"This name is very atmospheric. The baby really screamed when he was born in the morning sun!" I liked the name "Baby, you will be called Lu Xiaoyang later. It’s mom’s little sun!" "
"Do you like the name too?" Lu Fengxing encircled women and children.
"like it! The old man’s name will definitely be auspicious. Did you thank Grandpa for the baby! " It’s perfect to lean against the man’s cervical fossa at this moment
"Grandpa and grandpa stayed until noon before leaving the two old people. Your mother-in-law and father-in-law are reluctant to leave. If it weren’t for everything, it is estimated that they are still holding our little Yangyang at the moment." Yuan Qing gave the chicken soup to Miao with a beaming face.
"No, I’ll feed you?" Lu Fengxing took the chicken soup from Yuan Qing.
"Come and give me the baby!" Yuan Qing took the child from Miao’s arms and gently put it in the crib. "We all survived. After this month, our baby just ate, slept and ate!"
Looking at my parents’ hearts around little Yangyang, I also looked gratified.
"Come and drink the chicken soup!" Lu Fengxing said that he had fed the spoon to his mouth.
"You don’t want to sit on the moon with me!" Miao Shu leaned back in bed and Meimei drank chicken soup.
Section 33
"We have to be together. I want to accompany you and your children out of the moon!" Lu Fengxing is willing to feed the little woman, hoping that she can recover soon.
"Then have a drink, too. We’ll share the happiness!" Miao took the spoon from the man’s hand. "I feed you!" "
"Don’t worry, there’s more. It’s definitely enough for you two!" As Yuan Qing said, he filled another bowl. "Two people should pay attention to rest when they are hot!"
"Yes!" Miao naughty gave Yuan Qing a gift and took the chicken soup from his mother.
"I am still so naughty when I am a mother!" Wu funny shook his head.
"That mom is not mom, mom. I shouldn’t be naughty here!" Miao Chongwu’s nose is still so cute.
Natural childbirth is such an advantage that it can recover much faster after giving birth, and the whole state is much better. As soon as the belly is small, the body is light, and it seems that the horse can land.
The mobile phone rang before Lu Fengxing finished drinking chicken soup in his pocket.
"hey!" Lu Fengxing went outside with a mobile phone.
"There are so many people who come to see the baby today that they are not allowed to come in to see you for fear of disturbing your rest. Children can graduate from college with red envelopes!" Yuan Qing and his daughter talked a lot.
"Is it so exaggerated?" The following gentle looked at the child.
"Of course there is!" Wu also joined in. "Your mother-in-law and aunt gave a check directly, and grandpa and grandpa also gave a big red envelope. This child was born with a golden spoon!"
"I don’t want children to carry such a big burden. It’s better to keep it simple!" I feel that I am ordinary, and my childhood is far from happy. The simpler the childhood, the better.
"One person, one life, our grandson is so small and rich!" Yuan Qing spoiled and looked at Xiao Yangyang.
"Again, children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren!" Wu patted Yuan Qing’s shoulder to wake up the essence of his daughter’s parents.
Everyone talked about the popularity of the day and the land, but they were not so relaxed. I think there must be something wrong. "What’s the matter?" Miao still can’t help but ask 1
"Don’t worry about work!" Lu Fengxing gave Miao a bowl of chicken soup again. She didn’t want the little woman to think too much.
"You take good care of your body work now and leave it to the fashion. Now nothing is as important as your recovery. Little Yangyang is still waiting for your milk!" Yuan Qing is awake at one side. "Go to sleep after drinking chicken soup. I’ll cook you some noodles later. It’s popular to have a good sleep. If the child wakes up, I’ll give it to you and let him try to suck it today!"
"Mom, thank you!" I really appreciate my parents in my heart.
"If we don’t, we’ll go back to rest late, and then we’ll work hard and be popular with Liu Ma!" Yuan Qing handed the thermos bucket to Liu Ma. "We’ll change your class during the day!"
"I can’t bear to let me go today, young master!" Liu Ma quickly took the thermos and went straight to the small kitchen in the vip ward. She didn’t come until this afternoon, and she was still in good spirits.
Looking at the bleak expression of Lu Fengxing, I really feel that everything is over. He hopes that Gao Qing can also get through this. Perhaps it is also a good way to hide it properly. It is necessary to hold high the matter and make up his own mind.
In the military office, he sat down in the office chair with his head held high and decadent, and finally came out. The murderer who killed Xia Dahai has been found out. It was a prisoner in the prison, but it was an early warning instruction. In the end, he told Lu Fengxing the truth. All the blame points to Chu Yalan.
It was his sister-in-law, Lu Fengxing, who didn’t have a face. He also knew that it would be too big to be involved, so he told Gao Qing the result and finally decided whether to hold it or not.
To tell you the truth, Chu Yalan has paid great attention to covering it up. If it is not popular and tough in Lu, it is absolutely impossible to find out this exceptional collusion crime. In fact, for Xia Dahai, if it is not Gao Qing’s efforts to protect the death penalty, it is absolutely inevitable. For Xia Dahai, the result is self-inflicted. No wonder others are designing it.
But the key point is that since Gao Qing promised Xia Shuang to take care of Xia Hai, and the court made a suspended death sentence, Chu Yalan’s practice became Xia Shuang’s killing his father and enemy. How can we solve this vendetta to ensure family harmony?
Gao Qing is really puzzled!
After thinking for a long time, Gao Qing still dialed the jargon of Landwind. If he can help him at the moment, there will be Landwind.
Whoa whoa whoa whoa-
I don’t know how long I slept again. I woke up listening to the child crying. "Are you hungry?"
"Is it bothering you?" Lu Fengxing is giving the child milk powder. Liu Ma patted the child and coaxed him.
"Let me give you a hug!" Miao propped himself up and stretched out his arms.
"The baby is hungry, isn’t it?" A child’s lips were gently teased by his fingertips. The baby was sensitive and turned his head. That was looking for nipples.
"The horse is fine. The water is a little hot and needs to be cool!" Lu Fengxing is in a hurry, feeling that children are still in a hurry.
"Without us crying and exercising, we are also doing exercise!" Miao said and unbuttoned his chest. "Let’s see if mom’s food is ready!"
As soon as the nipple was put on the baby’s lips, the child gasped in his mouth. The strength made the blood vessels feel unobstructed. This is the child’s efforts in his own rations!
"Come on! You will definitely let your mother bring you enough rations! " Miao gently stroked the child’s little head and hoped that her milk would come earlier, but it is estimated that it will be the earliest.
Whoa whoa whoa whoa-
Sweat came out after smoking the weather, but I still didn’t drink sweet milk. The little guy quit as soon as he started crying, and he seemed to be accusing his mother of it.
"Well, well, the horse can eat it!" Although Liu Ma is around, Lu Fengxing still prepares these in person, which is the performance of a good dad.
"Give me the baby!" Lu Fengxing took the child from Miao.
"Can you do it yourself?" I don’t trust to hand over the child.
"I saw the nurse demonstration today and tried to do exercises. Don’t worry!" Lu Fengxing said that she had sat down on the sofa with her child in her arms, and Liu Ma cooperated to carry a small bowl with milk and a small porcelain spoon at the right temperature.
"Be careful not to choke the child!"
I know that children who are determined to breastfeed can’t make bottles first, otherwise they will get used to sucking bottles, which is not conducive to sucking breast milk and feeding with spoons later, and there will be feeding choking problems. After all, they are all novices or a little worried.
Lu Fengxing knew that the mother and daughter of the early people would be a little nervous. He could act as a problem. His left arm picked up the child’s body and landed slightly tilted. Popular asked for a spoonful of milk and handed it to the child’s mouth. With a gentle force, he sent the spoon to the child’s mouth and gently pressed the child. small tongue fed the milk to the child smoothly.
During the whole process, I stared nervously for fear of any accident, and her hand could not help but be caught by the corner.
"Mom can relax a little. The nurse has taught us skills and there will be no problem!" Lu Fengxing chatted with children and comforted women.
"I really hope that the sky will be able to milk so that it will not be so energetic!" I really feel a little difficult, man.
When did a big man like Lu Fengxing ever do such a delicate job? The little one seems to be not much bigger than his big hand. It’s really difficult for such a high-ranking overlord to take care of a lump of meat in such a subtle way. It’s absolutely impossible to imagine that a man with such status and strength could wait for a nanny and a baby-sitter to help him with things, but he tried his best to kiss it with his own hands. It was really touched.
After drinking four or five spoonfuls, little Yangyang didn’t cooperate very well. It seems that he is not hungry, but he is very interested in looking for light.
"Are you full? Let dad change the diaper and clean up our little ass, okay? " Lu Fengxing said that she had put the child in the cot, and Liu Ma handed the baby special wipes and new diapers.