She kept her word.
"Kill me?" Qin Yinze’s repetition of Qin Leran’s words seems to be wondering how likely she is to say this sentence.
"So you’d better not impress him, otherwise my sentence is definitely not as simple as talking about it." Qin Leran said this sentence with a shallow smile on his lips.
Brother Lie, she can go to the disaster area to rescue people regardless of her life.
She can also set fire to kill people if she kills her brother.
"Nanzhai is the head of a country in Tangtang. He holds the highest army in China. What can I do to him?" Qin Yinze smiled bitterly. "But now that you are my sister, I’ll wake you up again. Don’t think so simple about your fierce brother. His deep belly is far more dark than you think."
The truth of some things is often unexpected; Some people are far from being as simple as you see, not as beautiful as you think.
With that, Qin Yinze hung up. He didn’t want to listen to Qin Leran’s words, but he always protected the man. It would hurt his heart and make him feel lost. He never had an idea.
That idea is so terrible that he feels scared …
"naturally!" Reading her name in his mouth, he looked at the distance in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the high-rise building. That position is exactly where the Lins are and where Qin Leran is at this moment. "When can you stop and look back?"
Tell her to stop and look back!
This idea made Qin Yinze laugh lightly when he became so naive.
He knows very well that Qin Leran’s eyes in this generation can see her fierce brother in front.
He knows very well that Qin Leran in this generation can never give up her fierce brother on his own initiative.
Therefore, she will never take the initiative to look back and not see him behind her. He can’t see him standing by her side for so many years and paying her silently.
When is it?
He wants her so much that she is no longer just a brother who is good to her sister, but a man who is good to a woman.
Perhaps it was when he watched her grow up and become more beautiful and attractive day by day that this idea grew in his mind.
September should be the best weather in a year, but Qin Yinze thinks the weather is terrible now.
It’s so bad that it’s suffocating
Damn it!
What, he’s torturing himself like this?
He’s not so forbearing. He can do more …
Knock, knock-
The knocking at the door interrupted Qin Yinze’s thoughts. He closed his eyes slightly and packed up his emotions. "Please come in!"
"Gentleman, you asked me to check people. I found it." Tang Yi pushed the door and came in and handed Qin Yinze the information with both hands. "Do you see if there are any more?"
"When Uncle Tang had the two of us, you were not so polite to me." Qin Yinze also held out his hands and took the document and added, "If you hadn’t pitied me and sent me to the Qin family, I wouldn’t have become a Qin family, let alone your company."
"that’s your destiny, young master, and it has nothing to do with me" is the main saying, but as a wise and sensible person, you must never climb along the pole or the consequences will be very sad.
"If this is my destiny, then you are also the noble person who changed my destiny direction." Qin Yinze did not talk about business but recalled things many years ago.
"Gentleman, you really flatter me. The thing in those days was that you knew how to seize the opportunity, and it was always Qin who saw you and I really didn’t." The Lord suddenly came to Tang Yi and didn’t know what he was doing. He was guilty and wiped his cold sweat.
Qin Yinze temper turned and added, "Uncle Tang, you were my father’s special help. It’s really wronged you that he sent you to my side to do things in the past two years."
Tang Yi listened more guilty and immediately said, "It’s my pleasure to let Mr. Qin transfer me to the gentleman’s side."
"Uncle Tang has worked hard for you these two days. Go and rest for two days. There are still things for you to do for me in a couple of days." Qin Yinze said politely and politely, but the expression on her face made people see it, but she couldn’t say it without fear.
Tang Yi hurriedly motioning with his hand "gentleman I don’t work hard I …"
Qin Yinze eyebrows a pick interrupt Tang Yi words "uncle tang, you don’t call me a gentleman, you don’t want to listen to me?"
Tang Yi felt that his back was cold and he didn’t dare to say anything superfluous. He quickly left in despondency.
After graduating from college, Qin Yinze took over some heavenly crafts. He was polite to our company, and he was very famous in the heavens.
He is an extremely clever man. He knows that his father asked Tang Yi to come to him to do things, not just for Tang Yi to help him, but for Tang Yi to monitor everything.
Section 416
After all, he is an outsider, and his successor can be the Qin family’s blood.
Qin Leran is most loved by her father and wants her to go back to new york or Jiangbei to work in Shengtian … Then Shengtian will be her sooner or later.
Chapter 733 Give up the following chapter.
Qin Leran is a clever child, and it is not impossible for her to be willing to learn from others and manage Sheng Tian well in the future.
But she didn’t want to!
She married her fierce brother, angered her father, and gave up the status of Sheng Tian’s first successor.
How many people envy the position, how many people struggle for generations and can’t get anything, but in her eyes, she is far from being a man
Is it worth it?
Qin Yinze tried to ask her this question several times, but he didn’t ask because he knew her answer must be yes.
After hanging up for a long time, Qin Leran’s mind is still ringing back and forth. Qin Yinze just said those words.
To tell the truth, she also believes that her fierce brother can get to where he is today. He must have other means and strategies.
There are many people in this world who will choose different methods to achieve their goals, but they can’t be said to be bad people, but everyone has different methods.