entered the universe, and Bai Zhongxian can create one in the universe if he wants to control his mind. Then ShiXueEr went in with the purple heartfire, but soon Bai Zhongxian didn’t put the geocentric fire inside. Some geocentric fires automatically formed around the purple heartfire, and soon some liquid white flames appeared. Outside the white flame, there was a liquid red flame, and it was still increasing.
Chapter III Regression
"Yanfeng, it seems that we are going to stay here for a while. Shall we go after refining this purple heart fire?" Bai Zhongxian said
"Okay," Yan Feng said very callously.
Bai Zhongxian and Shi Xueer’s ability have obviously subverted Yan Feng’s cognition. Yan Feng has been in surprise just now. Now it’s even more unacceptable to listen to Bai Zhongxian refining the purple heart fire, because this purple heart fire has never been heard of anyone refining it. The former master of the purple heart fire refining device also established some friendships with the purple heart fire and got its approval.
Then Bai Zhongxian suddenly disappeared. What is this? What is this innate treasure? You can’t put yourself in and leave no traces outside. How did this suddenly disappear? Don’t see the slightest trace at all.
After Bai Zhongxian entered the wild world, the horse appeared beside Shi Xueer, that is, the one in the land
At this time, many liquid flames have been produced.
"Can Cher let it blend into this world?" Bai Zhongxian asked
"I’ll try," said ShiXueEr.
Then he handed the meaning of Bai Zhongxian to the purple heart fire.
"It didn’t object," said Shi Xueer.
"That’s good for me," Bai Zhongxian said excitedly.