"hmm!" Miao nodded his approval to his mother’s words. "Please take care of Xiao Yu that night. I’m afraid there will be any problems when there are many people and mixed children."
"Don’t worry, I will worry more about you after whispering!" Liu Ziyan seems to have found a new spiritual sustenance.
"Who is this little girl? She’s very clever!" Shen Li came in with Shuiche, and Sun Xiaoyu followed.
"It’s my daughter!" Miao is proud to look at Sun Xiaoyu. She wants to see the sense of belonging of the child.
"You are blessed! Twenty-three years old with a six-year-old daughter, you are really catching up with Britain and the United States! " Shen Li joke teasing way
☆, Chapter 271
Shen Li didn’t come to Liu Zhai for a while, and she didn’t know anything about Chen Lan and Sun Xiaoyu. Listen to Miao and think she was joking.
"Will you call me menstruation after whispering?" It is unrealistic to want to give children a real sense of belonging as a mother, but menstruation can still do it.
"Yes, yes!" Sun Xiaoyu looked excited. She felt that she had become a little princess as soon as she was treated. At ordinary times, she was too lazy to take a reason for Liu Ziyan. She was also enthusiastic. Now she can be called menstruation, which means that she is also a small master here. "Is menstruation a whisperer after here?"
"Of course, menstruation’s family is a small language family. Xiaoyu is a small master here like his brother!" Miao put it in Yangyang’s lower abdomen and touched Xiaoyu’s shoulder. "Go play with Che’s younger brother and let grandma take you!"
"hmm!" Sun Xiaoyu told himself in his heart that he must be obedient, so that more people would like his mother to come back and get better treatment.
"Mom, take them to the amusement room. I’ll chat with Lily for a while!" Miao Liu Ziyan looked aside.
"Good you chat!" Liu Ziyan picked up the self-entertainment from the sofa and Sun Xiaoyu followed her and went out.
"What’s the matter with this child?" Shen Li is full of curiosity.
"The whisper is that Sun Tianning and Chen Lanhai are with me now!" I feel heavy if I don’t want to deepen the gray information.
"Sun Tianning?" Shen Li looked surprised. "That’s the Sun Tianning who almost killed you and Yin Fan were a group?"
"Don’t say that. It’s all over!"
"You are really generous!" Shen Li is sincere.
"He was also confused and mixed up. He had to take the initiative to tell the truth anyway, otherwise it wouldn’t be so popular to find out the ins and outs of things so quickly. The biggest yuan murderer has already died. Can I still let him carry all the charges? Their family is finally reunited in the United States, and no one can bear to have such a lovely daughter! "
"Then how can they be willing to leave their daughter here?" Shen Li thinks this is too unnatural.
"They lit a fire in the United States. Sun Tianning didn’t come out of the fire again to save his daughter. All his belongings were burned down and Chen Lan came back with his children!"
"God still has a long eye to get ill-gotten gains like that, and even if he gets it, it will be annihilated by fly ash!" It’s a pity that Shen Li feels as if she still has some happiness. "How many lives were burned in kv in those years? Which life has no family can be regarded as good and evil!"
"Well, don’t talk about it. Children are always jealous. I don’t want to whisper my father’s guilt pressure!" Miao stopped Shen Li from criticizing this emotion, which is easy to expand. She didn’t want Shen Li to show any emotion when she was facing Sun Xiaoyu later.
"What about Chen Lan? Why didn’t I see it?" Shen Lishi don’t think it’s necessary to recognize this relative. Why do you want to be menstruation for others? It’s so inexplicable!
"alas!" Miao sighed and told her what happened that day again. She believed that Shen Li would not talk nonsense.
"This is one good turn deserves another!" Shen Li listened to the aftertaste for half a day and looked at the breast-feeding child in Miao’s arms. She couldn’t help but sigh.
"How about you and ink painting? I heard my mother-in-law say that ink painting especially hurts children. Don’t worry!" I changed the subject and didn’t want to aggravate the sad atmosphere in the room.
"He is very kind and meticulous to us!" Shen Li’s lip angle has a slight radian, but there is still a feeling of loss in her eyes. "I feel like I can’t see the most real thing in his heart like ink painting."
"Do you think too much?" It’s normal that he has lost a lot of memories and needs a process to adapt to everything.
"Really?" Shen Li light looking at following "maybe I’m too sensitive! But sometimes it’s really hard for women to get rid of their sixth sense. I hope I think too much! "
"It would be nice to live a down-to-earth life. Now that your son is so good and your husband is so dedicated, don’t think so much!" I think that women sometimes love to entertain foolish ideas and have such problems themselves. "In fact, happiness is a feeling that it is very satisfactory to have a healthy child and a safe family together! Isn’t it? "
"too!" Shen Li smiled happily. Maybe people just don’t have enough time. Isn’t that what she expected at first? Why do you feel that something is missing now? Shen Li felt that she had really become greedy.
"I’m glad to see your family really come together to cheer!" Miao patted Shen Li on the back of her hand.
"I am much luckier than Maggie and Shen Xing!" Shen Liyin took a hint of sadness, so young, two lives, so happy, and such a period was destroyed. How can it be a pity to sum up!
"Don’t go to Maggie in front of my mother. She’s just relaxed now. I don’t want her to be sad!" Miao hurriedly woke up.
"I think it’s better not to let her go late, so the scene will definitely hurt!"
"Since she said she would go, let her go. Everyone will always have a look after her!" Seeing that Yangyang was asleep in her arms, she gently put the child on the crib. "Aunt’s mood must be very unstable today. You should pay more attention to it at night, so let her go home and rest first!"
"I want to go over and see if my mother-in-law seems to have been crying all the time. I really don’t know if I can persist until late!" Shen Li thinks what Miao said makes sense.
"It’s better to stay late. She won’t leave now!" Miao covered the child with a small quilt and pulled Shen Li out of the bedroom. "Later, we used to try to persuade my aunt and uncle to come back and rest at home for a night. Let me stay at the mourning hall tonight, and you will have a rest block if you change to this. I estimate that there will be no fewer guests coming here tonight. Popular has already arranged mourning hall things."
"Thanks to you, I really don’t know what to do!" Shen Li grateful to hold the following hand.
"You are definitely not strong, but it happened so suddenly!" I shook Shen Li’s hand. "You go to the amusement room to accompany the children. I’ll go to the kitchen to see what’s going on. There are many things to prepare today. I’ll help!"
"Well, thank you!" Shen Li really feels like a family. Although she is a little wife, she is still very caring.
After dinner, Miao and Shen Li took their children and set off first. Yuan Qing and Wu sat in Liu Ziyan’s driver’s hand. They held a carefully prepared dinner for everyone and a meal for grandpa. Sun Xiaoyu sat in the co-pilot seat and gave it to her directly. She gave it to Wang Sao to take care of and take care of her family. Grandpa has gone back to his room to see Miao. I think it is too scientific to arrange grandpa in the building, at least to avoid the tragic situation of rolling stairs.
The mourning hall is located in the hospital. Yuan Huaqiang’s body is quietly placed in the middle. All kinds of flowers and cypresses have been surrounded in front of the altar, and incense sticks have been placed.
"In-laws grandpa, we are coming to see you!" Yuan Qing said, the offerings prepared in the lunch box were very solemn, and even the plates and chopsticks were ready to be neat.
"I know that you always like to drink two, and I have prepared it for you. You can make do with two drinks when it’s still cold!" Wu scooped out a bottle of Wuliangye from his coat pocket, covered it and poured three cups on the altar.
"Dad’s parents are coming to see you!" Yuan Meiyin has been hoarse and her eyes are red and swollen. "Daughter is unfilial and her daughter hasn’t been able to make a few side dishes for you personally. Don’t blame her! Blare-"
"You still have to be sorry for her aunt’s death!" Yuan Qing went to Yuan Mei for comfort.
"I feel sorry for my dad. If I hadn’t gone out, this period wouldn’t have happened!" Yuan Mei is so regretful that her intestines are green.
"It can’t be all your fault that many coincidences have come together. Don’t blame yourself too much!" Yuan Qing pulled Yuan Mei to the back rest area and gave everyone a lunch box.
"Grandpa, Che and I have come to see you!" Shen Li knelt in front of Yuan Huaqiang’s altar with her child in her arms. Ink helped to light incense and silently burned paper.
Lu Fengxing has already received Yangyang’s "Thank you!"
"What are you talking about!" She shook the man’s hand and knew that his heart was full of pain.
"I’m going to leave a wake for my grandfather today. You can go home with the children later!" Lu Fengxing still loves children and women.
"We stayed with you today, so let Xiao Yan and Xiao Uncle go back to have a rest first. I don’t think Xiao Yan’s condition can last." Miao gently touched the child’s forehead. "Children can sleep anywhere with their mothers. We pushed the car!"
"I don’t want you to work too hard!" Lu Fengxing held the woman’s hand, and her eyes were thick and cherished.
"I won’t feel hard at all to be with you!" The beautiful big eyes are as tender as water.