People who watch Tong Yiyi eat so fragrant and cook will also feel happy. Yan Shaowei got up and gently moved his fingers a few aprons and the round silly chicken should be picked and put aside. The tall man got up and gave the little girl a bowl of soup that she kept eating. It was so gentle that it was almost imperceptible.
Eating too fast Tong Yiyi is in urgent need of the bowl of soup around him, so he stretched out his hand and took it over. He took a big sip of it slightly generously and satisfied with exhaled breath. His little face raised and gave the soup man a smile, which successfully made the man restless and fluttered for two times. This is the end only after the suppression. This is also the defeat of Tong Yiyi many times. Let’s win one.
"Yan less! Slave … Do it for me after the craftsmanship is too good! "
Tong Yiyi was still eating and enunciating something vague, like a child. He didn’t make Yan Shaowei feel troublesome or disgusting, but let him smile again.
"Yes, I’ll do it for you, but you must listen to me and don’t let others feed you."
Although Yan Shaowei has been laughing, he has been laughing more and more recently in front of Tong Yiyi. There is also a little more charm in that smile. I don’t know that Tong Yiyi looks very comfortable and promises to cook food for her. Yan Shaowei is very handsome and serious. Later, Tong Yiyi realized how effective he was on a whim. Yan Shaowei promised that even if he was small, he would also pay attention to what Tong Yiyi promised him.
Say the last sentence, "You must listen to me". When Lieutenant Yan laughed, he was mixed with some bad ingredients. The hanging tip in the corner of his eye was a man, but he was a charming woman. Tong Yiyi felt ashamed and at the same time dyed a little angry. This child with slow overtones didn’t listen to it … Yan Shaowei knew that Tong Yiyi didn’t pretend to understand now, but he didn’t mean it until he heard a crisp.
Finally, I smiled and brought another dessert to the little glutton to enjoy Tong Yiyi. Now I don’t know if this is the second thing she promised Yan Shaowei, and it is also their second promise mainly for Yan Shaowei.
Whether to see the world or Yan Shaowei is pleasing to the eye now. Many two people are in the living room to see whether it is good or not to bicker. When Grandma Tong came back, she saw that the atmosphere of the two children was so good that she couldn’t bear to disturb and hide in other rooms with a smile and left the time for these two young children.
Although these two people are not real lovers and have no heart to pretend, the mode of getting along happily is really good, which makes Tong Yiyi feel that it is really a good thing to have Yan Shaowei, a good friend who can bicker at home and go out to help with cooking and face value in off the charts.
Tong Yiyi became angry from embarrassment after being teased, but he dared to reach out and tap Yan Shaowei’s girl giggling and pawing. She couldn’t help but stretch out in a few seconds. Yan Shaowei certainly wouldn’t sit idly by. At the same time, he quickly reached out and grabbed the swing arm and didn’t give up how to struggle with Tong Yiyi … Tong Yiyi gradually got used to this if there was a slight physical contact, but they didn’t feel intimate feeling at the moment.
Yan Shaowei is not the same as Tong Yiyi. He is very sensitive to this, but Cong didn’t make a point and he didn’t make a point. To some extent, this is what he likes to see. Tong Yiyi gradually loses his guard against him and gradually adapts to his touch. This is also expected. Although the answer is obvious, Yan Shaowei’s self-protection from childhood has made him realize that he can’t look at it or think about it.
After a while, Tong’s grandmother finally couldn’t help but probe into it and finally took part in the conversation. Two young people, one young and one old, were happy, just like two generations of ordinary people’s grandparents. The three people got along with each other until it became late. Tong Yiyi was urged by his grandmother to go back to her room to sleep. Yan Shaowei listened to Tong’s grandmother’s little nagging and didn’t resist. She smiled and obeyed and walked into her room. Tong Yiyi was soft and spoiled and didn’t sleep …
Chapter 45 Rolling off to see the big list
This is home … It feels like a small voice telling Yan Shaowei this sentence. His heart seems to be filled with something. It seems that it will overflow immediately. Unfortunately, these are not him … The outsiders went back to their rooms, but they really went to sleep, but they were alone. As usual, the other two young people did their own things until late at night and early in the morning
Tong Yiyi is used to being rushed back to her room to sleep by her grandmother at this time every night, but it seems that she has never been obedient. It is even more impossible for her to sleep normally since she joined "A Hundred Ghosts at Night". After entering the room, Tong Yiyi habitually pounced on the big bed as soft as a boneless person. The whole person was lazy and laid out on the side. The right hand touched it a few times and put it on the ear earrings. The earrings flashed several lines for children!
"I can finally play again!" There is no way for the blue lantern to burst into tears. There are too few opportunities for NPC to appear, so it is only in this condition that we can rob the play … The exaggeration of the blue lantern makes Tong Yiyi’s little girl unhappy. As a result, the blue lantern has been ravaged by various kinds and forced to become various shameful shapes … Various? Shame? Shape?
Hey! What are you thinking? Say it’s you People become cute cats or delicate and beautiful teenagers or something! The blue lantern spits on itself … Because of the tragic memory, when he honestly stays in the corner that just appeared and silently spits on himself to kill time … His eyes occasionally glance sadly at the good master who hangs him aside after calling him out …
It is said that this PK match didn’t go on until the next night. Tong Yiyi played with several powerful guys in gay friends to help win by luck. Besides, those little miscellaneous fish who are not famous occasionally broke in and tried to challenge her. Although her hardware is weak, she can’t stop her from having strong software!
The strength of this software is attributed to the skunk’s illustrations. She knows all kinds of monsters and spirits. Tong Yiyi knows them like the back of her hand! The so-called knowing yourself and knowing yourself is the way it is! Especially when she is despised by some small soldiers and ambushed, she can sometimes kill her opponent! If you don’t understand each other’s shortcomings, you can’t do it. She’s not one of the best, but if you follow this trend, you can make a list! But it’s going to be a week in a row, and it’s almost over, and the next day everything is still unknown …
Think of yourself as diligent enough. Monster has played several tricks in two days. Monster is also cleaning up this time. It should be on the list … Tong Yiyi expects herself to be ranked. She is lying in the middle of the bed in a nightgown. At this moment, she is suddenly lifted by a messy roll of hair and rushed to the end of the bed. Then she raises her little face and eyes, turns around and rolls back along the original road … Rolling around …
Whether to watch it … or not to watch it … it won’t change the result. It’s the last word to find someone to upgrade the data directly. If you can finish going home early, you can go to bed early! If the ranking is too bad, it will directly affect her provocative mood to go out tonight …
Another time when I came back, I forgot to add Yan Shaowei to my list. What if he takes his brain out to see the stars tonight … So every time I go out and come back, I have to peek at what Yan Shaowei is doing to be a pervert peeping tom …? Tong Yiyi flashed in his mind that his face was wrapped in a black and blue floral cloth towel and poked around and looked at the men’s silver clothes one by one … and so on! Off-topic, off-topic … If people want to spend time looking at the PK list in the community, they don’t want to change clothes for beautiful men!
But I’m really curious … Tong Yiyi rolled several times in bed again, and her sheets and black hair were all badly moved by her, so she decided to go to see the PK list! See if you have got good points in these battles! Looking at him, Tong Tong, the master, was in bed, enjoying himself for a while, holding his head and being silly for a while, then putting away his laughter and talking to himself. Qingdeng expressed deep concern about his future …
Tong Yiyi rushed to the bed, grabbed the blue lantern and threw it into the ceiling. It was suddenly thrown up. The blue lantern was in transit. A pair of eyes turned to the ceiling and resigned. Tong Yiyi jumped in as soon as he propped up the bed. The community still has to enter the leaderboard or see ~
At this time, many people in the community ran through ghosts from time to time. In addition to the former official stalls, there were many private stalls and all kinds of groceries on both sides of the road!
"Hey ~ Come and see, this is a new pot. The lizard’s eyes are embedded in weapons or clothes, which will not only give you handsome points but also increase the night vision effect!"
"Look here, look here, look at that coquettish beauty over there ~ Look at me, this gorgeous aphrodisiac. You gave it to a man and kept him holding on to you all night."
"Weapons! These jade wash swords are made by Lord Zhu Ying himself. They are not only sharp, but also give off colorful light again! Don’t miss it when you pass by! "
"You’re too expensive to sell # Yuan # at Yu’s house! I don’t want it if you are not cheap! "
Tong Yiyi just wants to go through here to the central square. All kinds of hawking and bargaining are heard all the way. Her brain is almost confused … I can’t help it. Ghosts have a lot of shapes, especially tall. She is almost surrounded by sound waves. If there are fewer people, she still thinks it’s fun to make a fuss …
At this time … I wish I could be picked up by someone and put it on my arm. I can also close my eyes and eat tofu on my shoulder … Tong Yiyi unconsciously thought about it and didn’t realize that she was used to being picked up involuntarily. Of course, I thought she wouldn’t be so stupid as to send a message in the group asking, "I’m near the central square. Does someone want to carry me out ~ I want a humanoid mount ~"
But there’s something you can’t dream of, something you can’t achieve … Sometimes the world is so wonderful.
Chapter 46 Adult Sineitai of athel Loren
Tong Yiyi’s brain swelled and the crowd moved in the direction of the central square, but she was weak and soon drowned in the crowd, squeezed by all kinds of buttocks and chests. Tong Yiyi felt that her lungs were all squeezed … People don’t know how to become more and more. She was like a small fish in the sea being taken to various places by waves, and she couldn’t move it by her own will. After that, she wanted to struggle, and then she simply gave up relaxing and took her to the place by the crowd, hoping to let her out faster … Even if Tong Yiyi was so casual.
There was a commotion in front of the crowd, and the excitement was endless. The crowd was screaming like a bomb. Tong Yiyi was pushed in the rear, which was disgusting and uncomfortable. There was no energy to pay attention to what happened. It seemed that someone was shouting something at his side in thousands of different lines.
"Little one! Little one! "
It was someone calling himself! If this is normal TongYiyi must immediately refute back "you are the little one! Your family is small! " But since she has no spirit now, she twisted her stiff neck and looked in the direction of the sound source … A big yellow hair and a muscular skunk classmate will never be buried in the crowd. Tong Yiyi turned around and saw him!
"Little skunk! ! !” Dear ones, Tong Yiyi is about to cry with emotion. At this time, it’s still a small skunk, relying on some athel Loren’s adult, sitting on some shoulder, and you don’t have an egg when you press the key! Thanks to her, Tong Yiyi couldn’t help but expect an all-powerful God of Sorrow. Adults can smile like natural to stay to save her from suffering … "Little ferret, come and save me!" Tong Yiyi feels that everything is hopeful and life is beautiful again, but it is said that life does not leave her alone …
Don’t retreat, don’t retreat, don’t retreat! ! ! Although Tong Yiyi shouted and prayed in her heart, it would still happen … The little weasel was just around the corner and almost saved, but the aunt who exploded in front suddenly got excited for some reason, and her huge body trembled a few times, and the whole person jumped up! It’s bad for Tong Yiyi to be behind. She’s right behind the aunt … Tong Yiyi hears the front ring and when she looks at the past, a huge shadow can be reflected in her eyes …
"I’m dying … I didn’t get killed in PK, but I didn’t expect to be crushed to death in the community …"
Tong Yiyi felt deeply worried, closed his eyes and waited to be crushed into pieces of paper … A mass of black gas arrived in front of Tong Yiyi with his eyes closed. He was so excited that he flew up and exploded. Aunt jumped up unsteadily. According to gravity, it really would crush Tong Yiyi directly into two yuan, but because of the black gas, he arrived at the black gas and shared most of the weight. Now Tong Yiyi is saved by the strange floating in the middle!
After waiting for a while, it was expected that the pressure didn’t reach, but there was a pair of arms holding Tong Yiyi to take her out of the aunt’s weight range. Although I don’t know what happened, the skunk was next to him. The man just bent over and hugged Tong Yiyi while the man was squatting. Tong Yiyi opened his eyes and took a heroic shot. He said that the last word of Liangshan hero’s lines was also deliberately bold and shouted to try to sound manly …
"Brothers do (a)! ! !”
When the man heard this, he paused for a moment and then his body trembled. He wanted to hold Tong Yiyi immediately away from the encirclement of aunt’s weight. He was all over the body, but leaned against Tong Yiyi and smiled. At the same time, the black fog of aunt holding the explosion head shook a few times as if it had been affected. The weight of aunt could not be supported, and it was scattered as soon as aunt’s body "exploded".
I didn’t feel that this man was not a skunk until I heard the man laughing … With domineering hands, I raised the man and kept smiling on her shoulder, only to find that this man was not an adult of athel Loren! ! ! Tong Yiyi is a kind of embarrassment … The impact made her keep the original posture for a while without moving. She squatted with athel Loren, raised her hands with athel Loren Ba athel Loren, and held her waist to hold her up …
These two people definitely have! Rape! Love! Everyone thinks so … Quiet … Quiet makes Tong Yiyi hear athel Loren breathing. She dare not look into athel Loren’s eyes, but now she seems very guilty. She insists on focusing on athel Loren’s adult’s bridge of nose and then sees her lips along it … The lips are naturally slightly warped. I don’t know if he is laughing or coming. It’s confusing to say that the lips are long, so it seems that there is another person … That person also has this lip shape … The red lips are stained with some water that has just been drunk and then gently sucked.
Combined with the previous ones, Tong Yiyi felt that she seemed to have found a terrible thing … but it hasn’t come yet. I don’t know who made an exclamation in the crowd.
"You little fox forbid you to kiss athel loren’s adult! ! !”
Then there are all kinds of angry people clamoring for it.
"athel Loren’s adult is everyone! ! !”
"You put your paw! ! !”
"Don’t kiss athel loren adults athel loren adults can kiss me! ! !”
There are men and women in the voices of protests from all walks of life … Tong Yiyi listened to the crowd and became stiff and wanted to shout back.
"The girl didn’t covet athel loren adult beauty! It was an accident! Unexpected! "
But Tong Yiyi didn’t dare to say it when the words came to his mouth. After all, it was very unwise to annoy the people … and finally turned into a soft explanation.
"No … no … nothing …"