It is definitely a difference from day to day that government officials who do business are suppressed by officials when they get the position of Lord.
It’s not difficult for me to kill three ghosts, but you said that the Yao family suddenly came to Fenyang City, and there were so many experts as soon as they arrived. Even there are quite a lot of forces behind the Yao family. You should make it clear to me that Yuan Ye is getting a little serious here.
I dare not hide it from my husband. Liang solemnly said that no one in the Yao family is surnamed Yao. In fact, the Yao family is part of a force called Xuanji Sect
Xuanji zong seems to be very strong. Yuan Ye’s eyebrows are wrinkly.
I, Shen Shao-xing, have always been a family unit of the castellan’s influence, and there has never been any clan. This Xuanji clan was actually founded by the current patriarch 40,000 years ago. The patriarch’s strength is very strong. One thing is certain, that is, he is too strong. How can he cultivate to the more dual-attribute quasi-respect? We don’t know, but it is true that he has defeated both our Shen Shao-xing’s dual-attribute quasi-respect, or he will follow his two masters and become his hands. The master also made a rule that the master of Shenxing Ghost Peak must join him, otherwise both hermits and other influential people will die once they are now. Finally, Xuanji Sect was established on this basis, and its influence continued to expand. Today, Shenxing is famous for its large cities, and its influence distribution is unified, and it is called the Yao family. The Yao family in Fenyang City is one of them.
Hehe, it’s hard to get a star master to grow up. Yuan Ye laughs coldly and is a master. Either follow him or die. This bullying is the first time I’ve seen it.
After a pause, Yuan Ye patted his sleeve. You want me to kill the three ghosts of the Yao family. This is to oppose me as a master of Shen Xing’s ghost peak.
Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Dare. Don’t get me wrong. Mr. Chen hurriedly killed Xia Jie. That strength is bound to pass the ghost peak. Then you will join Xuanji Sect. Your strength also determines that your position is higher than that of Xia Jie and others. According to the regulations of Xuanji Sect, you are strongly respected to join Xuanji Sect to kill Xia Jie. They are not responsible for anything at all, and they also said that Mr. Wish didn’t want to finish it. But when I have never heard of asking you to be a VIP in my family, I dare not suppress us again.
After listening to it, how can I promise to stay in your house for a while when I haven’t heard of Yuan Ye waving my hand? But if you help me, I can help you kill those three people and ensure that there will be no more Yao family or Xuanji Sect forces in Fenyang City in the future.
Its moments look crazy, sir. Are you kidding me?
Hum, no one in this small planet is worth my attention, but it was you who helped me before. Yuan Ye burst into an absolute letter when he spoke.
Sir, what do you need us to do? I swallowed hard and spit directly.
I’ll ask you first whether the masters have competed for a treasure in the last fourteen years or whether the silent celebrities suddenly became masters.
This good man hesitated for a moment, only to know that in the past ten years, there has been no great power to compete for treasures and suddenly become a master. We can’t judge. After all, we won’t note these little people until they become famous. We don’t know whether they suddenly become such a master or a master like Mr. Wang never shows up.
Yuan Ye nodded. Mo Xiaoli was right about this. He immediately said that a pearl fell about 20 miles northwest of Fenyang City 14 years ago. What I want you to do is to find this pearl. I want you to find out where the pearl is. I will take it from others. I can promise you anything you want.
Liangri glances or Mr. Liangdao, can you give me more information? What are the characteristics of Bizhu?
Yuan Ye indifferently said that the pearl is full of aura, and no matter who gets its strength, it will make great progress. Now the pearl has not been hidden by anyone, and the person who gets such a precious pearl will certainly be forced to practice and improve his strength. You need to find out one by one that the yogi suddenly closed in the past 14 years should be able to find it.
Just after Yuan Yemei’s words are finished, you don’t want pearls to be good things, so you just take them at random. The more good things, the more hot they are, the more fatal they will be.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, this way. Mr. Bai can rest assured that if you are within a thousand miles of Fenyang City and Fiona Fang, no matter whether you are secretly hiding in the mountains or in public, the yogi can’t escape my home search. Once you do, you will immediately inform Mr. Bai.
Well, thank you very much, Yuan Ye added with a hand. Then I’ll be your guest for the time being, and the Yao family will come to make trouble for me.
Liangyi immediately bowed down and said yes, and then hurriedly ordered people to prepare a private hall for Yuan Ye.
Brother, what should we do next? It’s more serious to watch Yuan Ye leave Chen. Yuan Ye’s arrival has brought great influence. The situation is very complicated. It’s not good for the prosperity of the family, and it’s very dangerous for genocide.
Good is a chance with a red face. This is an opportunity for our family to dominate Fenyang City. Second brother, Yuan Ye’s strength can instantly defeat God’s primary attack. God’s primary attack is effective for him. His strength is less. He must support us. What are we afraid of? The former Yao family bullied us. Today, we are going to bully them. Hum, we want them to dare to fight us. Yuan Ye verbally promised the Yao family to make trouble. We just want to oppress them and force them to attack us. It is impossible for Yuan Ye to kill Xia Jie and them. If Yuan Ye asks us not, we can achieve our
Chen doesn’t worry that it shouldn’t be difficult for Yuan Ye to show his strength and destroy the Yao family. I’m afraid that Xuanji Sect behind the Yao family will find us trouble. Xuanji Sect is not easy to handle. I’m afraid that even Yuan Ye can’t stand them.
We declared that Yuan Ye was our guest. He killed the Yao family, and we will take revenge on Xuanzongzong. Maybe Yuan Ye, a master of quasi-honour, will be forced to join Xuanzongzong, and then there will be no hatred. The smile is brilliant. It seems that it has been planned for a long time.
Then I’ll send someone to look for the pearl on the surface, but if I don’t work hard in secret, Yuan Ye will always be our umbrella, so we’ll slowly fight Yao Family.
If you don’t wave your hand to find the second brother, you don’t want to think about Yuan Ye’s strength, which can make him promise to find the treasure. It can be a general thing. Yuan Yeke said that the orb is enough for people to repair it in a short time, and it is impossible for us to practice the orb to reach the quasi-respect state. Then my family will even be afraid.
No matter how strong Yuan Ye is, it will always be an outsider. That’s the real strength. We must find the orb. After we find it, we must practice. We must never let Yuan Ye know that Hum Baozhu has no strength, but others don’t know that there is no danger.
Brother, it’s not too risky. On the one hand, we benefit Yuan Ye from dealing with Yao’s family, and on the other hand, we secretly tamper with Yuan Ye. If one thing goes wrong, we will face a catastrophe. Obviously, we are very cautious.
How can the second brother not take risks if he wants to achieve great things? You don’t want us to wait for the Yao family to destroy us. This is an opportunity. We must seize it. Besides, we are on the surface. Yuan Ye, a great god, is a matchmaker. When he gets married, he will be a family. What can we share with each other? This is all for the sake of my family of thousands.
Let the girl marry Yuan Yechen and smile at the thought of this knot.
Before that, I don’t know how many great powers, genius Junjie, admired the name of Little Le Sheng, and I didn’t agree to come to kiss her beautiful days. Because of her small body, the strength of the ancient fairy was very strong in the later period, and her position was even higher than that of the general junior ghost god. It was a big blow to her family to marry her, but today Yuan Ye’s strength is undoubtedly different. In other words, Yuan Ye’s posture should be no posture, that is to say, a small marriage to Yuan Ye is not a family member, but Yuan Ye may always live at home and have such a beautiful day, but
Whether it’s Yuan Ye’s help or his daughter’s marriage is not as simple as it seems. In fact, this is not a villain struggling in the competition of major forces. The first death of an honest man is that his family has no means to plan everything. Needless to say, this family is hard to live. Which major power leader in this world is not a thoughtful and intrigued person, and Yuan Ye is no exception. Who is more vicious than who?
On the other hand, Mo Jia’s owner Morty had already heard that Yuan Ye had come home, and when he heard that his daughter had brought him in, he was so angry that he took Mo Xiaoli back to Mo Jia and directly faced his father’s reprimand.