You can tell by listening to the sound that the wild girl in the house wants to bite because of her batting practice.
Zhan Nianbei shook her fist, and the little girl waited for him. He would let her know that something was enough to keep her from coming to bed for several days.
This door is a security door, so thick that it is not so easy to kick with both feet.
Although it is said that Zhan Nianbei has been in the military area command all the year round, it is not without brains that people know that this door can’t be kicked, and he will not be forced to think of other methods immediately.
After a while, I went to the North to find the simplest, rudest and direct way to saw the door.
Looking up at the door after World War I, I saw a bloody picture, and his anger was replaced by another fire in an instant.
Seeing Qin Xiaobao in sexy adult pajamas, I felt a heat flow rushing to my forehead and then flowing out of my nostrils.
When I was a little slow, I raised my hand and touched my palm to touch the bright red warm liquid.
He growled in a hoarse voice, "Qin Xiaobao, you damn it!"
"Miss Zhan Nianbei, you are so cute. I like this picture of you very much."
Looking at Zhannian North, Qin Xiaobao was so happy to roll on the sofa because of his nosebleeds that he had already forgotten that he was seducing Zhannian North by wearing sexy clothes.
Chapter 56 See who can stand it more.
The face of Zen Nianbei was so calm that he lost it to his grandmother’s house. He actually looked at Qin Xiaobao, a wild girl, and he could have a bloody nose.
"Let you look down on aunt, aunt is to let you know that you can be fascinated by her at any time." Qin Xiaobao was so happy that he forgot that this man was not a little sheep but a tiger in front of her.
"Sister-in-law, I told you that if you don’t do it, you will be at your own risk."
He walked beside Qin Xiaobao in a few steps and picked her up like a bag of goods. He swung Qin Xiaobao on his shoulder and strode to the room.
"The more fierce you come, the better. My aunt is not afraid of you." Qin Xiaobao was so excited that he twisted his arm on his shoulder and couldn’t wait for action.
"Uh-huh-then let’s enjoy ourselves!" Qin Xiaobao listened with fear but felt inexplicable pleasure.
"I will come to Zhannian North today!" Qin Xiaobao found two classic love movies to watch because he stayed at home and had nothing to do today.
When the hero and heroine are in love and touching, she has magnified it several times and never let go of every detail. Just learn well and find him to practice when the war is over in the north.
The most important thing is that this dress is prepared by the heroine, especially the hero, when the man and the woman first happen in the love movie.
The heroine wrapped herself as a gift and gave it to the hero.
Qin Xiaobao also wants to try such a romantic thing.
She thought about packing herself into a parcel and sending it to the Jiangbei Military Region, but the man who fought for the North was too romantic. In case he had the gift opened by someone … Qin Xiaobao couldn’t imagine it!
At that time, she must have no face to see anyone.
Just as Qin Xiaobao was thinking about it, the two of them would have a wonderful and unforgettable night, and the North had already taken action.
Qin Xiaobao can feel that Zhan Nianbei is more enthusiastic than their previous one tonight.
This smelly man is really energetic. He hasn’t been with her for only two or three nights. Today he looks like a beast again.
Qin Xiaobao felt that his blood was boiling, and he wanted to turn a small beast into his own action, and he tore the war into his belly.
But just when things were going to be exciting and exciting, Zhannian North suddenly stopped. He tied Qin Xiaobao’s hands together with a wrangle.
He looked at her condescendingly in front of the big bed and smiled wickedly. "How about my sister-in-law who is about to get it but can’t get it?"
"Let’s wait and see about the war. I want to see who surrenders first?" Qin Xiaobao bit his teeth and said angrily
It’s not like she doesn’t know anything. My little girl is fighting like that and trying to control him. It must be much worse than her.
It’s better than Dingli, isn’t it? Qin Xiaobao is sure she can win.
However, Qin Xiaobao really underestimated the endurance of fighting for the North, but she underestimated him.
It is definitely not because of family, nor because of luck, but because of his strength that Zhannian North can sit firmly in the position of commander of Jiangbei Military Region.
How can you sit in this position for so many years and make people feel happy without a certain charm?
Qin Xiaobao is very reluctant to admit defeat, but her body is gradually devouring her.
He needs to fight for the north to fill her emptiness, otherwise she thinks she will die and will die.
The words "War to the North-"and "War to the North" are very attractive when they are spit out from Qin Xiaobao’s slightly parted lips.
She has been as soft as a pool of spring water, and she has added a little acting skills, and she is thirsty again.
He said, "Do you know the mistake?"
Qin Xiaobao nodded tearfully and said, "I know I’m wrong! You adults don’t remember the villain, so forgive me this time. "
Zhan Nianbei smiled with satisfaction. "I forgive you!"
He leaned over to hold Qin Xiaobao down and said vaguely, "Be a little more sensible after my little girl, otherwise how can you be happy?"
Qin Xiaobao surrendered and read the North with some pride.
This time, it came naturally, but there was an accident at the critical moment. Qin Xiaobao went to war with the North Army.
Qin Xiaobao several fast war read north also didn’t react when she took out the handcuffs hidden in the bedside and handcuffed the war read north hands.
She bit his earlobe near Zhannian North and breathed warm breath. "Zhannian North, I told you that the game must be dominated by me tonight."
It’s still a little tender to want to fight with her.
This long night is destined to be full of twists and turns.
After eating in Nuoyuan and playing with Xiao Ran for a while, it was getting late and Xiao Qinghe was ready to go home.
"Come to my room!"
Xiao Qinghe was stopped by Qin Yue when he wanted to go.
"What do you want with me?"
Qin Yue ignored him and took the lead in going upstairs to the room.
Xiao Qinghe didn’t know what Qin Yue was looking for him or followed him.
When he entered the room, Qin Yue handed him a brown paper file bag and said, "There is something you want in it."
"What is it?" Xiao Qinghe said that he would tear it down.
"Go back and tear it down" Qin Yuewei squinted at him and added, "If you don’t want me to know something, just pretend that I don’t know that you don’t say it, and I won’t say that I will wait with Jane until Xiao Lao is willing to be with her."
After hearing what Qin Yue said, Xiao Qinghe knew what was in the envelope without looking at it.