That monster is familiar.
That’s Lin Dong’s pet. I saw it in Xuanyin Mountain.
Ah, it’s no wonder that just now, the fluctuation was caused by Lin Dong, and several eyes were shocked. Soon after, the figure suddenly flashed into the depths of the waste stream, perhaps because of the war. At this time, the monsters in the waste stream were afraid to reproduce. These people did not get too much hindrance and entered the valley that was forbidden.
However, just as they entered the valley, they were sluggish and saw a huge animal corpse lying quietly in it, which was an ancient abandoned overlord, the ancient dragon ape.
After not having much strength, Lin Lin once again rushed to another place in the wild county, where the monster beast is in the mountains.
There is a magic cloud mountain in this mountain range, and there is a monster beast, the magic Yun Feng Leopard. This magic Yun Feng Leopard also has a great life in the wild county. Over the years, I don’t know how many strong people died in its hands, but this time it met a real evil star.
The final knot of a big war is still not a big accident, which has caused many killings. The Yun Feng leopard finally died in the hands of Lin Dong, and its JingXie was also taken away.
In the next week, Lin moved around to create a monster beast, and he would go there on hearing the news and then kill it to get JingXie.
In this whirlwind, he beheaded a wild county and was once again shaken. These monsters in the natural environment are famous in the wild county. Even some big forces dare not provoke them easily, but in this short week, there are news of the death of the monster beast in the natural environment one after another, which has to attract some scary eyes.
News broadcast is always a way to stop Lin Lin from killing Yuangulong ape in ancient waste stream that day. The news is rapid, which also makes others connect this matter to him. After all, I am afraid that there are only a handful of people who can cut the monster beast of nature as dirt at will in a wild county. Although I don’t know whether Lin Lin wants to hunt the monster beast of nature specifically, it is a good thing from a certain point of view. After all, all these monster beasts of nature are fierce in wild county, and I don’t know how many strong they died in their mouths. Today, it is considered to be removed.
In this week, several people suspected that a monster beast with five heads died in the forest, and the most shocking thing was that a monster beast among the five heads reached a shocking level of success.
Ice magic dumpling ice magic mountain overlord It is said that in this ice magic dumpling claw, two people once died when they stepped into nature. This laid a foundation for its peerless fame in the wild county. No human dared to set foot on the ice magic mountain. Even in its heyday, it was afraid to provoke this terrible monster beast easily. However, it shocked several people that even this powerful monster beast with peerless fame was finally listed on the forest hunting list. These shocking news flew together in the wild county, and everyone remembered that moment. The name Lin Dong, the name that killed many monster beasts, will become an indelible wonder in this wild county for a long time to come.
In a wild county, when these monster beasts were killed and all the fuss was made, Lin Dong was now in a deep mountain on the edge of wild county.
A figure sits quietly in Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture. Although it doesn’t say a word, there is no fluctuation, but it is faint with a particularly strong bloody smell. In this smell, all the birds and animals in Fiona Fang of Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture have disappeared completely, because this bloody smell is condensed by the monster beast with five heads of nature.
This eye closure retreat lasted for about an hour or so. Lin moved his eyes and slowly opened his eyes again. Gujingbo, but in that calm, it seemed to be surging with sharp knives and fine mans.
With his eyes open, Lin moved his sleeve robe, and with a wave of his hand, five groups of JingXie with different colors slowly emerged in front of him. These JingXie were crawling and condensed into various apes, leopards and dumplings, which was amazing.
Little mink, please.
Looking at the front of five groups of JingXie Lin took a deep breath and worked hard for a week. He finally put five kinds of JingXie together, which consumed him a lot of energy, especially the last one. The strength of the ice magic dumpling made Lin Lin move a lot of risks, but fortunately, he finally dragged the fierce ice magic dumpling to death with the power of the wild prison and the earth, and won the final victory.
The mink at Lin’s shoulder also flashed, and it looked at the five groups of jingxie, nodded solemnly and flew away.
Get ready, then we’ll see if we can rely on the demon blood to make your big day thunder body practice successfully. Chapter three hundred and forty-two Thunder body achievement.
The mink flashed away and the body floated in the five monster beast JingXie, and then the dry Kun bag in Lin’s sleeve was swept away.
These monster beasts’ JingXie is extremely violent. Although you try to devour the ancestors’ protector, if you can’t completely integrate these JingXie, it’s hard to maximize the effect of washing pulp and cutting bones. You have to rely on array force.
The sable said in her mouth that her claws waved and suddenly swept away in the bag of pure Yuan Dan Gan Kun and finally suspended in the dazzling sky.
The number of these pure Yuan Dan is about 200,000, but today Lin Dong’s pocket is fairly rich. These pure Yuan Dan did not feel distressed at all.
However, this kind of love didn’t last long because Lin Dong saw again that after those pure Yuan Dan, the mink actually took one hundred Nirvana Dan from the dry Kun bag.
Lin Dong’s Nirvana Dan Tibetan is only 1000 pieces. Today, if you take 100 pieces, it will shrink a lot.
Nirvana Dan has nirvana spirit, which is a kind of extremely strong energy that can almost transform people. Of course, Nirvana Dan can condense nirvana spirit to that extent, but it is almost the same for you.
The sable won’t move the dreary look, and directly put the 100 pieces of Nirvana Dan into the law made up of pure Yuan Dan. Suddenly, the light intensity of the law immediately soared a lot. The energy contained in the 100 pieces of Nirvana Dan seemed to be stronger than that of the 200,000 pure Yuan Dan.
After these little mink eyes turned to the five demon blood slightly thoughtfully claw even play the five demon blood is to form a small law swept into the large array in the chalk center position.
As the five demon blood swept into a large array as if it were activated, it suddenly buzzed and the light spread and finally weaved in the five demon blood.
in a grand fashion
With the pure Yuan Dan nirvana Dan energy shining on the demon blood, the five demon blood groups are still boiling up. Generally, after nearly half an hour of tempering, suddenly the five demon blood groups are pouring with a red light beam like a flame.
Lin to prepare this demon blood refined body process some pain can be resisted looking at the pledge to Lin to pour red light mink immediately hurriedly call way
Lin nodded heavily and immediately took a deep breath in a gasp. For a moment, the red light was all over his body.
When the light poured down, Lin moved all over his skin and immediately gave a slight sniff, and a sharp feeling of scalding rushed to Lin. The red light was like clouds of flames repeatedly, and the temperature was extremely terrible, burning Lin’s body crazily.
Lin’s body trembled violently in this sudden burning pain, and he could feel the fiery light shining on his skin, which was to invade his body quickly along the pores, and suddenly his body chalk was turned upside down by these fiery energies.
The muscle cells in the chalk part of the body, and so on, are all squeaking slightly in the same flame, and an unbearable pain is constantly sweeping through every part of the body.
However, although the burning pain is unbearable, it is possible to detect the faint movement. When the pain comes, his muscles, cells, bones and so on seem to become more and more solid and lean at a very slow speed
And the most shocking thing for Lin Dong is that with that kind of roasting, a little cold seeped from his muscles and bones and was finally absorbed by those red energies.
You sucked too much cold in the Xuanyin stream, although most of them were sucked, but there was still a lot of cold accumulated in your bones and muscles. If it goes on for a long time, it will cause a lot of erosion to your body. Today, this fire training method can also drive away these sequelae. When Lin Dong was shocked, the sable sound also sounded in his ears.
Come here
I didn’t expect that when his strength rose rapidly, he also left some hidden dangers in his body, but fortunately, he was surrounded by an experienced guy, Xiao Diao, who sought military policy, otherwise he would regret it in the future.
This fire trial lasts for a long time. During this time, you must suffer from the burning pain of the flame all the time. When you are tempered, you will achieve great success.
Lin moved slowly and nodded, and his face gradually calmed down. He slipped from his forehead with a little cold sweat, and then he was instantly sent to the tomb of the fiery rice apple.
The large array of Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture suspended red light beams enveloped Lin Dong, and all the large arrays were put into operation at this moment. First, through pure Yuan Dan Li Nirvana Dan gas, they condensed and refined the fierce evil in the demon blood, and then completely merged into that strange red energy, which did not short temper Lin Dong’s body.