A wide ice wall suddenly stood in front of the three people, and the three big bodies hit the ice wall at the same time. However, their strength seemed ordinary, but the ice wall was not damaged at all, but the three people were hit by a heavy hammer and fell to the ground in a stuffy hum.
The black bear’s hand pressed on Long Yin’s back, and the warm breath poured into his body. Long Yin’s dim eyes became clear, and even the pain that was penetrated through his body slowly disappeared.
Evil emperor, this is not the place where you should come. Li Lao repressed discomfort in his chest and secretly marveled at the sudden smell of evil emperor’s attack on the ice wall. What was that ice?
The evil emperor stretched out his silver right hand, and a rotating wind swept from the hand to the three people. It was not a simple wind, but a mixture of wind elements and water elements. The speed of the wind was so cold that the three feng roots were extremely cold before they could escape. After three piles of thick ice crunched in the wind volume, the three feng feet now frozen their limbs.
The evil emperor replied indifferently that Li Laodi could go wherever he wanted, and there was no place that the emperor shouldn’t go this day.
Er, piercing the heart, lungs, cold, and rapidly spreading from body to body, the faces of the three great servants all became strange and pale, and their teeth were shaking uncontrollably. Li Laomeng drank and drank, and all the halls trembled and the ground cracked several cracks, but the ice that bound his limbs was not damaged at all.
This scene shocked Li Lao, the three great servants, and this temptation made him finally give up his struggle. He was so evil that he deserved his name. You want to come here today.
On the other side, Long Yin’s face has slowed down, which also makes the three great services feel relieved. Long Yin slowly turned to look at his face and asked you, me, what do you want to do to me?
Are you satisfied with the answer because I am the host and put a pair of eyes beside you? The black bear answered with a cold face and then smiled at the evil emperor. His answer also made Long Yin’s three great gifts a white one.
Long Yin’s eyes slowly turned to the evil emperor, but for a long time, he couldn’t speak, and the pain felt disappearing, and his consciousness became more and more sober. Instead, he felt death. He was getting closer and closer. He could not have never heard of the evil emperor’s evil clan name, but he had never been in formal contact with the evil clan. Even the evil emperor saw him for the first time. It was the first time that he couldn’t understand why the evil emperor wanted to put such a chess game beside him.
Suddenly, Bai Lin crazy can be weird here, and then stab the knife and dagger into her body. He shows how evil sects have mixed together.
Do you really want to know if the emperor wants to sneer at your hand? Every word is still cold. Handfuls of steel knives pierce people’s hearts and sound evil. The emperor’s hand is slowly raised in a pair of trembling eyes and pressed on the silver mask. A mistake of fingers has loosened the mask.
No one has ever dared to pretend to be the evil emperor, but he has never heard of anyone seeing the evil emperor. The evil emperor actually took the initiative to hold a mask in front of them. Long Yinlin was crazy, and the three great servants had their eyes wide open, and a kind of deep anxiety was rapidly breeding in the bottom of my heart.
Ye Chen’s mask is a picture that everyone of them is familiar with, but they would never think of the face spinning in an instant.
You, you
Long Yin, the emperor of Tianlong country, is very shrewd and modest, and the emperor is calm and ruthless. At this moment, he is no longer calm. He faces Ye Chen with a mocking smile. He stretches out his trembling finger and points to him and says two words of you one after another. Then his throat is blocked by something and he can’t say a word again.
Ye Chen, how can you be your crazy face? I can’t believe my eyes. He suspects that all this is just an illusion or a ridiculous dream. It is frozen and motionless. The three great services are also shocked to the extreme. The devil is famous for fighting against the terrible forces of the Southern Emperor Zong and the Northern Emperor Zong. The evil emperor turned out to be a well-known body, and Ye Jia, who has been blind recently.
Are you white? Ye Chen recovered his voice and said with a slight sneer.
The same sound broke Long Yin’s last fantasy, which was too huge to bear the visual impact of his heart. Did his defense line almost collapse? At this moment, he seems to have everything white and nothing white, illusory in his dream.
I can tell you one by one. Ye Chen slowly approached the sound in the cold. He slowly said one thing. You should have guessed it well. I made Lin Xiao go to the queen’s bed now. Hehe, Long Yin was cuckolded. It should feel good. It’s even better. You wanted to do it the most at that time. I wanted to be exactly the same, so I wanted to kill Lin Xiao by the way. It’s good that Lin Xiao was robbed and deliberately left a flaw. Lin Xiaogen was not robbed by Lin Zhan, but my letter. I made up the Lins’ missing, and I turned away a lot of money
Long Yinlin’s crazy eye pupil suddenly shrank and trembled at the same time. Ye Chen went on to say, I want Lin Xiao to die, and will I really help him escape from prison? You should have guessed by now that I shot Lin Xiaojian in secret and Lin died in prison.
I gave him a letter in the name of the master’s emperor, and the black bear grinned proudly and said
Long yinlin, who heard the thunderbolt from heaven, stayed there completely.
It’s you, it’s you, it’s you who killed Xiao Er, and it’s you who woke up from a nightmare and jumped at Ye Chen madly. He was already a living lover, and Ye Chen’s short words pierced his heart with several knives, which made him finally get some relief and comfort. The pain turned into multiple times and ten times. He always hated the wrong person, but in a vicious serial calculation, he fell into a tragedy, and the sad clown kept walking in the direction of the real culprit.
As soon as he moved a few steps, he felt that he had suddenly bumped into something and fell back after a sharp pain, and then he couldn’t climb up any more. Lin struggled fiercely and resented his eyes and stared at Ye Chen intensely.
Ye Chen Huang has always been kind to you, and you should do such a rebellious act. Aren’t you ashamed of Ye Jia’s loyalty for generations? Li Lao’s finger Ye Chen shouted in shock.
Ye Chen turned to look at him. The cold eyes made his heart suddenly shrink. He never said a word again. He sneered at me. Why should I do this? Adult Long Yinlin knows that you are just a white stranger who has been playing dumb.
our revered Mr Li
Long Yin was stabbed by his most loyal believer, and the taste must be bad. Ye Chen’s eyebrows sank fiercely, and his voice was cold and terrible. Have you ever thought that Ye Jia has been loyal for generations? Have you ever thought that if Ye Jia you Long Yin would be on the ground now? Have you ever thought that you have calculated my Ye Jia’s strength from more than 20 years ago, even if you tried to hurt Ye Jia’s blood many times, what it would be like for Ye Jia?
My grandfather didn’t know this, and even if he did, he would pretend not to know it, because his loyalty to Tianlong country was buried deep in his bones and he would never believe this reality, and my father knew it long ago. His heartache was a thousand times more painful than yours.
I’m sorry, old minister Huang. I’m sorry. You’re crazy and pale. Wax muttered to Long Yin. Long Yin stabbed a long dagger in his chest from his chest to his back. It was his own hand. Blood was still pouring in from the wound. The clown found that he was like a clown. He had become this chess since the day Lin Xiao was framed.
Lord Lin’s loyalty is a matter of loyalty, but you should never help such an emperor to harm the loyal queen. Since you can help an emperor to be loyal to the loyal queen, I can’t treat your successor. Now that your son loves his grandson the most, I think you should already know what kind of heartache it is to kill your family, not me but yourself.
Chapter 44 Long Yin died
I’m sorry for you, old minister Huang. I’m sorry for you. You’re crazy like Lin. You’re still lying on the ground. You’re out of your mind. Long Yin is panting and breathing more and more rapidly. His face is also extremely pale, afraid, trembling and frightened. All kinds of rare emotions are entrenched in his heart.
Oh, you’re not sorry. If Long Yin really says he’s sorry, he’s just forced by me, and you’re really sorry. You’re a son and grandson, and Lin Xiao is not the only one.
Ye Chen’s voice suddenly blew a cool breeze, and a figure in the hole above his head suddenly fell heavily and fell to the ground, and then his body twitched slightly on his back. The situation was obviously thrown directly by people.
I saw the man’s face slouched. Lin Kuang’s eyes suddenly widened and he cried out sadly, the cloud is the cloud.