"Nothing" Qi Yufeng looked up at the distant mountains outside and had a meal "I want to rebuild Huashan School"
"Well, that’s also a reason. I can barely do the work on your mother’s side, but you’re not interesting enough. You can see that your parents are still eating chaff and pharynx here?"
"Don’t say goodbye to you, the future daughter-in-law. You know how much the red feather is?" Qi Ruocheng keeps playing family cards to capture children’s psychological defense.
"How much?"
"Three thousand! Top your dad a month’s salary. "
"What about the fur coat lying in the trough?"
"two sleeping slots"
Qi Ruocheng’s eyes were full of difficulties when he saw his eyes, and he couldn’t help secretly feeling proud. He immediately added, "How come you have been a consumer in our family for so many years and it’s time to do something about family building?"
"That … how much?"
JiRe into caressing the metal gray thought for a moment, "your mother with two hundred thousand estimated that her heart will be beautiful nose bubble"
"Oh, so the rest is all mine?"
"It’s yours …" Qi Ruocheng took another look at his son and said earnestly, "You have to be a man and have a conscience. It’s not money if you have to get an ID card."
"So … how much do you want?" Qi Yufeng seems to hesitate a finally asked.
"Hundreds, I tell you, I can’t catch a penny of this money. We have to do everything, and to make a perfect estimate, your dad has to take it! Alas, who let me be your father? I owe you by nature. "
Qi Yufeng listened to him and said that Nai’s heart was secretly funny. Cheng Jian’s half of the five hundred thousand dollars was his deterrent to Liu Guangkun’s benefits, and half was to learn from himself. If he could not teach well, he was not ready to accept it.
When he came back from the DPRK, he "searched" for silver tickets from Songshan Sect and other people and exchanged a lot of gold with Wulin heroes. It was estimated that the total amount was worth one million yuan. The money was originally intended to honor his parents, but I didn’t expect that my parents would stare at him as soon as I got home.
Immediately, he took out the check and handed it to his father sadly. "Then you have to leave me 200 thousand."
JiRe into a grabbed nodded, "by the way, the name QuFei smoke is too bad at first sight. Give her a new name."
Chapter 1 Get together
By the evening, Qi Yufeng’s uncle Qi Ruofeng came to his house by car alone.
Among the four brothers in Qijia, the eldest brother is the best. Others are brave and brave. Although they only went to sea to do business in their thirties, they have a wide range of friends and contacts. At this time, they have tens of millions of worth, although they are not enough, but they are more than enough than the other three brothers.
As soon as he entered the door, he saw Qi Yufeng smiling, but suddenly his face sank and he scolded, "I didn’t know how old I was to study hard when I finally got into a university. What are you talking about?"
Qi Yufeng was stunned and immediately wronged. "Uncle, what happened to me?"
Qi Ruofeng glared at him and grabbed a few beards that he had just grown. "You don’t have all the hair, so you want to find a wife?"
Qi Yufeng "ouch!" and "ouch!" cried a few times and pulled a long face. "Don’t wait to be a bachelor in your thirties like you?"
JiReCheng although some cynicism, but always respect and fear to the eldest brother, never dare to behave in such a way in front of him, and immediately on the side of schadenfreude smile does not stop.
Qi Ruofeng stepped into the living room and looked back at Qi Yufeng and nodded approvingly. "Well, a lot of bodies have grown stronger in the past six months. Has Kung Fu fallen?"
When Qi Yufeng heard the word "Kung Fu", he immediately raised his chest with a little pride and said, "No matter who teaches it!"
"I don’t know about you guys after 90, just my two goods, Zydron and Qi Dongjiang. When I was in college, the dormitory was like a pigsty. I knew every day that playing games was ruined. You can’t learn from them." Jiruofeng sat on the sofa patting Qi Yufeng’s thigh and lamented.
"Can’t can’t I also you don’t understand? What all delayed also won’t delay uncle you and me this kung fu "
"Hum!" Qi Ruofeng sneered at a trail. "It turns out that uncle’s hopes are pinned on you, but now it seems that you are not as good as them. How can I say you when the little girls have brought home?"
Then he sighed with melancholy. "Our four brothers originally belonged to the old kung fu. It’s best to mix now and don’t want to come to my house for the most New Year. Tell me … It turns out that I love you the most in your life. As a result, you are just like the two finished things in my family …"
Father and son can’t help but sigh a little when they hear him sigh, but when grandpa died young in Qi Yufeng, his family fortune has been declining since then.
However, his eldest brother is like a father to his three brothers, but there is absolutely nothing to say that he has been supporting the family, raising the three brothers to grow up and become talented. Only when all three brothers are supported to become a family can he marry and settle down.
JiReCheng gradually developed a cynical character when he was a child. At this time, seeing eldest brother’s past family history and watching his temples, white hair gradually appeared, and his face turned slightly sour and he almost shed tears.
Jiruofeng saw that the two of them were silent for a while and could not help but look embarrassed. Immediately, he waved his hand and ended the struggle. "Don’t think about those who didn’t worry before the big holiday. I’m not here to find fault today. Don’t think about it blindly."
Then he laughed and shouted, "Boss Chen is busy in the kitchen? What does the daughter-in-law look like? Show it to his uncle! "
Chen Shuai was busy in the kitchen while "hehe" laughed. "I dare not call my boss in front of the big boss. Don’t be busy and meet your uncle."
Jiruofeng heard someone shout "Ah", and a 15-or 16-year-old girl curled out of the kitchen.
She wore an ordinary knitted sweater and a pair of casual pants. She was graceful and shy in front of her, slightly shy and tender, with a red face and a small smile. Her eyes stood in front of him like a pure and beautiful lily swaying gently.
Immediately he rubbed his eyes but saw that her skin was better than snow and beautiful; The color is absolutely beautiful and cannot be stared at; There is a layer of ruby-like faint in the skin. I can’t tell you how beautiful it is. I can’t help but be shocked …
When he heard Qu Feiyan’s sweet and shy voice calling him an "uncle", he suddenly realized that he was busy taking out his wallet and said, "Good boy, sit in the uncle … uncle will give you lucky money!" Then he took out a red ticket and handed it over without looking.
JiReCheng father glances hey hey smile eyes flashed a proudly JiReCheng quickly shed crocodile tears to pull the uncle said, "oh, children are so big and it’s almost over …"
Qi Ruofeng shoved the money into Qu Fei’s hand and turned back and said angrily, "Why can’t I be the boss than you? This kid is so watery. Why don’t you get by when you come to my uncle for the first time?"
JiReCheng see a blue veins standing out on his forehead suddenly and violently know that he has made up his mind and never go back on our word and tear for half a day then nai to QuFei smoke laughed "ok, you accept uncle company not bad this"
JiReFeng eyebrow eye smile also praised "have never seen such a beautiful little girl! Go to my house in Feitian and Xiaofeng, and I will let your aunt cook for you! "
A few people sit chatting JiReFeng change previously aligned with the wind hate iron not to produce a grin aligned with the wind vertical thumb mouth constantly praised "so small and capable! But it just looks a little small. Is this high school? "