Shang Tang Lian couldn’t help being more satisfied with these students, so she decided to order a few more dishes, such as rock candy, bird’s nest and steamed hairy crabs. Although the crab-eating season has passed, the taste is still good. Eating it is still the same. What about roasted abalone, salt and pepper sea cucumber, Australian lobster, boiled Buddha jumping wall and two soups? One is rich and the other is sweet, so that it won’t be too tired. Look, there are still so many girls who finally order a meal.
See Shang Tang Lotus Point. Everyone doesn’t let Shang Tang Lotus Point feel too much. Shang Tang Lotus said, "If you can’t finish eating, pack it right. I don’t know if you like these. If you have anything else to eat, you can change your mind and hurry up. Otherwise, there will be no such store after this village."
Seeing that Shang Tang Lotus ordered so many things, it was so calm that everyone even put a piece of laughter, but no one changed the menu. That’s not nonsense. If they ordered it, it would be enough to eat. If you add Shang Tang Lotus, it would be more. So many people have added so many dishes to Shang Tang Lotus, and there is nothing to change. Shang Tang Lotus has ordered it, which is almost the most expensive in this store. How can they have different opinions?
This meal was a real feast for many people present. When everyone finished eating, Shang Tang Lotus said to everyone, "Since everyone finished eating, I want to say something. First of all, I want to thank you for your love for me. Actually, I am not special, but I am flattered by your love. Secondly, personally, I have always felt that it is better to set up a fan group than to spend it in the school. At first, I didn’t agree, but I didn’t expect Qian Qian to develop our soup dumpling. Well, every league member is very progressive. I want to say that this is right. No matter whether you like me or not, your study is the first. If you don’t learn well in more than ten universities this year, you are not only sorry for your hard work in raising your parents, but also sorry for your efforts in the previous ten years. "
Shang Tanglian emphasized the tone here. "So I think the rules of our league are very good. Only when we make progress can we have motivation to develop talents, and I think you are all excellent. Since you are excellent people and have smart minds, we can’t bury the sky and give you talents. Well, actually, I have an idea. Since we can set up a fan group, why not apply for a club directly? I don’t know what you think, chief. What do you think?"
"Club queen, what’s your opinion?" asked Qian Qian.
Chapter 575 Excellent child next door
"Yes, we can set up a club to become an officially recognized team. I don’t think a team like ours can be buried. We must carry forward this team. It is necessary for us to set up a club, and our club can follow the practice of the imperial school and the royal school." Shang Tanglian’s eyes flashed with sly look here
Shang Tang Lianqian hasn’t thought of such a good idea, so that talents can naturally be introduced to Lianhua continuously. Are you afraid that there will be no talents in Lianhua in the future? Just these people here, Shang Lianlian, believe that they are all excellent talents, and they should be set up a little bit to get them one by one.
Bian Qianqian gave a hard nod. "For us, we can follow the imperial school and the royal school. They can set up a club. Why can’t we? I will apply when the Queen turns around. Speaking of our size, we can apply for a club, but what is the name?" Generally, the club has a talent. What did the royal school and the imperial school rely on at first, but the actual process depends on a talent, such as what literary society, law society, guzheng society and so on.
Shang Tang Lianwen smiled and said, "We can learn to forge ahead and strive to develop nominal talents when we set up a club. In fact, it is not so strict for schools to apply for a club. Just come up with a name, and you can be regarded as a group of like-minded people coming together to set up a club. It is very simple."
Everyone felt good when they heard it, and then they discussed what the name of the club should be. Some people said that it could be called Queen’s Club, some people said it could be called Shang Lian Club, some people said it could be called Domineering Club, and some people said it could be called Wu Zetian Club.
Shang Tang Lian wanted to raise her forehead after hearing these names. She didn’t even want to talk after these names. Suddenly, she wondered if this decision was right. It wouldn’t be a bunch of fake spirits, really simple and honest.
At this time, Qian Qianqian was very domineering. With a wave of his hand, he said, "Come on, come on, the Queen is here. What are you doing? What are your messy names?"
Shang Tang Lian also thinks that she should give herself a name. Look at them. If she is the school, she will directly disapprove the school. Shang Tang Lian doesn’t refuse to say, "I think it’s called the business school." Simple words, but I’m poor. First of all, this business school is along the style of Wang School and Huang School, and I can’t say anything. Secondly, since this business school is called this name, it can be said to be in line with the two schools, but it can also be seen as a provocation.
It’s not silly to think that those fan groups have been targeting them recently, and the Queen’s eyes suddenly lit up. Yes, it’s good to call the business school. It’s multiple meanings and simple
Now that things have settled, Shang Tang Lian still has some things to tell Qian Qian in detail. After seeing all the people black and blue, Shang Tang Lian simply took this group of future elites to the clinic and asked the doctor to give them medicine. It is estimated that her face is swollen when she goes back one by one.
It was also when they were given medicine that they remembered to tell the Queen how outrageous those people were and described how brave they were. Although they are many girls, one enemy and two can still make everyone feel that their kung fu is useless.
Shang Tanglian didn’t learn in vain when she heard this, so she just wanted to be a martial arts expert in a few days. It’s a joke. It’s estimated that these kids are fighting hard.
Shang Tang Lian can’t bear to hurt the self-confidence of these children, but she will also throw cold water on them. "This will get carried away. You think you are very powerful."
Fools can hear that this is irony. What’s worse, these smart people know that the Queen is going to open the mouth poison mode again. They don’t take it seriously, but they are also smart enough to shake their heads. "How can you think that?"
"That’s good. If you really want to exercise, I have a good idea. I’ll discuss it with Qian Qian later and let you know." Shang Tanglian said.
Come and worship the queen’s adult. At this moment, the idol spoke in person. Where is the disagreement? Immediately, everyone was praised. Small basin friends looked at the queen’s adult with sparkling eyes and nodded wildly.
Shang Tanglian couldn’t help smiling when she saw it. It was still young, but she could fly freely.
After sending all the league members home, Shang Tang Lian left Qian Qian and said, "Qian Qian, you can ask all the students to hand in their class schedules later. I have a place and your league rules and specific activities. Give me a schedule."
"If there is a queen, I even schedule their classes. I have a class schedule here, so I didn’t bring them. They are all in my dormitory." Bian Qianqian said and asked, "Do you have any specific plans for the queen?"
"I don’t say much about the specific plan. There is such an idea. Qian Qian, since our members are so advanced, I also want to do my bit. I want to arrange them to go to the enterprise class to exercise. What do you think?" After all, Qian Qian is the creator. Although Shang Tanglian is worshipped and her center was established, Shang Tang Lotus still has to respect Qian Qian’s opinions.
Qian Qianqian naturally has no opinion and said, "This is a good thing, Your Majesty. It is good that you decided. We came here because we like you, and you are also good for us." As she said this, she took out the timetable that she put in her pocket today and handed it to Shang Tang Lotus.
"In this case, I’ll tell you my specific idea. Since you have activities, I’ll take a look at it. It’s like a timetable." Shang Tang Lian took the timetable handed over by Qian Qian.
Then he said to Bian Qianqian, "Well, when you are studying martial arts this evening, I think you should change the time. Just get up early every morning and do morning exercises. I’ll call someone to come and teach you other activities. When I look at learning a foreign language, I don’t think it’s good. You don’t know how to learn by yourself. It’s too unreliable. I’ll invite several foreign teachers to teach you a foreign language for you, but you must give me grades. This time will be later than others every day. You can still do it.";
Chapter 576 Hi, see you again.
"And I can arrange for everyone to practice in an enterprise, but this should be based on your curriculum. It’s best to go even if you know more about an enterprise, which is also conducive to later employment. I have drawn up a list for you to choose by yourself. If you don’t feel like it, you can adjust it according to the situation after reporting it to me. My requirement is that you must be as strict as before. Although our work is a weekend, it is not necessarily a weekend. Everyone can also go to the internship salary. Plus performance, because you are students, you can’t follow the normal class, but the basic salary of 1,200 yuan a month depends on how you finish eating. Do you have a meal stuck? If you want to live in the dormitory, you can also arrange a special car to pick you up. Don’t worry about this. Another thing is that you are wrong. If it is urgent, you must finish it before you can go back to school. "
Shang Tanglian said that these days, Qian Qianqian’s eyes can’t help but shine. It’s really a great condition. Qian Qianqian’s eyes are all wet. She thinks Shang Tanglian is worthy of being a queen with such a kind heart. Poor child is a girl caught in an abyss.
The conditions of Shang Tang Lotus are really excellent. After all, a bunch of them are freshmen, and before they go to college, they expect to work part-time and part-time every day, thinking that they can be independent and exercise their abilities well. But when they really get to college, they find that it is not so easy to find a job. When they hear that you are a freshman, so few people will hire you. Even if you don’t need money, Shang Tang Lotus will consider a car, a place to eat and a salary. Although the members may not necessarily lack the money, they can still learn something. It is foolish not to go.
Of course, Shang Tang Lotus is not free of these conditions. Her idea is very simple. When these children were in college for four years, if Lianhua could not keep these elites after four years, it would be a problem for Lianhua. Shang Tang Lotus was not in a hurry to get these future elites to sign up for their jobs.
After all, it is not the policy to stay in Lianhua willingly, but the elite backbone of Lianhua in the future.
Qian Qian was very excited and immediately said to Shang Tanglian, "Of course, your conditions are too good, Queen."
After listening to the queen, Shang Tang Lian finally couldn’t help but say to Bian Qianqian, "Can you stop calling me the queen? You can call me by my name."
"Good Queen" Bian Qianqian nodded. How can you not listen when the Queen has spoken?
Shang Tang Lian thought it was listening. You said she didn’t listen to you. She was quite determined. To say that she is obedient, the Queen still shouts loudly that Shang Tang Lian doesn’t want to talk.
Qian Qianqian naturally doesn’t know that the Queen in her mind has been silenced by her, and she is still very excited and fantasizes about everything in their soup dumplings in the future.
Shang Tang Lian said that she gave up seeing Qian Qian still there, and her mouth was crooked. She was immediately allowed to go. She was so stupid. Shang Tang Lian was surprised. How did Qian Qian manage the soup dumplings so well?
It’s already 1: 30 when I got back to the dormitory. Shang Tang Lotus took a quick shower and took a nap for half an hour, which is enough for Shang Tanglian.
Today, because of the soup dumpling, Shang Tang Lianwu’s second class is not good. It’s that the teacher called Shang Tang Lianwu. It’s not that he is afraid of the roll call notes. Instead, he can find someone to copy it. Although Shang Tang Lianwu knows everything, she is very serious in reviewing and learning new things every time she attends class.
I smiled at the thought of seeing those three small fresh meat Shang Tang Lotus again in the evening, and the day after tomorrow would be lively.
After class in the afternoon, Shang Tang Lian had dinner. This time, Shang Tang Lian went to the classroom first, and Wang Ye, the three of them arrived late. Although they didn’t say anything, they sat far away from Shang Tang Lotus, and their faces were unnatural and complicated. An expression showed a pair of suspicion and they didn’t want to see Shang Tang Lotus.
Shang Tang Lian is the kind of person who can avoid suspicion if you want to avoid it. Are you kidding? If three small fresh meats didn’t provoke her, it’s just that they provoked her and didn’t retaliate. That’s not the Queen.
Shang Tang Lian raised an eyebrow "Xiao Ye Xiao Ruo Xiao Xuan how so rude when I didn’t see the elder sister".
Wang Ye, can we draw a line? There are so many students here.
Wang Ye couldn’t help worrying that when he saw his two friends, Ma Yunxuan’s face turned into an iceberg cloud again. When he saw Shang Tang Lotus, he was frozen and listened to Shang Tanglian’s words. That smile could not be put out.
When Shang Tang Lotus came in, people in the class were talking about it. Shang Tang Lotus just ignored it and didn’t care about this kind of people’s situation. Recently, I have heard too much. These are still good for those people not to start work, which is to let people talk about two sentences. Shang Tang Lotus will not lose a piece of meat and certainly won’t care.
So from this aspect, Shang Tang Lotus is quite generous. Shang Tanglian is annoyed by those who do it directly. Nima, although things are small, she has not suffered, but it is like a fly buzzing in your ear, which won’t bother you.
Shang Tanglian wrote all this down in three people. Naturally, she is not stupid, but she can’t really think about it. If she thinks about it, she must be in collusion with three people.
After Wang Ye three people came in, everyone was quiet. The boys were purely looking at the good drama. The girls just practiced using their eyes and couldn’t wait to tie a hole in Shang Tang Lotus. Of course, in addition, their eyes were very eye-catching. The eyes of the four people were bright and bright with a little excitement. Everyone loved it. Although the male god already had someone in his heart,
If Yunxi talks to Ma Yunxuan’s eye knife, Shang Tang Lian should just massage his eyes and look at the three people persistently as if to say, Look, you are so stingy and you can’t refuse.
Wang Ye took the lead in compromising to see Shang Tang Lotus. His heart was thumped. It seems that the devil wears a moth today and doesn’t know what to do:
Chapter 577 Playing dumb
Wang Ye took the lead in compromising and taking the initiative to sit over. Of course, it is impossible for Wang Ye to have a good face. It is just a pale "big sister"
Shang Tang lotus was satisfied and nodded. Ma Yunxuan and Yunxi thought of a tragic event at first sight, especially if Yunxi was the worst. He couldn’t help but make a poor start. Only then did he realize that it seems that now is not the time when the devil wears Prada doesn’t show signs. He was also smart enough to shout a "big sister" and sat down on the edge of Shang Tang Lotus.
The two friends compromised. Ma Yunxuan had nothing to insist on, and he could sit over and shout in a low voice.
According to the three people’s wishes, they don’t want to come to class, but they are worried that the professor will have a bad impression on them. If they don’t come to class, they won’t go back and fail them directly. That’s really embarrassing to grandma’s house. Although the three of them are overbearing or come from a family, they are synonymous with Excellence since childhood. If they fail, it’s really embarrassing to meet people. You know, it’s also very important to score points at ordinary times now, so that the three of them can bite the bullet and come to class.
When I think of the old professor, I see the isolation belt again. Finally, if Yunxi comes forward to let everyone fill the position, I am really afraid of the stubborn old professor.
However, when they were called here to do it, they didn’t feel a little disappointed. Why not fight?
Fortunately, this time, the old professor didn’t bother the three of them. After seeing that they had a correct attitude, the old professor was still satisfied and nodded. After all, he just liked clever students to see that the three of them had a correct attitude and there was no so-called isolation belt around them. The old professor was more satisfied and had no difficulty. The three of them also praised them for changing them into a usable material when they knew their mistakes.
Let three people heart mercilessly breathed a sigh of relief, Shang Tang lotus looked at three people that reassuring expression is also smiling, but it was precious little cloud if accidentally canthus swept to don’t know, the heart is up again, precious little cloud if always feel the devil wears Prada that smile don’t have a meaning, won’t be and think of any bad tricks?