Shangmei felt that she was being burned by the fire in her heart. I don’t know why the doorbell rang and wrapped a bath towel. Shangmei rushed to the door without thinking. She might be more eager for the man to come back.
"Hello, Miss Shang, is your hygiene leaking? Our ceiling is dripping!" There is an eye at the door. The man looks like a teacher. He doesn’t know where to put his eyes when he sees a woman in such a hot figure.
"I’m in the shower. I’m not sure. Is it convenient for you to take a look at it for me?" Shangmei said that she had laid her hand on the man’s wrist and pulled him into the room delicately.
The glasses man has followed the woman into the sanitary room before he can figure out what is going on. The bath towel on the woman’s body is already loose and can’t cover too many things. The man swallows saliva and hoarse voice as if he has spoken French.
Shangmei took the man’s trembling palm and stuck it to her plump chest. "Do you think there will be water leakage here?"
Brother Glasses, where did you get such stimulation? It was a normal visit to the building. I didn’t expect to have such an affair. The whole thing is a tie!
Glasses go crazy. Hungry wolves pounce on food. It seems that Shangmei is pressed on the washstand, and then she shoots a horse after gnawing at it.
Shangmei didn’t expect that the size of an ordinary man was still reliable, which gave her a feeling of satiety and fullness, and all kinds of nerves were relieved for a moment!
Oh, my god
The man just shook it for two seconds and then stopped. Is that a confession?
Sang-mi is really devastated. Don’t say that she is drugged. Even if she is drugged, she can’t be satisfied before this minute!
"I’m going to wash that!" Glasses man embarrassed turned his clothes still intact, but this body is flustered.
"Can I help you?" Can you call yourself insatiability? Shangmei forced the second round of flirting.
Without strong physical strength to support men, it’s like this. Shangmei really feels like she’s going to collapse. She’s tempted to be particularly enchanting again and again, but she’s really tortured to death every time she falls near the peak road!
"You wait for me!" Shangmei said and ran out, and when she came back, she had raised her glass in her hand.
Well, it’s the only way she can do it!
It’s ok to turn Brother Glasses into Viagra, isn’t it? Shangmei likes this size. It’s ok if a man can last!
Ping Li is much luckier than brother glasses. It takes a lot of physical strength to have his own lover. Ping Li is really a cotton.
"Wife is still your most reliable!" Looking at Tang Shu, a ruddy and lovely woman whose arms were ravaged by herself, I suddenly felt that Shangmei was not so annoying, and it was also a welfare for him and Ping Li.
"I don’t think you are reliable at all!" Ping Li limped to the pillow. "What is your situation today?"
Women are sensitive couples, but they also know that men are obviously not normal today, and they have not even considered foreplay. This is not a man’s style.
"Wife, I really love you!" Tang Shu still insisted on taking the woman into her arms, and then calmed down in the moonlight and told everything that happened today. She knew that women hate being cheated.
"This Shang Mei is really shameful!" Li Ping really wants to smack that bitch a few times now. It’s shameless! If it weren’t for men’s battle-hardened experience, would she be really hard-pressed and stupid now?
"I think we should think of a way to solve this problem. I don’t feel at ease if the child follows her!" Tang Shu spoke his true thoughts.
"Let’s discuss it with Miao one day. After all, she and Sang Mei have an agreement to see if she can do anything!" Ping Li heart ease completely disappeared this man or yourself forever!
A few ups and downs, a few spring nights, and finally silence-
I can’t remember how I got back to bed until it was late at night when I opened my eyes!
Tut tut tut-
Don’t indulge in life, and the result is backache and leg cramps like an old lady!
The man who is looking at all smiles feels that he can’t get out of bed today. "Husband, don’t be so terrible!"
"Are you complimenting me?" Lu Fengxing kissed a woman’s forehead in a big mood.
A man has been playing with his son for half a day since he got up early. Blood is thicker than water. It seems that his father’s affection is really so great that he is not close to his son. Liu Xiaoyang seems to have a good memory of him and has no rejection at all.
"Yes, I praised you!" I smiled and picked up the man’s cheek. "I don’t want to work in fashion!"
"Huh?" Lu Fengxing doesn’t know why little women suddenly have such an idea.
"I want to be your wife Lu and be Liu Xiaoyang’s working mother now!" My pale face is full of happiness.
"What’s the situation?" Lu Fengxing couldn’t help but frown. She looked at the little woman carefully and wanted to see all her thoughts.
"I want to understand that this generation is too short!" Miao directly fell into the man’s arms. "You are busy, I am busy, and we will miss a lot of children’s growth. When we are together, we will be compressed by reality!"
"So you are ready to give up your dream?" Lu Fengxing doesn’t want women to sacrifice themselves and their families.
"No!" Miao Yingying raised her head. "My biggest dream now is to be happy with you and your son! Is it very worthless? "
"A little!" Lu Fengxing reached the woman’s forehead.
"Don’t laugh at me!" The woman bit the man’s nose lightly. "I didn’t know what is most important to me until something happened to you this time. I don’t want to have too much regret in my life. I just want to stay by your side and watch my children grow up healthily!" "