At this moment, Qian Yuanshan, the "yellow-haired monster", stood up and said with a smile: "Haha, Brother Zhao said it well. If it is as you said, then our income will at least double in the future. Where can we find such a good thing? ! Just at Zhao Xiong’s words, it was not wrong for us to support him as the leading candidate! What are you hesitating about? Let’s choose Brother Zhao as the big faucet, because there is nowhere to find such a big faucet with lanterns! !”
Sun Wanxing, Wu Weiwei and Qian Yuanshan are venting their anger through one nostril. When Qian Yuanshan said this, they stood up and expressed their support!
Li Yuanzhen, Zhou Dingguo and the elders of SIRS Sage Hall didn’t speak, but they seemed to reach a consensus and nodded in succession!
“……!” Shen Yue behind Jiuzhong looked at Zhao Zihe sitting at the end of the table, surprised in his heart. At ordinary times, he doesn’t show mountains and rivers, but he didn’t expect to be hidden!
“……!” Nine heavy or leisurely smoking a cigar, but the reaction of all the people in the field fell in his eyes, and there was a faint sneer at the corner of his mouth. The next moment, he stood up from his chair and said, "Well, now that Brother Zhao has finished, it’s my turn to speak!"
"Cough ~!" Jiuzhong cleared his throat and said, "Oh, Brother Zhao and I really think alike. It’s exactly what I thought, and that’s what I planned! If I were the leader of the Kowloon Fair, I would do the same thing as Brother Zhao to raise the income of our Kowloon Fair and lift your pockets! "
When everyone here heard the news, they all shook their heads and sneered with disdain. Wu Weiwei slammed the table, took out a machete at his waist and pointed at Jiuchong. "What the fuck are you talking about there?" I said, why are you so happy to let Zhao Xiong make a statement first? My feelings are like painting gourd ladle, opportunistic! You, who can only play tricks, are also worthy of being the leader of our Dragon Club? ! It’s a joke. I’m the first to refuse! !”
At this moment, an elder in the Sage Hall stood up, waved his hand to Wu Weiwei to sit down, and said to Jiu Chong, "I said, little brother, I’m afraid it’s hard for you to convince everyone! Can you say something about yourself? !”
Jiuzhong smoked a cigar and smiled brightly: "Haha, well, since you don’t like to hear it, I’ll say something else!" Say something else, then I only have one sentence … I have been given the position of the big dragon head before my death, and I am sure to take the position of the big dragon head of the Kowloon Games! Those who follow me will prosper … Those who oppose me will die! ! So what do you think? !”
Although these words were said with a smile, the whole temperament of Jiuchong has completely changed, and it exudes a grumpy evil, and a cold flank spreads all over the audience. In the field, people suddenly feel a chill after their necks, as if they were targeted by some ghosts, and they can’t help shivering!
Everyone didn’t expect that Jiuzhong would suddenly make a surprising speech and say such malicious words. At that time, they didn’t react, and they were all stupid there. The hall was silent and the needles could be heard!
"Cough …!" Finally, Li Yuanzhen first broke this depressing silence, gently coughed, squinted at Jiuzhong and asked, "I wonder who this brother is?" How dare you say such brave words? !”
Jiuzhong smiled brightly and said, "Okay, okay, my younger brother’s surname is Jiuzhong! !”
"You … you are the descendants of the nine? !” Li Yuanzhen was surprised to hear that Jiuchong had revealed his own life!
Not only Li Yuanzhen, but all the people present after hearing Jiuchong’s name, also all face upheaval, incredible looking at Jiuchong!
Nine heavy didn’t see at the same time, Shen Yue behind him, after hearing his name, a pretty face suddenly changed color! Although he has been in Longyu for a while, Jiuzhong has never mentioned his own life actively, and others dare not ask, so Shen Yue and Fengbo and others have never known Jiuzhong’s name!
"ouch!" Nine heavy looked at one leng and said, "Is my name so well known? Scared you like this? !”
At this time, Zhou Dingguo around Li Yuanzhen stood up, looked at Li Yuanzhen, turned to Jiuzhong, and asked seriously, "… Are you really a descendant of the nine families? !”
"If it’s real!"
"Hearing is believing, seeing is believing, and I want proof!"
Jiuzhong smoked a cigar and asked, "What proof do you want? !”
"Nine don’t preach JueXue-the supreme Long Gang! Huanglong chapter is not necessary, I want to see other chapters! "
"Hey, you also know the Supreme Dragon Gang!" Nine heavy some accident, nine JueXue when so well-known, "well, thank you, then I will show you the supreme dragon Gang black dragon …! !”
"Ow-!" A deep long yinsheng came from Jiuchong’s body, making waves without wind, and the waves exploded with Jiuchong as the center. The leading chair behind Jiuchong immediately burst, and the people around him were forced to quit. The next moment, a black vertical stripe appeared between Jiuchong’s eyebrows, followed by amazing changes in his eyes. His eyes turned white at the speed visible to the naked eye, and suddenly it became dark as ink, and a little bit of black gas floated out from Jiuchong’s corner!
Li Yuanzhen, Zhou Dingguo and several elders in the Sage Hall all looked shocked and said in unison, "… Dark evil bully! !”
The change of Jiuchong only lasted for a few seconds, and then it faded into invisibility and returned to normal! Jiuzhong Shi Shiran asked: "Is this ok? !”
After several people were shocked, they all breathed a sigh of relief and turned from shock to joy: "OK … OK!"
Li Yuanzhen, Zhou Dingguo, and several elders of the Sage Hall suddenly rushed to Jiuchong to pay homage. "See Little Master! !”
“What?” Nine heavy heard fog, zhang two monks scratching their heads, "hair a little master? What happened? !”
An elder in the Sage Hall said, "Don’t you know? You are the young master of the Kowloon Club, which was founded by your ancestors! This Dragon Club belongs to your family! !”
"Is there such a thing …? !” Before coming here, Jiuzhong had already planned it. Today’s leading election meeting, in order to hold the leading position, he will not hesitate to use iron wrist and kill people. Anyone who dares to approve of him as a leading person will not want to leave here! But I didn’t expect things to turn around, and such a variable appeared, and he actually became the little master of the Kowloon Games!
When the old man was alive, Jiuzhong heard him say that his family used to do big business. At that time, he thought he was talking nonsense. I didn’t expect it to be true, the Kowloon Club. This can really be regarded as a big business!
After quickly digesting this sudden information, Jiuzhong returned to his normal state and got to the point. He scanned the crowd and said, "Since I am the young master of the Kowloon Club, would you please tell me that I will be the big leader of the Kowloon Club? Do you have any other opinions? !”
"Since fewer masters have returned, it is only natural that you should be the leader of the Dragon Boat Festival!" An elder in the Sage Hall looked at all the people present and said, "I’m sure everyone won’t have any opinions, will they? !”
Li Yuanzhen and Zhou Dingguo both sat down and said, "There is nothing to say. We agree!"
Then Zheng Benjia and Han Yi raised their hands and said, "We agree!"
Then four people in the Sage Hall said, "We don’t mind!"
Except for the two leading candidates, Jiuzhong and Zhao Zihe, there were fifteen people with the right to vote by raising their hands. Now there are eight people who support Jiuzhong!
Jiuzhong looked at other people who haven’t made a statement yet and said, "What about you? !”
The rest of the Zhao Zihe, Qian Yuanshan, Sun Wanxing, Wu Weiwei and the other four elders in the Sage Hall looked at each other after hearing this. After a few tens of seconds of silence, two of the elders agreed!
Half of them passed, even if the rest of them didn’t express their views, it wouldn’t change the fact that Jiuzhong was the new leader, but Jiuzhong still looked at the rest of them and asked, "… what about you?" !”
I didn’t expect things to come to this. The rest of the people looked at each other. You looked at me, and I looked at you. Finally, my eyes focused on Zhao Zihe!