It is his father’s unfulfilled wish to recognize this sister. Now he has completed it for his father, and his father can close his eyes.
"Mr. Qin, why do I think you are getting stingy?" Jane ran pulling Qin Yue some funny to say.
Is that her own brother, or did he get people to recognize him? Why did he eat vinegar?
Qin Yue "…"
It’s not that he’s getting stingy, but that he cares more and more about her, so much so that he thinks he will bear the thought of losing her.
These are all thoughts in Qin Yue’s mind. He can’t say them.
Although he has tried to change a lot during this period, Qin Yue who doesn’t know how to speak sweet words is in his bones.
Chapter 15 The baby is moving
Qin Yue and Jane just returned to Jiangbei Qin Yue when they received a call from Qin Xiaobao saying that the Qin family elders had arrived home.
Grandpa Qin heard that Qin Yue was running around with a big belly, so angry that everyone dared not approach.
When grandpa Qin was angry, he asked Qin Xiaobao to talk with him, and he would be all right in a short time. It is said that even Qin Xiaobao was ignored today, so I wonder how angry this fire is.
Qin Xiaobao’s neck is growing at home. Finally, when Qin Yue’s car comes and the car hasn’t stopped, she runs over and says, "Grandpa is angry, so be careful not to contradict Grandpa directly."
Everyone in Qin family knows that Grandpa Qin usually doesn’t get angry, but when he gets angry, no one can stand it. After all, he is the oldest elder of Qin family, and his majesty is still respected by the younger generation.
I heard that Grandpa Qin had come, but I grasped Qin Yue’s hand tightly and gave him a worried look.
"It’s okay, don’t worry." Qin Yue was simply worried that he was scolded by his grandfather and patted her hand to comfort him.
"Well" Jane didn’t say anything more. Just hold Qin Yue’s hand and follow him.
Back in the living room, the elders looked up at the first time.
Qin’s mother looks very pale. Look, it’s because she didn’t have a good rest after a long trip.
Qin’s father pays all attention to Qin’s mother’s body and face, and she should be worried about Qin’s mother.
Grandpa Qin has no expression on his face, but I can see that his anger is in his heart.
Jane and Qin Yue are younger generations, so it’s natural for them to take the initiative to say hello to their elders. Qin Yue was about to say, "When your wife is seven months pregnant, you still take her everywhere. What do you think we should do if something happens to her and her children?"
Grandpa Qin said that he was training Qin Yue. Maybe everyone thought he was training Qin Yue, but he simply knew that Grandpa Qin meant it for her.
Qin Yue Shen said, "Grandpa and the doctor said that the fetus is stable."
For Jane and her baby Qin Yue, who cares more than anyone, he will definitely not run around with Jane if it is dangerous to take the opportunity.
"The fetus is very stable? Don’t you know what an accident is? " Grandpa Qin Hongliangyin can still send back in the house.
"Dad, however, don’t be angry when you come back." Qin’s father hurriedly made peace for his son and daughter-in-law.
Grandpa Qin was dissatisfied and said, "Is it that my heart is dying?"
"I’ll pay attention to not running around again before production after grandpa," Jane quietly glanced at grandpa Qin’s face and said cautiously.
"Well, I know you are a sensible and good boy, and it is his blessing to marry you," said Grandpa Qin.
Grandpa Qin’s words are normal in other people’s ears, but they have another meaning in Jane’s ears.
Grandpa Qin really wants to say that she is not sensible, because she did not leave Qin Yue and was pregnant with a Qin Yue child according to Grandpa Qin’s request.
Grandpa Qin hasn’t moved for several months. Now I meet him again. On the surface, he looks like the kind grandpa Qin, but no one knows what he thinks in his heart.
Jane guessed that he might want to keep the Qin family’s blood until she gave birth to the child and then forced her to leave Qin Yue
Grandpa Qin may have underestimated her. She just found out that she was pregnant, and she was reluctant to leave Qin Yue. What’s worse, now.
Jane quietly looked up at Grandpa Qin, just looking at her. His eyes were sharp and frightening, but they were quickly concealed.
Grandpa Qin can pretend that nothing happened and say, "Thank you, Grandpa!" "
"Grandpa Xiaobao has a lot of things to tell you during this period. You should listen to Xiaobao and tell you first." Qin Xiaobao took Grandpa Qin in pettish to help his brother and sister-in-law out.
"Good grandpa, listen to Xiaobao and see what strange things happened to Xiaobao during this period?" In the face of Qin Xiaobao, Grandpa Qin’s smile is as kind and kind as it is from the heart.
"Mom and Dad-"Jane said hello to Qin Yue’s parents again.
Qin’s mother patted her side and asked Jane to sit next to her and took her hand and said, "However, it’s hard for you these days."
Jane shook her head. "Mom, I’m not working hard, but you look pale. Why don’t you go back to your room and have a rest first?"
"My body is like this. I get into trouble at both ends in three days." Speaking of my physical condition, Qin’s mother glanced at her husband again. It’s still him who has worked harder than her over the years
Although she is sick, she is worried about him. Every time she is in poor health, Qin’s father is always more anxious than her.
"Don’t go back to the house with me to rest first." Qin’s father lifted Qin’s mother up and said to Jane, "Jane, you just got back, and you have to take a rest first. Grandpa has Xiaobao to accompany you."
"Good" simply got up and wanted to help Qin’s mother but was grabbed by Qin Yue.
He led her back to her room. "Why is your face so ugly?"
"Maybe I’m tired. I’ll take a shower and sleep for a while first." It’s impossible to tell Qin Yue that she is afraid that Grandpa Qin’s face is so ugly.
Hearing Jane’s call, Qin Yue quickly helped her nervously and said, "What’s the matter?"
"Qin Yue, don’t make so much noise-"Jane did not move and seemed to feel something quietly. After several seconds, she took Qin Yue’s hand and put it on her chubby belly. "Qin Yue, you are quick to feel that the baby just kicked me. He really kicked me and kicked me several times."
Qin Yue nervous way "baby kicked you? Is it very painful? "
Simply say, "It’s amazing that it doesn’t hurt."